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Kholin, Jasnah

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Jasnah Kholin, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Jasnah Kholin

    Jasnah Kholin The Stormlight Archive

    Human || Surgebinder
    youthful immaturity is one of the cosmere’s great catalysts for change...
    to be young is about action. to be a scholar is about informed action.

    Played by Steel

    Fandom: The Stormlight Archive
    Age: 34
    Species: Human (Surgebinder)
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Words of Radiance, Chapter 7
    NPC Companions: Ivory, her spren


    ScholarshipJasnah is a renown scholar and historian despite her young age, and would have already been considered a master scholar if it were not for her outspoken atheism. She was already applying logic in her everyday life from the age of six, so it came as no surprise to anyone that she would devote herself to scholarship. Her expertise lies in history, as she believes history to be the most important of the literary subarts, but she is proficient in a matter of other subjects too, such as philosophy and the sciences.

    She is also a member of the Veristitalians, an order of scholars whose purpose is to extensively research the past so that they can better understand the present and prepare for the future. In her world, most historians tend to boast of their own knowledge instead of accurately rendering past events in texts, whereas Veristitalians focus on creating unbiased and factual-based historical accounts of past events.

    When researching a particular subject, Jasnah takes extensive notes, jotting down whatever relates to said subject into a notebook with proper annotations and citations. Once she fills out a notebook, she pores through her notes and picks out the ones that are most reliable and useful, copying them into other notebooks to keep a permanent record of.

    SurgebindingJasnah has access to the Surges of Transformation and Transportation through the bond she shares with her spren, Ivory. She draws her power from cut gemstones infused with Stormlight, an energy harvested from highstorms in her world. While in Pandora, she will be able to recharge her gems during typical thunderstorms, though they will recharge more slowly.

    As human bodies are not natural containers for Stormlight, it is spent quickly. Jasnah's skin glows when she holds it, Stormlight leaking off her skin like a luminous white vapor. Breathing spends Stormlight faster, but a Surgebinder can hold their breath to keep hold of Stormlight for longer. Stormlight also enhances a Surgebinder's physical capabilities. Though Jasnah is no fighter, she is stronger, faster and more durable when holding Stormlight. She can shrug off almost any kind of injury, Stormlight healing her within a matter of seconds. She can survive a fall from hundreds of feet, a fatal stab in the chest, or what have you, just as long as she can draw on enough Stormlight to do so.
    • Transformation: The Surge of Soulcasting allows Jasnah to alter the very nature of objects at the molecular level. In theory, Jasnah can change any material to another of her choosing, but doing so is not as easy as it sounds. She first needs to shift her perception to Shadesmar — or the Otherworld, here in Pandora — and persuade the object to change shape, though the effect appears instantaneous in reality. This occurs because, in Shadesmar, objects are in fact spren of limited intelligence, personified and given life by the thoughts of people, and they need to be offered Stormlight to change.

      Soulcasting involves using the Stormlight contained in specific gems to change an object into one of the Ten Essences. For example, drawing Stormlight from a garnet will Soulcast an object into blood, or some other liquid. (A list of the Ten Essences and the gemstones needed for Soulcasting each can be found here.) Jasnah is exceptionally talented in Soulcasting, though soulcasting objects into flesh and blood is difficult for her. Her Soulcasting is also unique in that she doesn't actually need to physically touch an object to Soulcast it. She can even Soulcast from a distance, though doing so draws far more Stormlight than it normally would and risks damaging her gems.

    • Transportation: The Surge of Motion and Realmatic Transition, more colloquially known as Elsecalling, allows Jasnah to travel between realms. More specifically, it allows her to travel to Shadesmar, a parallel realm to her homeworld, where spren given life by thoughts and concepts in the real world dwell. Entering Shadesmar without Stormlight is something Jasnah considers foolish, as it can be a dangerous place. Some spren appear monstrous there, drawn to areas where emotion is strong in the real world

      Elsecalling involves passing through a junction into Shadesmar and returning through that same junction. But the junction only exists when your body remains in the real world, while your mind travels to Shadesmar. If you were to travel to Shadesmar in the flesh, there would be no junction from which to return to.

