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Kitagawa, Yusuke

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Yusuke Kitagawa, Aug 11, 2017 at 2:53 PM.

  1. Yusuke Kitagawa

    Yusuke Kitagawa Persona

    Chaotic Good
    Yusuke Kitagawa
    "How can one who cannot open their eyes be a judge of beauty…?"

    Played by Ivy

    Fandom: Persona
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: after the team succeeds to free the protagonist from the interrogation room
    NPC Companions: his Persona: Goemon


    Soul of an Artist
    Art has been a huge influence on Yusuke from day one. It surrounded him for his whole life and formed his morality and personality alongside it. After the death of his mother, who has been an artist herself, Yusuke got taken in by Ichiryusai Madarame, a famous painter, as his pupil and studied the fine japanese arts under him.
    Since art plays such a huge role in his life, Yusuke himself seems like an art piece, seeing the world as an aesthetic concept and taking actions regarding.
    Additionally, his love for art goes beyond the visual, and he joyfully expresses his interest in poetry as well. His way of speaking is quite poetic and he loves transmitting his feelings through metaphors, though he himself fails to understand obvious puns at times.
    As a huge bonus, his extraodinary skills are a huge benefit to the Phantom Thieves, be it writing calling cards or painting. And the other way around, the Phantom Thieves and the members help him to gather motivation and inspiration, which he tries to express through his paintings.

    Grace of a Fox, loyalty of a dog
    With poise and elegance Yusuke almost dances over sidewalk and battlefield alike. His posture and movements seem to be of theatrical nature, sometimes even interpreted as dramatic, which makes him look kind of "odd." Sometimes his behaviour is misinterpreted as eccentric, which he can be sometimes.
    But whatever people may say to or about him, Yusuke is very polite, always keeping his dignity even in the most dire situations. Even in heated combat, he managed to stay calm and collected, not letting his temper get the best of him.
    The whole way he presents himself is controlled by his personal aesthetic, and he does not shy away to voice his opinion on things. That makes him incredibly honest, and even if he may come off rude, his opinions and views are never falsified and he means what he says a hundred percent of the time. This does not only make him a valuable team member, but also a cherished friend.

    Special AbilitiesMaster Duplicant
    Yusuke is able to dublicate so called "Skill Cards", which allow certain Personas to learn new skills even outside of their elemental scale. To achieve this, he needs a Blank Card to paint on, and the Skill Card one wishes to be copied. So his artistic talents come in handy to benefit the Phantom Thieves.

    Metaverse Navigation App and Combat Skills
    Just like the other members, Yusuke is able to traverse through reality and cognitive Metaverse via his smartphone devise, or the app installed of it.
    In the Metaverse, and only there, he is able to call upon his Persona, Goemon, and use his special abilites to fight Shadows and defends not only himself but his friends as well.
    If not using his Persona to fight, Yusuke shows to be an excellent swordsman, slicing through his enemies with grace and beauty without breaking a sweat.
    Additionally, when entering the Metaverse, his clothes change and he can be found wearing his Phantom Thieves outfit, which looks like an updated version of the traditional japanese samurai training attire, together with a kitsune mask. Hence the codename "Fox".

    Food is an art and Yusuke treats it as such. His cooking skills are above the average and naturally to his nature he loves to arrange it to please the eye and grant a gormet experience. Though he is also known to mix special ingredience to his cooking and experiment with foodstuff, resulting in either heavenly meals or...not.

    EquipmentMasamune: only accessable inside the Metaverse as a lethal weapon; a sword capable of inducing sleep to an enemy.

    Blaze Assault Rifle: only accessable inside the Metaverse as a lethal weapon; model gun based on one with serious firepower.

    Smartphone: an ordinary smartphone, used to traverse to the Metaverse via Navigation App

    Fox Tail: part if the Outlaw Attire (Phantom Thief Suit); looks cute, wags it when excited.

    Yusuke posseses both weapons in the real world as well, though they are only replicas of the original. Due to the bizzare nature of the Metaverse, non-lethal replicas become life-like deadly ones as long as the Shadows believe they are real.

