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Khan, Shere

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Shere Khan, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Shere Khan

    Shere Khan The Jungle Book

    Naughty Cub
    True Neutral
    you should know that everyone runs from shere khan

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Played by Dharke

    Fandom: Jungle Cubs, which is something of a prequel to the 1967 Jungle Book film.
    Age: Six months old.
    Species: Bengal tiger with the mentality of a grown human.
    Gender: Male.
    Canon Point: At the end of the first season (episode The Coming of The Wolves), before he grew more distant from his friends.
    NPC Companions: None.


    Tiger PowerThough only a cub, he’s able to roar and growl like a fully grown adult, which can catch out others and scare them. He possesses sharp teeth and claws, a strong set of senses and excellent night vision. His tiny body doesn't grant him much physical strength, but he’s able to run or climb away from most threats instead.

    Human IntelligenceThe most unusual thing about this tiger cub is his ability to talk to people and other animals, as well as his human level intelligence and awareness of the world. His mental maturity is that of a young adult, although he’s been known to slip into childish behaviour occasionally, such as taking part in food fights.

    Shere Khan isn't intelligent in an academic way (he cannot read or write or tell you the capital of India), but he’s street smart, or maybe jungle smart. He’s a sly, scheming little cub, who is in the process of developing his abilities to analyse others and manipulate them.


    He is at a massive disadvantage being a tiny cub in Pandora, as most of the population are much bigger and stronger than him. He’s only recently been weaned off his mother’s milk. He may have his teeth and claws to defend him, but there are plenty of people and creatures out there who can hurt or kill him with magic or guns.


    Shere Khan is a little cub with a big ego, always thinking he’s right and the best at everything. He’s proud of being a tiger (and rightfully so), caring deeply about how others perceive him and going to great lengths to prove his worth, such as the time he journeyed to the dangerous baboon populated Wasteland to demonstrate his bravery. He gets angry and even violent when others doubt his abilities or play practical jokes on him.

    He’s looking forward to growing up and becoming the wicked tiger of legend (and is going to have a fit when he learns that he can’t age in Pandora, because I said so). Currently, he’s more of an anti-hero than a villain. Shere Khan possesses a cold manner and often makes cruel comments, preferring to distance himself from others emotionally. He likes to make others fear him, believing that’s the only way to get them to show him any respect.

    Believing others won't respect him if they see him doing nice things, he often indirectly helps those who are in his friendship group. Although he’s reluctant to openly refer to them as friends, he inwardly cares about at least one of them, in the past, even discreetly showing remorse when he thought he’d killed them. He also likes to visit his grandmother and give her flowers in secret.

    Far from soft, he embraces his tiger instincts, and enjoys hunting other animals and feeding on them. Like most species of cat, he isn't much of a team player and prefers being solitary and independent, but because he’s so young and small, he sometimes needs a helping hand, or helping paw, to get out of a tricky situation. He finds it physically difficult to thank others and is often in denial when they help him, claiming he could've relied on his own skills.

    Although he acts brave and tough, he gets scared and backs down when he’s faced by hostile creatures that are much bigger than him. Shere Khan especially doesn’t like or trust humans, believing that anything connected to them is bad, and deadly. He was taken from his canon before the event in his life that made him hate humans, and as a result, there is a chance in Pandora that his relationship with them may develop more positively.


    He was born in Madhya Pradesh, India in a thick bush, along with two other cubs. They were raised by a single mum, their dad having buggered off before they were even born, which is typical behaviour of tigers (or so the males insist). Untypically, the cubs had a grandmother who helped out now and again.

    Shere Khan was the strongest of the other cubs, his two siblings perishing through “natural causes” over the first few months of their short, unfortunate lives (again typical of tigers in the wild). One wandered too far away from the family home and drowned in a stream, the other was killed and eaten by an adult male tiger passing through the area, who wanted to mate with their mother (probably thinking flowers and chocolates were overrated).

    At six months old, Shere Khan had developed an independent streak. He explored his territory more frequently on his own, coming across the ruins of a temple that was the hangout or “cub house” of a panther cub (named Bagheera), a bear cub (Baloo), an elephant calf (Hathi), a young orang-utan (Louie) and a young snake (Kaa). Shere Khan joined up with the group, although kept something of a physical and emotional distance from them.

    He had many slumber parties and exciting adventures with the animals who he grudgingly called his friends. On one occasion, two wolf refugees (Akela and his pregnant mate Leah) used their cub house to hide from their old pack. The cubs ended up becoming the godfathers of Akela and Leah’s children, being ironic as fuck in Shere Khan’s case if you’ve read or watched the various versions of The Jungle Book. He was grabbed by vines and yanked into Pandora after meeting his tiny “godchildren”.


    Shere Khan had trapped a strange looking animal up against a steep dirt bank. It was about his size and looked like a water buffalo cub, because of its tapering face and long legged body, although it didn't have any horns curling out from the top of its broad skull. Instead, it had a single horn jutting out from the middle of its forehead. He'd have hours of fun scratching and chewing on it after he was finished with his meal.

    He was too hungry to care about the creature's weird looks, his tummy sullen and hollow. It'd been a day since he'd last eaten, and that was too long when you were a growing cub.

    After his odd experience with the jungle vines yesterday, he'd been too confused to think about prey and food. He'd spent most of his time exploring the area and trying to figure out what had happened to him, until his appetite had driven him to hunt.

    He licked his lips, wriggling his butt as he prepared to leap at the strange animal. He'd have to move carefully in case he got too close to that horn, which looked strong and sharp enough to tear right through him.

    Before he could spring, he heard a snort behind him, a puff of hot air against his back. It was already a warm night, but it didn't possess his native jungle's level of humidity.

    A bad feeling settled like a stone in his tummy. He turned around slowly and stiffly to face what had made the sound, gulping at the sight of a giant version of the weird horned cub towering above him.

    It narrowed its eyes and scraped one of its front hooves against the dirt.

    "Heh," Shere Khan chuckled nervously. "We- We were just playing Tag."

    The creature stabbed its huge horn at him. He dodged out of the way, the air whistling above his head.

    "I guess it's my turn to run," he swallowed heavily, bursting into a sprint.

    Shere Khan charged as fast as his little legs would allow him, eyes wide at the sound of the animal thundering behind him.
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    your application is

    Look at you with another cutesie tiger-poo. <3 The darling little killer of men is accepted! You know what to do from here!

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