      As Shadesmar does not exist in Pandora, when Jasnah Elsecalls, she will instead travel to Pandora's Otherworld, where she will have to contend with other rules and dangers.
    IvoryIvory is Jasnah's spren and is the true source of her Surgebinding abilities, despite Stormlight serving as fuel. He's an inkspren, one of the few kinds of sentient spren that exist, which makes Jasnah a member of the Order of Elsecallers, one of the ten orders of the Knights Radiant before they were disbanded.

    While spren typically reside in Shadesmar, there are ways for them to enter the physical realm. For a spren like Ivory, this is accomplished by bonding with a human, creating something of a symbiotic relationship between them, although the spren loses something of himself when doing so. After bonding with Jasnah, Ivory can only affect the physical realm in small ways. The transition impaired his cognitive functions and created significant gaps in his memories, as it does for all spren who form these bonds, and it takes time for him to regain his memories and sapience. The stronger the bond grows, the more Ivory remembers and the stronger Jasnah becomes.

    Like all spren, Ivory is typically invisible to anyone but Jasnah unless he chooses to become visible to someone else. He doesn't need sleep and he can blend into shadows and affect them in small ways, such as making shadows pointing towards a source of light instead of away from it. He can also wield a sword, but his small size in the physical realm makes him far less threatening than if he were to wield it properly in Shadesmar.

    Eventually, their bond will progress to the point that Ivory will be able to change into a Shardblade for Jasnah to wield, but Jasnah has yet to speak the Ideal that will bring about this change. The Ideals are a set of oaths each member of an Order swears to strengthen and progress their bonds with their spren, and there are five in total. Ivory will be able to turn into a Sharblade once Jasnah swears the Third Ideal.


    MortalityWhen holding Stormlight, only a crushing blow to the head can kill Jasnah. Without Stormlight at her disposal, she is as mortal and vulnerable as the average human. She lacks any fighting skills with which to defend herself, having to rely on her intelligence and wits.

    StormlightAs mentioned previously, Stormlight is the fuel for Jasnah's Surgebinding. In her world, Stormlight is generated from highstorms, and cut gemstones are left outside during these storms to recharge. While in Pandora, she will be able to recharge her gems during typical thunderstorms, though they will recharge more slowly. While gemstones found in Pandora could possibly be converted to contain Stormlight, this is not a certainty. Jasnah will have to take care not to drain too much Stormlight from her current collection of gems too quickly, or else risk them cracking or even shattering.

    IvoryIn order for their bond to remain strong, Jasnah must remain true to the Ideals she swore and to the attributes of her personality that attracted Ivory's interest in the first place. Going against her oaths or making choices that come into direct conflict with them will weaken the bond and make her unable to access Stormlight easily unless Ivory is nearby. It will also make Ivory draw away and become distant with her, and even affect his sapience. Eventually, it can even break the bond, which will essentially "kill" Ivory, although this only affects his consciousness in the physical realm.

    The bond breaking is a traumatic experience, affecting both Ivory and Jasnah in different ways. For Ivory, it means constant pain and agony. For Jasnah, it feels as if a part of her has been ripped away. Without Ivory providing her access to Stormlight, there is very little that Jasnah can do to defend herself. The bond can be healed if Jasnah reswears the oaths and truly believes in them, which will bring Ivory back to "life", but the process is not a simple one, and the scar of the betrayal will still remain between them.


    Having grown up as a princess, Jasnah is well-versed in matters of court, politics, and other such social situations. She is dignified and reserved, projecting confidence and determination in equal measures. Those who interact with her are often thrown off-guard because of her natural beauty and stoicism. She hones the first by taking great care of her appearance; not because she particularly enjoys such frivolity, but because she considers it a weapon. Beauty is eye-catching, so it makes people more willing to listen to you when you want to make a point. She considers a woman's mind her most precious weapon, though, which comes as no surprise considering her profession of choice.

    She is also a perfectionist, and stubborn, devoting time to cultivate and develop her skills. This is exemplified by her meticulous note-taking when engrossed in her studies. Scholarship, in particular history, is her passion. She believes that understanding the past helps prepare you for the future. When she is caught up in her research, she tends to ignore everything else, focusing only on the task before her. She is driven by her thirst for knowledge and finding the answers to unsolved questions. In light of this, she values curiosity and feels it is one of the most genuine of emotions. Sometimes, she even displays a dry sense of humor.