    NPC's AbilitiesFeudal Robin Hood
    Through conquering his inner fears and deepest desires, Yusuke was able to awake to his Persona, Goemon, the modern reincarnation of the famous thief Ishikawa Goemon, also known as the "feudal Robin Hood".

    Goemon is a more offense Persona, and thus posseses a variety of attacks damaging the enemy directly. Besides ice elemental attacks, he is able to attack foes with his oversized pipe, dealing physical damage to one or more foes.

    Bufu, Bufala, Bufudyne are ice elemental attacks dealing damage to one foe with a low chance of freezing enemies. All of them drain Yusuke more or less intense depending on their strength with Bufu being the weakest ice attack and Bufudyne the strongest.
    So naturally, the latter uses up a lot of his energy ressources and would force him to leave the Metaverse sooner should he feel too tired to fight.

    Mabufu, Mabufala, Mabufadyne are, as the stem "bufu" suggests, ice attacks as well with a low chance of freezing the opponent. Different to the previous ice attacks, those damage all enemies present on the field, but drain Yusuke's energy ressources even more. So one use of Mabufadyne would probably bring him to the edge already.

    But Goemon does not only rely on elemental attacks and is very well able to attack foes physically.
    To his arrangement we count attacks such as Giant Slice, Rising Slash, Mind Slice and Tempest Slash. All deal a moderate ammount of damage, with changes of status aliments. Their downside is that they drain Yusuke physically. Using such attacks too much could result in death if not being cautious.


    For once, Yusuke and Goemon share the fire weakness, since his Persona is primary an ice elemental and thus fire attacks have a high chance of bringing him down and leaving him vulnerable to the enemy.
    And besides being a Persona user, Yusuke is still nothing but a mere human and can be killed by all those things which happen to kill humans.

    Everyday Life
    Another weakness is Yusuke himself. Sometimes his own stubbornness drives him into dangerous situations, and due to mental abuse in the past, he sometimes has difficulties to read people's intentions and greets them with caution, which may come over as harsh and cold to some. His use of words and expressions make him quite unpopular and he describes himself as an "outcast", though the opinion of other's is not of importance to him.
    His lack of empathy also causes him to unintentionally hurt the feelings of others (even if it's just something minor as re-arranging Futaba's figma collection).
    Also, Yusuke is known to be very bad at handling money, and rides himself into poverty by having the habit of "impulse buying" everything that catches his aesthetic attention.


    The Personification of a Painting
    Since he grew up in an unhealthy and abusive environment, Yusuke has the tendency to act with mostly pure intentions, some may even describe him as naive. Even though he posseses knowledge about poetry and its arranged beauty, he tends to take things literal, which sometimes leads to communication problems and misunderstandings.
    And while usually being a rather calm and collected youth, his artistic energy sometimes causes trouble, within and outside of the Phantom Thieves. As already established, art is a part of him, so he takes it dead serious, often even appearing pushy and bold when being stuck in his artistic flow, using his friends as a muse, if they want it or not, usually resulting in rather comedic encounters.

    Nevertheless, Yusuke is an intellegent individual and eager to expand his horizon, be it art, culture or every day life situations. That's why he's very aware of his surroundings, showing great joy in simply watching and observing people, trying to learn something from them solely through observation. This may come off as weird, and yes, he can be described as that, but it is all for the gathering of aethetic inspiration and his methods never harm anyone. At least not intentionally.

    Another thing which often brings him into trouble is his brash honesty. None of his opinions are sugar coated and he says exactly what he thinks, his lack of empathy only making certain encounters worse. But that also makes him an incredible good team mate and friend on whom one can rely on, since it guaranteed that Yusuke will not lie unless absolutely necessary, and even then he is keeping a certain politeness, not wanting to hurt anyone with his words. A result of his own traumatic experience, since Madarame was lying to him for his whole life.


