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Kirk, James T.

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by James Kirk, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. James Kirk

    James Kirk Star Trek

    James Tiberius Kirk
    I ripped my shirt again...

    Played by Melda

    Fandom: Star Trek
    Age: A few days shy of thirty
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Opening scene of Star Trek: Beyond
    NPC Companions: A blue fire lizard named Abe


    A history nerd, to be specific, not that it's likely to serve him well in Pandora. Jim has always had a fascination with the path that people take in life, with the way small events snowball into larger ones which then hurtle onwards to change the world. Understandably the majority of his history knowledge is Earth-centric, though since becoming friends with Spock he's made an effort to learn Vulcan's history as well. Though the opportunity rarely presents itself he's more than capable of spouting off a series of obscure historical facts at the drop of a hat.

    Literal Genius
    Not that most people would guess that much intellect lurked underneath his brashness, especially not in earlier years. Despite all the devil-may-care attitude he once took great pains to project the fact remains that Jim learns quickly and learns well. In many cases he finds it easier to grasp broad concepts rather than minute details, but it's enough to mean he can follow along in most subjects even if he doesn't always understand every detail. Tactics are his forte - it's not just anyone who can beat a Vulcan in chess - and his proclivity for unconventional methods makes him succeed in situations where more traditional men might fail.

    U wanna go?
    Though calmer and generally more inclined to try and talk things out as a first course these days, the fact remains that Jim has spent a lot of years throwing himself at things and people fist first. As a result he is a competent hand-to-hand fighter, though he favors brute force over finesse, and is more than capable of holding his own against the average opponent. His training with Starfleet has made him proficient with a phaser as well.

    The standard-issue sidearm for Starfleet personnel, which fires bolts of concentrated nadion particles. Jim's default setting is for stun, which disrupts the target's nervous system and knocks them unconscious, provided they are human or have a similar functional baseline. Phasers can also be set to kill, which increases its force to a point where it stops the heart. The stronger a being is the less effect either setting has on them.

    A rectangular, palm-sized device that allows an individual to communicate with another individual or - as is more likely in Jim's case - a nearby starship. Range varies based on environmental factors, but generally communication between an orbiting starship and a planet's surface is accomplished easily.

    AbeAbe is a fire lizard, a creature that resembles a small dragon - roughly cat sized, though like other blues Abe is on the smaller end of the spectrum for his species. He has four feet, two wings, and is roughly twenty four inches from the end of his snout to the tip(s) of his forked tail (with half of that length being nothing but tail). Predictably, given his wings, Abe is capable of flight, though he also possesses the ability to go Between. While the mechanics of it are somewhat lost on Kirk it boils down to a type of teleportation - he disappears from one place and appears in another in short order, though not necessarily instantaneously. He shares a hive mind and a sort of collective memory with all other fire lizards, allowing him to jump Between to any location another fire lizard has set eyes upon, as well as those he's seen himself. Jim and Abe are also linked mentally, a connection that is more empathic than it is telepathic, though the lizard does have the ability to send images along the link. Any emotion felt by one is felt by the other, though Jim has - by necessity - learned to sort of squish down the nervousness and excitability that Abe is prone to.


    Midlife Crisis
    Frankly it's too early in his life for this, but Jim has always excelled at doing things differently than anyone else. Though initially excited at the prospect of a five year exploratory mission the last year, particularly, has seen him growing increasingly restless and uncertain of his current path. His birthday this year will make him older than his father ever lived to be, the realization of which has left Jim contemplating and comparing his career with his father's, and he's not all certain he deserves to be where he is. Joining Starfleet on a dare isn't exactly a prestigious start, after all.

    Inner Fury
    He's learned how to keep on a leash on it, but the fact remains that Jim Kirk has a well of anger at his core that will never go away. It's where he retreats when he's hurting, preferring to lash out like a cornered animal rather than address whatever emotional trauma he's dealing with. After what happened with Khan and Marcus - namely how his drive for revenge nearly got his entire crew killed - Jim began making a concerted effort to learn some anger management skills.


