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Kogane, Keith

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Keith Kogane, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Keith Kogane

    Keith Kogane Voltron: Legendary Defender

    Paladin of Voltron/ Monster hunter
    Chaotic Good
    Keith Kogane
    'Shut up and trust me!'

    Played by Fleet

    Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
    Species: Human- Possibly half alien, unknown at the point where he is being taken from
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Right at the end of season to when they have fallen out the hold into the unstable portal
    NPC Companions: The Red Lion/ Red


    First and foremost Keith is a talented pilot, being considered a prodigy of his generation when he served in the Galaxy Garrison it is because of this (and his general fiery personality) that he was paired with the Red Lion as she needed someone who could pilot well so as to sustain as little damage as possible. Keith is also a very talented martial artist, thanks to his constant training to improve and is demonstrated when he easily takes out the guards holding a future comrade hostage with nothing but his hand to hand combat skills.

    He is also a talented warrior with knives and daggers, probably thanks to years having to fend for himself both before and after his expulsion from the galaxy Garrison. He is also skilled with a both sword and shield, using both to a high level of skill when in combat. He has also shown a sense of cunning, in that when he manages to keep a level head he can become very tactical in planning attacks and knows how to successfully run a guerrilla campaign or produce a distraction that allows for himself or his team to succeed at their missions.

    Suit- As the Red Paladin Keith is a wearer of the Paladin suit which is a very high tech piece of armour that responds to the wearer's thoughts within seconds as if it was just an extra skin upon the body. It can produce a shield from the arm, which can deflect both melee weapons as well as ranged through the shields strength will begin to wane if the barrage upon it continues for too long. It also has a jetpack in the back which can be activated with a single thought and can help the wearer reach places or avoid attacks, however it cannot keep a sustained flight so must be used in short bursts. The armour also features a built in oxygen mask as well as hearing protection which prevents the Paladin from becoming death from combat noises.

    The armour also built to protect the wearer against radiation, temperature extremes, impact forces and degradation of bodily functions due to extensive time in zero gravity environments by stimulating gravity to a degree within the armour itself. The armour also provides the user with communications technology so as to stay in contact with their allies as well as allowing screens to appear within the helmet like a heads up display with a simple thought. The armour also has a connection to the Paladin’s Bayards and can give them instant access to the weapon even if they are not holding it. Despite its usefulness and strength, the armour can be penetrated if a powerful enough force meets it or if kept under a heavy barrage of enemy fire for too long.

    Bayard- The Bayard is another of the Paladin’s tools and is a multifunction weapon that takes on a specific form for each wielder. Keith’s Bayard transforms into a powerful sword, made of alien materials which can deflect lasers and cut through several inches of steel. His sword can be used in tandem with his lion, when plugged into a slot on the control dashboard it gives him access to a laser sword in the lion’s mouth or a cannon from her back.

    NPC's Abilities
    Sentient- The Red Lion may be a giant flying lion spaceship but she is also sentient, this means she has a personality and an intelligence which when bonded in a psychic link with her Paladin can aid him in combat (like when she psychically told him to plunge his bayard into a slot on the control panel which produced a giant flaming sword for Voltron (or a laser sword/gun for herself) This bonded connection also can aid the pilot in guiding her through complicated maneuvers when flying. Though the fact she has a type of sentience and personality means that the pilot has to bond with her before she will release her defensive shield, which can lead to her losing her pilot with her stubbornness to build a bond. (Keith nearly died trying to forge this link, getting saved last minute by the lion after he had proven himself by defeating many Galra before being sucked out of an airlock)

    Lasers, lava mouth & sword- Red can produce laser cannon fire from her mouth and specially designed turrets around her head,all of which if well targeted can break through enemy ship’s shields and metal hulls easily. She also has a weaker laser in her tail which is generally used on weaker targets. Her mouth cannon can also produce a lava like fire beam, which has been used to weaken structures in the past. If Keith plugs his bayard into a slot into her dashboard a laser sword appears in her mouth, this laser sword can cut through most materials though makes piloting her harder as it makes her slower. The bayard can also produce a very large and powerful fire cannon to sprout from her back, though again this cannon makes her heavier making maneuvering more challenging.