    Still, she does not allow emotions to govern her, at least not outwardly. While she is capable of feeling as strongly as the next person, she projects an admittedly stern demeanor to others, which makes her appear aloof and unapproachable. She does not have much patience for people who waste her time, and can be incredibly insulting to those who manage to get on her bad side. In fact, she can be downright ruthless to those who have no morals, such as criminals who wouldn't bat an eye at stealing, raping and killing innocents. She despises such men above all others and would kill them readily if given the chance.

    Even so, Jasnah uses logic and reason as the basis for most of her decisions, even when it comes to dealing with those who commit such heinous crimes. She admires those who can structure an argument using logic and reason, even if the argument is rough around the edges. Persistance is another trait she admires in people, especially in those who seek to expand their knowledge. She encourages fellow scholars to find answers for themselves, instead of relying on others to get answers. Research is only part of what makes one a scholar; to Jasnah, applying the knowledge you have learned, and discovering your own interpretation of it, is even more important than the research itself.

    Jasnah's outspoken atheism branded her a heretic and essentially ostracized her from some circles in society. Despite this, she never felt the need to compromise her beliefs for the sake of appearances. She prefers honesty to lies and falsehoods. As far as her beliefs are concerned, she tends to keep them to herself, and does not feel the need to discuss them or persuade others to agree with her, even though a number of Ardents have unsuccessfully tried to convert her back to Vorinism. She simply feels that there is not enough evidence to prove the Almighty's existence and places her faith in the innate nobility of humanity instead. However, like any scholar, she keeps an open mind to the possibility of being wrong, and will listen to any argument presented to her as long as it is logical.

    IvoryIvory is rather secretive and self-conscious compared to other bonded spren, who are more confident and outspoken. He only ever appears to Jasnah, disliking being the center of attention. Other inkspren see Ivory bonding with Jasnah as a betrayal to their kind, so he gets anxious when Jasnah talks about him to others. While he can certainly fight, he knows how to pick his battles, and prefers to flee if the odds of survival are low.

    His speech patterns are also odd, as he occasionally reorganizes syntax and breaks down words to create new ones, one example being the word harmmore, which he used as an opposite for harmless.


    Jasnah is in her mid-thirties, with dark hair, tanned skin, and epicanthic folds over her upper eyelids, like all Alethi. She is tall and slender, with a full chest. Her face is squarish and she tends to wear part of her hair up, pinned in place, the rest tumbling down her back in curls. Her eyes are a pale violet, a clear indication of her nobility, and she often wears makeup. As a princess, her dresses tend to be expensive and follow Alethi fashion, though she takes great care to have gemstones sewn into the hems of her dresses as an emergency source of Stormlight should the situation ever demand it.

    Alethi women also wear their left hands, called safehands, covered at all times. It is considered obscene in their culture to have an uncovered safehand. Typically, they only uncover their safehands when bathing and during intimate moments. As Jasnah is a noblewoman, her dresses are tailored to have a longer left sleeve to loosely cover her safehand. Usually, this sleeve contains a safepouch where items of value can be stored. Gloves for safehands are considered something lower class women wear, so that they can use both hands freely. While Jasnah is used to wearing long sleeves, she is not above wearing a glove if she has no other alternative open to her.

    IvoryIn the physical realm, Ivory appears as a small figure made of inky blackness, small enough to hover comfortably an inch or two above Jasnah's palm. He is shaped like a man in a smart, fashionable suit with a long coat and a sword strapped to his hip. In Shadesmar, he appears much the same, only life-sized, and with an odd sheen to his skin, much like oil on water. Being shadowy in nature, he can easily blend into shadows, usually preferring to do so with Jasnah's shadow.


    Jasnah is an Alethi princess, the eldest of Highprince Gavilar and Navani Kholin. When Gavilar conquered and united the ten princedoms of Alethkar, he was crowned king. Jasnah herself was not Gavilar's heir despite being the eldest, however. That honor went to her younger brother, Elhokar. Instead, Jasnah devoted herself to her studies, becoming a renowned historian. But because of her outspoken atheism and rejection of the dominant religion, Vorinism, she was considered by many to be a heretic.

    When she was around 28 years old, she began to notice that her shadow was acting strangely. Such as pointing in the wrong direction, or pulling towards a light source. This was because of Ivory, her spren, with whom she bonded on the night Alethkar was celebrating a treaty signed with the Parshendi, though she did not realize it at the time. That same night, however, her father was assassinated by a Shin. Jasnah witnessed the assassination during its final moments, and saw that the Shin glowed with a white light and could walk along walls. The Parshendi leaders admitted to hiring the Shin, though they refused to say why they'd done it other than saying that Gavilar had been preparing to do something dangerous.