    Trigger warning for brief mentions of child abuse.

    Everyone knows the story of James Kirk’s birth...or perhaps it only seems that way to him because there were so many people willing to tell him what a good man his father was, what a brave man, what a hero. As a child little Jim ate it up, begged for more, wanted to know everything about the father he would never get to meet, and quite predictably had every intention of following in his footsteps. He was an intelligent child, though perhaps a little on the reckless and rough side as well, headstrong and prone to more than a little leaping without looking. It wasn’t particularly uncommon for the boy to come home covered in dirt and scratches from some misguided sense of adventure or exploration, or from a tussle with one of the other local children who managed to provoke his rather easy-to-rouse temper.

    Though understandably close with his mother her work with Starfleet meant that she was regularly off-planet, leaving Jim in the care of his stepfather. Jim had been...well, a little jealous when his mother had first introduced him to the man, resentful of having to share her love, but time eased that feeling somewhat, especially when it seemed apparent that he wasn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately it turned out that his stepfather wasn’t particularly fond of Jim either, a fact he learned quickly during his mother’s first off-planet mission after their marriage. Jim doesn’t talk about his stepfather, doesn’t mention the never-ending shouting and the occasional beatings that were a constant whenever his mother wasn’t home. He tried to tell her at first but there was never any evidence to present to her, nothing concrete, and when she was home, well, things were always cordial at the very least on his stepfather’s side. As far as his mother could tell Jim was the problem, Jim was the one simmering with poorly-concealed anger, and he realized quickly enough that he would find no help in that quarter.

    So that was his life, cycles of darkness and light, and it is perhaps of no particular surprise that Jim Kirk grew into a rebellious little thing, taking a bitter sort of joy in striking back at his stepfather in whatever way he could. The change did not go unnoticed by others in their town, and instead of hearing how his father would be proud of him suddenly he was being told over and over again that his father would be disappointed in him, that they expected better from the son of George Kirk, every sigh and shake of the head feeding into the seemingly endless well of resentment that had taken over the core of his being. None of them knew, none of them understood, and if they were going to label him as a disappointment and a delinquent, well, why try to show them otherwise? What was the point in trying to take up the mantle a dead man had left him?

    By the time he was twenty two Jim had more arrests on his record than fingers on his hands, most of them stemming from or related to some kind of fight he’d gotten into, so when a casual (and less than sober) flirtation with a young Starfleet cadet provoked the wrath of some of her compatriots he expected it to end with his spending the rest of the night in a holding cell. Instead he found himself sitting across from a Starfleet Captain, bruised and bloodied and with bits of napkin hanging out of his nose, trying hard to maintain a facade of aloofness, clinging tightly to his devil-may-care attitude as the man dressed him down and challenged him in a way that no one in Jim’s life had ever done before.

    He spent the rest of the night driving aimlessly, Pike’s words reverberating around in his head despite his best efforts to drive them away. Even still he wasn’t sure he was going to take him up on his offer until he was sitting in front of the shipyard, staring at a ship under construction. An officer in four years, huh? Well, never let it be said that Jim Kirk walked away from a challenge.

    He did it in three.

    Okay, sure, there were some complications and a few extenuating circumstances involved, but that did not negate his success. Though he’d apparently done a fine job of hiding the fact from everyone else Jim was a genius, even if he was a genius ruled by his heart rather than his head. The curriculum at the Academy was challenging but not so difficult that he was incapable of carrying on a (rather active) social life, finding brief moments of connection with a variety of others. He was better in the short term anyway, it wasn’t like anything in his life had prepared him for a real, functional relationship, at least not of the romantic variety.

    Friends were a different story, though truthfully Jim - for all his outward gregariousness - didn’t have that many. One, really, if you wanted to get right down to it, one man who for some utterly unfathomable reason not only tolerated Jim’s proclivity for hare-brained and half-baked schemes but actually allowed himself to be dragged into them more often than not. Bones, as Jim had affectionately nicknamed him, was perhaps the first person he’d ever met who didn’t constantly compare him to his father, and though he cheerfully tried Bones’ patience on a regular basis it was a friendship he prized. In Jim’s opinion Bones needed to get out more, to relax more, and though Jim would likely never admit it Bones became adept at defusing his blacker moods, the boiling temper that had so often gotten him into trouble. Though still rash, still ready to fight at the drop of a hat, or to needle others until they lost control and threw the first punch, his friendship with Bones certainly brought him a measure of calm.