    Speed & Flight- Red is the smallest of the lion’s as she was built more for speed and maneuvers than for close quarters combat. But this means she is very quick and agile both on land and during flight, in the show this is seen most when she is the only lion to successfully navigate through an asteroid field.

    Armour/shields- Despite her strength and speed, Red’s armour is actually the weakest of all the lions as more armour would of made her too large and heavy for the quick maneuvers expected from her. However she does have some armouring which means she still needs to take quite a beating before rendered destroyed. She also has a weak shielding which when in use means that her weapons, other than her tail laser are not useable. When her pilot is not within her, she usually sits in ‘park’ surrounded by a type of shield which prevents anyone from being able to approach her.

    Crystal Power Source- Red’s other benefit is she does not run on fuel like other space craft but instead her core is made up of Balmera Crystal’s which never run out of power. But if the crystals were removed she would be rendered useless.


    Despite all his combat skills, Keith is known to be temperamental, hot headed and often rash, which in itself is one of his biggest weaknesses as it often leads to him running into situations without thinking it fully through which leads to him putting himself or his teammates at risk. His lion matches him and though this makes them stronger when joined in battle, it also means the lion won’t stop him from taking rash actions often even going so far as encouraging him to take dangerous actions.

    Other than his piloting abilities Keith is still only a novice in most everything else, including in combat, though he is more skilled than most of his comrades (he’s second best overall) He is still easily bested by many of the opponents the team faced, as he is still learning. Having spent most of his life alone, Keith is naturally a bit of a lone wolf and prefers to do things alone, which has led to him going into situations where he needs help alone and risking his life recklessly. It also means that he often does not know how to act in certain social situations which can cause tensions with both friends and enemies, which could also result in his life being endangered.

    Keith also has issues with the chain of command/ discipline meaning he was not good at following orders and is very good at ignoring them even when they are for his own benefit, it was because of this that he was expulsed from the Galaxy Garrison. But the biggest weakness to both Keith and his lion are also weakened by the fact they will be in Pandora alone, which means they will not have the support of the team mates that Keith has grown used to working alongside and the lion will not be able to join up with the other lions to form their stronger alter-ego that is Voltron, leaving them both weaker than before. Keith is also only a mere mortal which means that he could become fatally wounded if stabbed or shot in the correct place, which would result in his death


    Keith is the quiet lone wolf, who prefers his own company over others meaning that usually he keeps to himself and will avoid being around others if he can. However, one should not take his quietness for meekness, for behind the quiet shield there is actually quite a brash, confident young man, who holds a deep fire within his heart and is very quick to flare up when he is challenged. When challenged he can become very confrontational and in an argument it is usually guaranteed that he will keep going until he has had the last word, but in a physical fight his anger both aids him and weakens him. He also has issues with authority and rarely listens to orders, often even doing the opposite to what he has been told to do, it is his inability to cope with authority which lead to his expulsion from the Galaxy Garrison.

    This rash, hot headedness makes him very challenging to work alongside and very hard to form an attachment with, but if someone does work hard enough to become friends with him he becomes a very loyal, fiery protector who is very willing to put his life on the line to save them. Keith is also known to be reckless, taking the extra steps to complete a mission or discover all the enemies secrets even if it could cost him his own life and often comes across as if he could not care less what happens to him, this attitude of his has also been used within discussion to prove that he is a thrill seeker at times. Due to the fact he has had very little social interaction he often does not understand jokes or what others may be talking about, proving him very naive and innocent at times which he has grown used to being teased about by his team mates. Despite everything Keith does have a sense of humor, though it is more sarcasm bound and often cold, coming out in witty or sassy comments much to the surprise of those around him.

    NPC's PersonalityRed is very like her Paladin, in that she is very fiery and rash, often aiding her Paladin in making the most daring choices which make them both so lethal in combat. Out of all the lions she is the most temperamental and unstable, making her the hardest to bond with, she is also considered a little snobbish only choosing her Paladin after they have proven themselves to her. She is very instinctual, preferring that over skill as often it is natural instinct which keeps someone alive rather than skill brought on by training, she extends this to her Paladin, only choosing someone who relies heavily on instinct rather than skill which connects to Keith as he tends to act out of instinct most of the time.