    [​IMG] (Outlaw Attire)


    Pre Phantom Thieves
    When he was at the tender age of three, his mother died due to a fit, and he got taken in by Madarame who not only operated as a foster father but art mentor as well. Since Yusuke neither knew his father nor posseses any memory of his mother, he grew very fond the his Sensei, trusting him blindly and living his life as if he was owing it to him. The circumstances he was raised under can only be described as abusive, living in a shabby shack, at some times with other students as well.
    Of course his artistic nature and talent were an eye-catcher to Madarame, who used and exploited the boy's work and ideas, plagerising it as his own and growing famous under not only Yusuke's work, but using the work of other pupils as well. Yusuke though, was the only one who did not bother, actively at least. For years he suffered silently and just gave his shares, since Madarame gave him the feeling of "owing it up" to him. He saw his Sensei as a kindhearted man who took him in to aid his dead mother.
    The inspiration he gains to live through this hell is the painting "Sayuri", which was originally a work by his mother which Madarame stole and exploited as well for his own benefits. And to top that, it is later on revealed that Madarame himself partook in the death of Yusuke's mother by not helping her but just watching her suffer from her illness until she found her end.

    Post Phantom Thieves
    Due to a few (un)fortunate events, Yusuke joined the Phantom Thieves, who showed him the true nature of his Sensei, exposing him as the abusive art thief he was. Through the acceptance he awoke to his Persona, and swore to put fiends like Madarame to the sword and free others from oppression and exploitation, putting an end to the cruelty of the world.
    From this day on, he acts as a member of the Phantom Thieves and not only grows as an artist along the journey, but as a person as well, becoming more confident with the weeks and months they spent together.

    Though, through even more unfortuate events, their leader, Joker, happened to be taken into custody by the goverment force to atone for the crimes he has committed while being active with the Phantom Thieves. With incredible wits and excellent team work, Yusuke and the rest managed to get him out of there, continuing to aid him with the mission to steal his future back.
    Still, no one knows where the wims of fate may lead to, so instead of getting reunited with Joker and celebrating this major success, Yusuke ended up finding himself in the unfamiliar midst of Pandora instead of their usual hideout.


    It's been now the third day in a row that he was standing at the Station Square and observed the people leaving and entering. Shibuya was a lively part of Tokyo, and Yusuke usually gained a lot of inspiration from the city and its vibes which he then could express through brush strokes on a blank canvas, creating something beautiful out of nothing.

    But since a few days, at least he counted only a few of them, something didn't seem right, something was interrupting his creative flow, blocked his imagination.

    It was as if his body refused to create anything for the mind didn't properly connect to it. The result was simple just as it was frustrating: hours and hours, sitting in front of a canvas, ready to be painted on but... nothing. At the end of the day the white surface remained as it was, leaving him frustrated, desperate even.

    How could he please his Sensei when not presenting something new until the due date?

    He needed to have something by next week, owe up to Madarame's demands or else- no, he didn't even want to imagine what his master would do to him if he didn't make it.

    So the disappointment only grew as he decided to leave again, without inspiration, without a muse. Art-block was his worst enemy, and he felt so weak, weak and helpless that he couldn't fight it, couldn't practice the only thing he was good at. When the warm embrace of creativity leaves you, what else is there to live for? In this moments, the world was ugly, plain, tinted with ink with no chance to escape.

    But as he walked towards the Central Street, ready to greet his Sensei's judging eyes and false smile again, a light emitted from the ordinary grey masses, a shining star, catching his interest immediately. A young woman, around his age even, left the Subway Station, her blonde wavy hair flowing down beautifully down her shoulders, her eyes were glistening in the shade of the calmest blue he has ever seen, skin pale and smooth, royally even, walking down the line with the grace and beauty of a queen, a Goddess.

    Immediately Yusuke's heart rate increased, overwhelmed, almost shocked by this perfection on legs, walking amongst the common, trying to fit in and yet sticking out so obvious, astonishing.

    The overload of emotions left him paralyzed for a moment that went too long, way, way too long. Quickly he lost sight of her, loosing her warm, protecting light in the dark oozing pool of ink again. But even if she was gone now, there was no doubt: this was her, he would make her his muse.

    Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow he would come back and look for her, find her again, and ask her, beg her to paint her, conserve her otherworldly beauty for all eternity.

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  2. Yusuke Kitagawa

    Yusuke Kitagawa Persona

    Chaotic Good
    Alright, I guess I'm done now ~
    Yusuke, locked and loaded
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