    For the most part his years at the Academy passed relatively uneventfully. He scored high on his exams and if he occasionally had a bit of an attitude problem it was never so bad as to permanently tarnish the image his instructors had of him - an image that, just like those back home, was only half of the truth. Pike probably had something to do with it as well; though busy with his own work Kirk found himself seeking the man out any time he was feeling particularly down on himself, finding comfort (and often brutally honest criticisms) in the first real father figure he’d ever known.

    Aaaaand then there was the Kobayashi Maru.

    Jim had something of a problem with losing, with admitting that there was something he couldn’t do - it was part of the reason Pike’s challenge had worked so well. No one ever won the Kobayashi Maru and so he resolved to be the first, dragging Bones along for the ride despite his protests. And if winning meant changing the circumstances of the test, well, it wasn’t really cheating if they’d purposely designed it to make sure everyone failed, was it?

    Predictably, no one seemed to find that a valid answer, and though Jim was used to being in trouble this was different. This was the possible end of a career that he’d wanted since he was a kid, then convinced himself he didn’t want, only to realize once he’d started it that he did want it, that he was good at it. That maybe that was where he’d belonged all along. Fortunately - and also unfortunately - his tense showdown with the man who programmed the test - Spock - in an academic hearing, where yet again his father’s ghost was summoned by someone else to haunt him, was interrupted by a distress call from Vulcan.

    For a few, heart-wrenching moments Jim thought he was going to be left behind, forced to stand and watch as every other cadet left to assist, forced to watch Bones leave with no one to watch his back, but it seemed that perhaps the grumpy doctor really did love him too. With a simulated medical condition courtesy of a vaccine (that Jim has not forgiven him for), Bones managed to weasel him aboard the Enterprise as well. Waking from his sedative dose to the report of a lightning storm that preceded Vulcan’s current troubles, Jim knew with immediate and overwhelming certainty that this was not at all the simple rescue mission they’d envisioned.

    Fortunately he was able to convince Pike of the danger they were warping into, though not without yet another clash with Spock, though the latter was forced to conclude that Jim was right in this particular case. The situation at Vulcan was as dire as he’d suspected - Romulans attacking the planet with some sort of drill, every ship that had arrived before them destroyed, and no way for the Enterprise to communicate with the rest of Starfleet.

    Their success Though the Romulans successfully managed to destroy Vulcan not all of the planet’s inhabitants were lost, though it seemed not nearly enough. Pike had willingly given himself up as a prisoner to the Romulans to give them their opportunity to sabotage the drill, and now he too was lost, still on board the Romulan ship when they warped away from Vulcan. In the aftermath Jim found himself clashing against Spock yet again, his anger and frustration at the Vulcan’s insistence on returning to the rest of the fleet instead of going after the Romulans, instead of saving Pike, tipping him headfirst over the edge into that all-too-familiar rage. It was stupid, he knew that, but the alternative of leaving Pike to his fate, of giving Nero the opportunity to do to Earth what he’d done to Vulcan, wasn’t one he could allow.

    Spock wasn’t about to budge on his view either.

    Kirk found himself marooned on Delta Vega, chased by very large creatures intent on making a meal - or perhaps a snack - out of him, and ran straight into...Spock. That pointy-eared bastard was everywhere. Except this Spock was older, definitely less infuriating, and full of information from the future. Information that Kirk had dumped into his head via some Vulcan voodoo, along with the near crushing weight of guilt and sorrow this older Spock was carrying because of it. And according to the older Spock Kirk had to get back aboard the Enterprise, force the young Spock to display his emotional vulnerability and then, naturally, take command of the Enterprise and save the day. No big deal.