    With Gavilar assassinated, Elhokar became king and declared war on the Parshendi. Jasnah, on the other hand, dealt with her grief in a different way. She plunged headfirst into research to learn more about the Shin's mysterious abilities and their source. Her hunt for the truth led her to come into contact with Ivory again and discover her own Surgebinding abilities. Unfortunately, spren who manifest in the Physical Realm lose a part of themselves, so Ivory's memories were so full of holes he was unable to answer most of Jasnah's questions. That mattered little, though. Jasnah procured a fake Soulcaster for herself — a fabrial that was considered holy and used by Ardents, Vorin priests — to mask her Soulcasting abilities. She also continued her research into the Knights Radiant — an ancient order of Surgebinders, their secrets long lost — and the Voidbringers, creatures of legend said to have nearly driven humankind to extinction. Jasnah eventually discovered that there was a connection between the Parshendi and the Voidbringers, but needed more information to back up her claims.

    By the time she was 34 years old, her research led her to the city of Kharbranth and to the Palaneum, a library said to house thousands of ancient texts. Only, a young woman by the name of Shallan Davar, who had petitioned her six months ago to become her ward, finally caught up with her. After much persistence on Shallan's part, despite Jasnah's initial attempts to dissuade her, she accepted Shallan as her ward and began to instruct her in recent history. After two months, she introduced her to philosophy in a way that involved them venturing out at night and wandering down a side street where they were accosted by footpads. Drawing Stormlight from the gems in her fake Soulcaster, Jasnah killed the four men. The deaths horrified Shallan, but Jasnah considered it instruction and told Shallan to ponder the morality of killing. Jasnah also felt that this way she had repaid Taravangian, Kharbranth's king, for his hospitality thus far, as had prevented the deaths of more innocents in the future.

    Eventually, it turned out that one of the Ardents in Kharbranth, Kabsal, was not an Ardent at all, but a member of the Ghostbloods, an organization seeking to assassinate Jasnah and steal her research. Kabsal got close to Shallan and tried to poison Jasnah through her by offering them both bread and jam. But Jasnah, ever suspicious, Soulcast the food she ate and was unaffected. Shallan and Kabsal were both poisoned, however, and as Jasnah had already Soulcast the jam that contained the antidote, she had to Soulcast Shallan's blood to save her. Alarmed, Shallan revealed that she had stolen Jasnah's Soulcaster, believing that Jasnah would be unable to Soulcast without it.

    Jasnah was furious that Shallan had stolen from her, so she sent her away. But Shallan realized that Jasnah didn't need the Soulcaster to Soulcast, and revealed that she too could Soulcast, though she was dreadfully inexperienced. She insisted on being a part of whatever it was Jasnah was researching so Jasnah agreed, sharing her research with Shallan.

    They embarked for the Shattered Plains, where the bulk of the Alethi armies were stationed in their war against the Parshendi, but Ghostbloods managed to infiltrate the ship's crew. Halfway during the trip, they attacked Jasnah in the middle of the night and stabbed her through the chest. She felt the blade sink in, and would have used Elsecalling to enter the Cognitive Realm to heal herself had she not been snatched by black vines that dragged her to Pandora instead.


    Jasnah’s eyes flew open. She clawed at the ground, fingernails digging into sand, gasping for breath as pain blossomed in her chest. Her mind distantly registered the sand, knowing that it was wrong — hadn’t she been on the ship? — but she could hardly think. She spasmed, flopping onto her side, curling up.

    “Jasnah.” Ivory’s voice was distant, but his anxiety was palpable. She couldn’t focus on it, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t...

    Blood pooled down the front of her dress, hot and red and sticky. Jasnah made a noise in her throat, hands lifting in the air like claws, fingers rigid with pain. Stormlight. She had to use Stormlight. She tried to draw on it, but the knife. It wasn’t in her chest anymore, but oh storms, she could still feel it.

    “Jasnah.” Ivory’s voice was more urgent, but still distant. Darkness clouded Jasnah’s vision, dark flecks at the corners of her eyes creeping inwards.

    Stormlight! She needed Stormlight!
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  2. Jasnah Kholin

    Jasnah Kholin The Stormlight Archive

    Human || Surgebinder
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