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keep moving forward

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Simba, May 10, 2018.

  1. Simba

    Simba Guest

    MAY 10th Year 7

    The water felt nice and cool as the young lion lapped it up until his stomach was felt like it was going to burst. Had he been that thirsty? After walking for who knows how long with nothing really filling to eat he sort of forgot all about keeping a full stomach. Maybe it was on purpose however? When he looked into the rippling reflection of himself on the water as he finished Simba's head was flooded with the reason why he was even out here in the first place. Could he really say he deserved fresh and cool water? He had been so busy running away that he never really gave much thought, not even the fact that he was

    His mind became clouded with thoughts about the past and it made him upset. So upset that when he put his focus back onto his reflection and saw tears running down his face a paw ripped through the image as he came down on the water's surface. He then continued to what he was doing before.


    His legs carried him along the water's edge as the little cub looked at his new surroundings. If he were to be honest he would say that he had no idea what he was doing. He only knew that where ever it was it was far from home, and that was a good thing. Probably. He was told he should never return and whatever brought him here helped make sure that even if he had doubts about it that he wouldn't return anytime soon.

    He soon found himself atop a small hill that gave a bit of a view over the entire lake, with his paws aching and his brain not really giving him any other ideas the cub decided now was a good time to rest if any. So flopping down onto his side the cub let a few more lingering tears roll down his face as he tried to give his body a rest, the sun beating down warmth on him that kept him warm as he turned over onto his back to watch the clouds roll by.
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  2. If Leah was a bit more introspective, she probably would have noticed the new lightness in her step. It wasn't that she was completely oblivious to herself, of course, but after almost a year of being beaten down mentally, sometimes she couldn't see the goodness even in herself. Managing to pull out of her bitter anger didn't seem to really register. All she registered was that she liked Pandora way more than La Push after that whole Sam/Emily, and becoming a werewolf thing.

    Having a lot of space to run and enjoy life was another big plus. Just being alone with her thoughts finally was exhilarating. It was almost addictive, running for the sake of running through the woods. She'd had a few uncomfortable meetings, but that was fine. It didn't make her love the freedom granted to her any less.

    As usual when she had enough free time, she found herself sprinting through the woods at high speeds. Just for fun, she'd occasionally turn on a dime and head off in a different, random direction. With her sense of smell, getting back to Cascade Bay wouldn't really be an issue, so she didn't even pay attention to where she was going.

    Eventually, she began to get tired enough to actually decide it was time to stop. Putting on one last burst of speed, she loudly zoomed into a nearby clearing, kicking up a lot of dust when she finally came to a stop.

    Conveniently, she picked somewhere with a nice spring to lap up some water from. Her sides were heaving with exhaustion as she trundled to the side of the lake. With a huff, she simply dropped onto the ground in front of it and stuck her snout into the water to start drinking. She didn't even bother to register whatever was around her, too focused on quenching her thirst.
  3. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    With some time off, the teenage gorilla had opted to check out the nearby woods to explore and practice his singing in private for today. He slipped his now-modified Ipaw's earphones into his ears, choosing one for personal reasons and his humming soon became singing.

    Don't you know I'm still standing better than I ever did
    Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid
    I'm still standing after all this time
    Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind
    I'm still standing yeah ye...

    Breaking off in mid-verse, he froze as a twig snapped a few feet away and he slowly stood up, wondering who or what was out there.
  4. Simba

    Simba Guest

    There was something about the warm sun shining on his golden pelt that was just soothing enough to put anyone into a deep sleep. Simba himself was trying to fight it off as he felt his eyes droop close and shake his head. He rubbed them with a paw and started to twist around, trying to flip himself over to stand up and get a move on with things. He certainly didn't want to fall asleep out here in the open like this. However he gave himself a hard jerk and soon the scene before him was spinning as the cub rolled down the hill with a yell. He only came to a stop when he rolled into something soft and furry like him. "Ow sorry. I didn't mean-"

    He cut himself off when he noticed just what had broken his trip down the hill. It looked canine, almost like a hyena but clearly not, and it wasn't an animal Simba was familiar with from the Pride Lands. One thing was for sure. It was big and a little bit startling.

    With a gulp of shock and a bit of fear Simba started to back up as all he could recall was the images of those three hyenas who chased him out, not even realizing that he stepped on a few twigs that almost made him jump as he turned and ran. Only to run int something else big and furry. Looking up Simba could at least recognize this one, somewhat, it was a gorilla with a strange kind of fur around it.

    Perhaps it was the panic inside that stirred it but looking between the two Simba's mind kept screaming that he was in some kind of trouble. After all he was probably meeting natives of this new place he found himself in and well, it wasn't the best first meeting one would hope for would it? "I...I'm not scared of you!" he growled as he lowered himself into a pouncing stance and let out a small and scraggly roar, or loud yowling in this case considering he never got that roaring part down.

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  5. Leah wasn't proud to admit that when something suddenly bumped into her, she yelped pretty loudly. It was lucky for her that she was tired, or she would've jumped so high in the air that she would've left the tree-line far behind. Still, she managed to get a hold on herself quickly and glanced down at the... lion cub.

    Oh, alright, that was how her day was going.

    It even turned out to be a talking lion. Just a fun, normal day in Pandora. She was tempted to phase back to talk to him, but he quickly started running. Sure, she was bigger than normal, but she was still lying on her side, drinking water like her life depended on it. Really, it felt rude to her. Getting up on somewhat wobbly feet, she watched the lion run into another animal, this one wearing clothes.

    She wasn't sure why she was even surprised anymore.

    Annoyed at all of the interruptions to her relaxation time, she turned and ran behind the trees at the edge of the clearing. She had learned quickly to always have clothes ready to change into when she ran, since usually people were showing up that she'd have to deal with.

    With her speed, it didn't take long at all for her to reemerge on two feet with her modesty intact. "Alright, what is going on here?"
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  6. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    Glancing down as what looked like a lion only on four legs ran into him, Johnny wondered what had spooked the smaller mammal and looked up to notice a canine-looking creature nearby. Until the second beast stopped drinking and got up to disappear among the trees, leaving him alone with the cub.

    "I would hope you're not scared of me considering I got no plans to hurt you, little guy" the teenage gorilla replied, pulling the ear-buds out of his Ipaw and shoving it into a jacket pocket. The cub was trying to be brave and was coming across as cute instead.

    A second voice cut across the area and he looked as someone else emerged from the treeline and shrugged, guessing it was going to be one of those days "Wish I knew, I was just enjoying some private time until I ran into you two"
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