    He managed, too, unbelievable as it seemed, though not without several solid beatings that left him bruised and aching for weeks. First from Spock, who seemed to have a well of anger inside that Kirk knew all too well (but he’d also seriously miscalculated the Vulcan’s hand-to-hand skills). There was no time to recover, no time to even stop for a breath, with Kirk finally, finally in the Captain’s chair he so coveted and with everything riding on his choices. A plan was made, hasty and with far, far too much room for things to go horribly wrong. They very nearly did, in fact, his death seeming all too close at hand (and not for the first time in this whirlwind adventure) as he found himself up against Nero’s men. His sheer bullheadedness served him well, and not only did Jim survive, but they managed to rescue Pike and destroy Nero while miraculously not getting themselves or the ship destroyed in the process.

    Their return home was a triumphant one, and not only was Jim’s academic issue a thing quickly dismissed, but he was promoted to Captain for real, and given command of the Enterprise as now Admiral Pike’s relief.

    With his crew, his family, Kirk embarked on several routine exploration and observation missions, though, as usual, he just couldn’t follow the rules. In his defense the planet was going to be destroyed by a volcano, and if they had the ability to stop it from happening, to save a developing species, didn’t they have an obligation to do so? The mission failed to go as planned, however, and with Spock trapped in the bowels of a volcano set to explode, Kirk had a decision to make...except that there really wasn’t a decision to be made at all. Spock was his friend (and wasn’t that a weird thing to say) and James Kirk did not abandon his friends, not even when it meant breaking half a dozen regulations in the process.

    He also didn’t see the need to report that particular part of the incident in his captain’s log, protecting himself and the rest of the crew but Spock, oh that pointy-eared bastard hadn’t left out a single detail in his own report, and Jim wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Pike so angry with him. Worse still was that it mattered that Pike was angry; Jim wasn’t that sullen young man, determined to resist the call of Starfleet anymore. He respected Pike, looked up to him, wanted to make him proud, but he just...his stupid temper and his stupid mouth, his desire to explain, to make others see his point of view, had him arguing with Pike even though it would have been better to just shut up. And as awful as Pike’s anger and disapproval was, the revelation that they were taking his ship away was even worse.

    He wasn’t captain anymore.

    Theoretically Jim knew it could have been worse. He could have been drummed out of Starfleet altogether, set right back on the aimless, drifting path he’d been on before his first meeting with Pike, except that now he’d know what he was missing, what he’d lost. But sitting in a dark and dingy bar, falling back on his old standby of drowning his sorrows, it certainly didn’t feel like there was anything worse. His home in Iowa had stopped feeling like home after his stepfather had moved in and it wasn’t until the Enterprise that he’d felt like he’d found a new one and that was gone too.

    He was just about to fall back on his other coping mechanism - a pretty girl at the bar who deliberately caught his eye - when Pike plopped himself down and effectively killed that plan. Part of him wanted to fall back on old habits, to strike out with sarcasm and disdain, but it was overwhelmed by shame, by the knowledge that he’d failed one of the few people to see him at his worst and still believe he had worth. Pike managed to surprise him yet again, however, informing Kirk that the Enterprise was back in his hands and that he’d also convinced Admiral Marcus to assign Jim as his first officer.

    Jim was floored. It was a kindness he certainly hadn’t expected, not after his argument with Pike hours before, and more than that it was a kindness he knew he didn’t deserve. But then that seemed to be the nature of his relationship with Pike, didn’t it? He was the cooler, wiser head that believed in Jim no matter how many times he screwed it up. ”It’s gonna be okay, son.” Those were Pike’s words, his promise to Jim, who sat there trying to control the lump that had formed in his throat, trying not to look like the lost and lonesome boy that one singular word had turned him into. ”Son.”

    In truth he was grateful for the communicator chirp that followed, breaking the emotional intensity of the moment with a summons for both of them. Someone had attacked Starfleet’s archives, and protocol gathered all senior Starfleet officers, captains and first officers for a conference. He spoke with Spock outside the conference room, and honestly Jim wasn’t sure what he expected out of the Vulcan. What he wanted was understanding, some sign that Spock felt the same bonds of friendship that Kirk did, but when they parted he was left unsatisfied on all accounts.