    Here’s a picture of Red so you know what she looks like-


    Not much is known about Keith's early life except that he was orphaned and spent much of it alone, until he joined the Galaxy Garrison where he received much needed training, though he was a talented pilot right from the start flying out of instinct and impressing his mentors. He grew close to one of the mentors (Shiro- Who was also a bit of a legend at the garrison) and grew to respect him, meaning he would obey his orders more than any of the others. Even at the Garrison he preferred to be alone and kept up his lone-wolf attitude which would often land him in trouble as they were supposed to work as a team there. In piloting he was often in competition with another pilot named Lance, though he chose to ignore him more often than not and often came out on top in their competitions. When Shiro left on a scientific space mission, he became hard for the instructors to handle and when they were told Shiro had died, he became near uncontrollable and was quickly dropped from the Garrison by its commanders. He became a bit of a hermit following that incident and made a home for himself deep in the desert, but still close to the Garrison so as to keep an eye on their activities. It was in his time in the desert he began to feel some force pulling to him (unbeknownst to him it was the Blue Lion's sentience pulling at him) and allowed the sense of some energy pulling at him to guide him into many caves in the cliff's where he would find artwork depicting lions and a crash from space.

    It is because he had seen those ancient artworks that he knew he had to investigate a ship when it crashed to earth after he witnessed the crash, so he set up an explosive distraction to draw away the guards before entering the quarantined area where he easily defeated the remaining guards with his hand to hand combat skills before finding Shiro strapped to a gurney. He freed his friend and prepared to get him out when he was interrupted by three cadets from the Galaxy Garrison which included Lance(other two were Pidge & Hunk) who had come to free Shiro mainly out of competition with him. Together the group got Shiro out of the compound and onto Keith's speeder, which he then piloted skillfully to get them all to safety leaving the security forces in their wake and with nowhere else to go he took the group to his home in the desert. Once there Shiro revealed he had been held hostage by a race known as the Galra who were set on overtaking the galaxy and that currently they were looking for some kind of super weapon called 'Voltron'. Using some scientific discoveries that Pidge has found and Keith's knowledge about how he knew Shiro crashing to earth was important, they headed to the cliff's where the lion paintings were. Once their Lance touched the wall which opens up the floor beneath the group and brings them before the Blue Lion which bonded with Lance, who then allowed them all inside the craft. The lion freed itself from the cave and then allowed Lance to try his hand at piloting, much to the rest of the groups disgust. Before taking them into space, where they came across a Galra warship, where they had a brief moment of combat before the Blue Lion took control and created a wormhole which they travelled through to escape the fighting (unbeknownst to them heading towards the Lion's creators & Home.)

    They emerged out of the wormhole falling and prepared to crash onto another planet and where they crash-land they discovered a very large palace, which mysteriously opened up before them. Keith allowed Shiro to lead them forth from the lion and into the castle to investigate, where they discovered two aliens locked into cyrostasis pods, with the return of the Blue Lion the pods activated awakening the two aliens who at first were hostile towards the strangers before become friendly when they discovered they came in the Blue Lion. The two aliens revealed themselves as Princess Allura and her advisor Coran, they also revealed that they had been asleep some 10000 years. Zarkon's advisor Haggar sensed Allura's awakening and the Galra leader Zarkon sent a fleet to deal with her, which was picked up by the castles security systems alerting those within that the enemy was on their way, they only had a few hours to prepare. Knowing they had little time Allura trusts the Blue Lion and took the human's to the Paladin's suite where she gifted them with their armour and Bayards. Keith received the red armour and Bayard. It was then revealed by her that their are five lions and they are clearly the five pilots expected to fly them, making them Paladin's, they were then sent out to find the other lions. They were unable to find a trace of the Red Lion though so Keith was made to stay behind and help prepare the castle for the oncoming attack, during this time he discovered the castle is actually a very big and powerful spaceship and that the planet they are on was not the aliens home planet. The rest of the team returned with the other lions just before the enemy fleet arrived and when the fleet arrived the castles sensors found the Red Lion is aboard the command ship, so the team set out to get the red lion back.