    Luckily the meeting provided more than enough distraction, a debriefing given on the rogue Starfleet operative who’d perpetrated the attack followed immediately by a no-nonsense order to hunt him down. Despite being in trouble up to his (non-pointed) ears already something about the whole situation just seemed off to Jim, and despite Pike’s warnings to keep his thoughts to himself Jim just couldn’t, and he still wasn’t fast enough. Even as he talked his way through it, even as he realized that this, this gathering of the highest-ranked people in Starfleet present on Earth, had been their enemy’s goal all along, said enemy was hovering outside the window and opened fire on the room.

    Chaos followed, naturally. There was no time to stop and worry about those who were struck, Kirk was an action man, and with a small bit of improvisation managed to take down the man’s ship, watching with no small bit of surprise as he beamed right out of the craft’s cockpit. He returned to the others, dead and wounded alike littering the floor, searching for Spock and Pike among them. It was Spock he saw first, a wave of relief washing over him, though it lasted only for the half second before his eyes slid left and lit upon the prone form of Pike beside him.

    A dead Pike.

    Jim remembered vividly the last time he’d actually cried - eleven years old, anger and hatred and helplessness swirling inside his small body until the sight of a set of keys quieted them with a swell of vicious retribution - but he’d refused to allow them after that, a stupid, stubborn promise to himself to never let anyone know if they hurt him. There was no controlling this, though he certainly tried, reduced to burying his face in Pike’s chest like a small child before he could methodically beat down the desire to wail his grief for all to hear.

    As always he sought refuge in anger, wearing it like armor, making him unbreakable...and also no small bit unreasonable. Not even Bones was allowed to reach him now, as he successfully convinced Admiral Marcus to let him take the Enterprise and pursue Pike’s killer to the homeworld of the Klingons. As he tried and tried to coax Scotty into accepting the prototype torpedos the admiral had given them with which to take out John Harrison without ever having to set foot on Chronos, but Scotty quit instead, abandoned him, and fine, Jim didn’t need him anyway.

    The plan had been to simply kill John Harrison from afar, but Spock, oh Spock had to put a bee in Kirk's bonnet, insisting that to murder him without trial was vengeance, not justice. That hadn’t bothered Jim at first, vengeance was what he wanted anyway, but addressing his crew, feeling Spock’s expectant gaze on him, he changed the plan. They would capture Harrison instead, as dangerous as that was, as likely as it was to cause them even more problems, and boy did it. Harrison had retreated to an unoccupied sector of the Klingon homeworld but their approach was tracked by a random patrol, and despite Uhura’s best attempts to keep things peaceful it was only due to Harrison’s intervention that they lived to tell the tale.

    Not that that mattered to Jim, the mere sight of the man’s face stirring up fresh grief, fresh anger, fresh hate, and he allowed himself to give into the temptation to punch that smug, murderous face. Not just once, either, but over and over and over when it seemed that the blows had no effect on him, until he dimly registered Uhura screaming his rank and managed to stop himself. That was not to be the end of the mysteries of John Harrison, however, who saw fit to challenge Jim (and his patience) in regards to the torpedos on board in addition to rattling off a set of coordinates that would supposedly explain the why’s of his actions.

    The Enterprise’s warp core had developed a leak, stranding them on the edge of neutral space, and unable to return immediately to Starfleet Harrison’s words had time to gnaw away at him, picking at strands of uncertainty, and there seemed little harm in trying to figure out what this madman was really up to. With a sort-of apology Jim managed to coax Scotty into checking out the coordinates, while Bones and Carol Marcus - the admiral’s daughter, no less - took one of the torpedos down to a nearby abandoned planet to open. None of them expected what they found inside - a person, a three hundred year old person, no less, cryogenically frozen.

    Kirk sought Harrison again, demanding answers, and Harrison - Khan - gave them. According to him he and the people concealed in the torpedos were remnants of a time when humanity sought to make themselves better, stronger, more intelligent, true warriors. Marcus, consumed with the desire for war, had used Khan’s crew as leverage and exploited his intellect and battle skills to design weapons. He even claimed that the situation they were in now was all part of Marcus’ plan to start a war with the Klingons.

    It seemed, well, ludicrous. Starfleet desired peace, sought exploration and knowledge that were mutually beneficial to all the life in the universe. And yet...threads were connecting in Kirk’s head as much as he wanted to deny it, as much as he tried to deny it to Khan, but when a ship appeared in front of them Kirk wasn’t actually surprised to see that Admiral Marcus was at the helm. He’d even had Sulu raise the shields, and broadcast their call to the entire ship. There would be no secrets from his crew.

    The talk with Admiral Marcus was...illuminating. Khan had been right about him, and with the warp core sort of repaired Kirk made a run for it. An unsuccessful run, thanks to those advancements the admiral had been working on, not only catching up to the Enterprise mid-warp but crippling her anew, and the only thing that saved them was the Admiral’s daughter. It was only a temporary stay of execution however, as the Admiral beamed his daughter away and Jim, desperate to save a shipful of people that were his responsibility, that he cared for, begged for them to spared.

    The Admiral’s refusal was like a knife in the heart.

    Scotty saved them, beautiful, brave, brilliant Scotty, who had stowed away and managed to temporarily shut down their systems. The reprieve wouldn’t last long, and, as per usual, Jim decided to do something dangerous and stupid to try and save his ship. Space jumping with Khan from the Enterprise to Marcus’ ship, meeting up with Scotty in an attempt to take it over. They did it, sort of, only to find betrayal - not unexpected - from Khan, who lived up to every claim of brutality and savagery he’d made. He killed Admiral Marcus, but returned Kirk, Scotty and Carol in exchange for his own crew...or what he thought was his own crew.

    Spock, clever Vulcan that he was, had had Bones remove Khan’s crew and arm the torpedoes, their detonation crippling the larger vessel but also proving the final straw for the Enterprise as well. It became a desperate race stabilize the ship, seemingly thwarted when it turned out that all the damage the ship had taken had thrown the warp core out of alignment. It should have been the end, it was going to be the end, but Jim refused to allow it, refused to allow his crew to die even if it meant he had to die in their place.

    Like father, like son.

    Dying was...terrifying. Or perhaps it was the simply knowing there was no way out of it that was terrifying, given how many times Jim had cheated death so far in his life, starting with the very day of his birth. Being dead was...nothing. Which he only knew because somehow, miraculously Bones managed to bring him back to life, an unwilling gift from Khan.

    Jim woke to the sterile whiteness of a hospital, to Bones in the same color instead of the blue that looked so much better on him. And to Spock, who perhaps had finally understood what Jim had been trying to tell him all long. His recovery was a long affair, not physically - Khan’s wonder blood was surprisingly effective at dealing with all the damage Kirk had sustained - but because no one could stop testing him to see if he was really fine and what sort of side effects he might be suffering and a lot of other things that he didn’t particularly care for. Luckily there was only so long they could deny him active duty, and with the Enterprise freshly refitted and her crew chosen for the pilot long-term exploration mission, Jim was all too happy to leave Earth behind him.

    The next three years were, well, an adventure, which was exactly what he'd wanted. Or what he'd thought he wanted, but as time wore on - as his thirtieth birthday loomed on the horizon - Jim found himself wondering more and more if he'd gotten into this career for all the wrong reasons. Wondering, too, if maybe it wasn't time to move on from the chair. But the way he moved on from it? Not at all what he'd intended.

    Jim had never considered himself a particularly diplomatic individual, but it turned out that exploring uncharted space was actually about fifty percent exploring and fifty percent convincing new species to either embrace the Federation or to play nicely with one another (and frequently both). In the middle of one such negotiation between the Teenaxi and the Fibonans the two species' inherent cultural differences left Jim fending off a sudden attack from the diminutive Teenaxi along with some strange black...tentacle trap that sprang from up from the floor.

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