    Working together they managed to get Pidge, Shiro and Keith on-board the ship without the crew knowing, where they stealthily sought out the red lion guided by the fact Keith could feel the lion's presence drawing him in like he could with the Blue Lion. The team split up when they discovered the ship had prisoners on it, with Shiro and Pidge going to free them, leaving Keith alone to seek out his lion. Find her he did, when she refused to open up to him and as he attempted to form a link with her he was interrupted by some Galra warriors. There was a fight which he started off winning, but more and more warriors arrived as the alarm was set off. Seeing a control panel to open the bay doors, he made an instinctual decision and opened them, allowing his opponents to be sucked out into space, while he clung to the control panel only for his grip to fail him. He was sucked out into open space after his opponents but it was then the Red Lion came to his rescue, sweeping him into her mouth to go to the controls since he had just proven himself to her. He rejoined the rest of the team down on the planet, where they were encouraged by the princess to join their lions together to form the robotic hero Voltron, the team had issues achieving this, unsure how to make the lions connect and it was only when the castle was on the verge of being destroyed that they managed to form Voltron and deal with the enemy war ships. After defeating their enemies the lions disconnected from each other returning to the castle where their pilots officially became Paladin's and took up their positions as Guardians of the universe.

    Following the battle the team entered into training, as they tried to bond with both each other and their lions, Keith found that by himself he flew through the training, but the moment he had to work with the others, in particularly Lance, he was far more likely to fail the training. Especially since Lance seemed so keen to get at him, via confrontation during a combat exercise or competition via the piloting exercises. Due to the inability to work as a team the team was left at an inability to form Voltron and this meant that the Princess took up reckless means in an attempt to force them to work better together including not letting them stop for breaks or even setting up the castles defenses to attack them. After working through all this the eventual team bonding which actually began to properly build friendships was a friendly food fight where the team worked together against the Princess and Coran. Following that event the team training proceeded to improve and Keith found himself better able to work alongside the others though Lance would still goad him, the training went so well that they were able to form Voltron via their bonds. During all this time Princess Allura and Coran had been preparing the castle for flight, so that the Paladin's could properly set about on their mission of protecting the universe, due to all the activity from that as well as the training a local from the planet approached the ship setting off the alarms. Keith was very wary of the local despite the fact he looks harmless and suggested caution, maybe even threatening the creature till it left. The others did not go for his idea and they met the local peacefully, discovering he came from a village in the hills and they believed the princess to be a god which amused the Paladin's.

    The aliens had requested to princess' presence at the village so they could get properly aquatinted and Keith still not trusting the creatures went with her along with Lance and Hunk, while Pidge and Shiro went off on another mission. Keith was forced to endure the locals custom and the Princess brokered an alliance between them, offering aid whenever the people needed. While in the village a transmission came from Shiro calling for aid, as he and Pidge had come under attack from some monster from the sky. The rest of the Paladin's went to their aid, allowing the Princess to get the locals safely hidden in shelters incase the fight came to them. Together Keith lead Lance and Hunk to protect their friends with their lions while Shiro and Pidge got their lions. When all the lions were together they formed Voltron to fight the enemy and realized he was someone who worked for the Galra, in a powerful laser suit. Together they worked together to defeat the powerful suit, Keith discovered in that moment that if he plugged his bayard into the Red Lion's console he gave Voltron a blazing red sword to which he struck the finishing blow to their opponent with. Following the defeat of this opponent the locals were invited to celebrate the victory and the alliance in the castle, where Keith spent his time with Lance and Hunk trying the local cuisine. Before being drawn away with Shiro because Pidge wanted to talk to them, where she revealed she is leaving the team which greatly angered Keith, exposing his deep issues with abandonment.

    Because of the celebrations a surviving party of Galra from the very first attack managed to sneak a bomb into the castle which exploded on the castles power crystal and badly wounded Lance, rendering him unconscious. The explosion distracted the team from their heated discussion about Pidge leaving as they rushed to investigate. Keith was the one who finds Lance but again they were interrupted as it is then that some locals ran screaming into the castle that their village was under attack and begged them for their promised aid. The team split three ways with Hunk going with Coran to get a new crystal to give the castle power, Shiro getting Lance some help and Keith going to investigate the attack on the village with Allura, he gave Pidge the cold shoulder as he left because he felt she is abandoning them, telling her to 'keep packing, since she's quitting the team'. Upon arriving at the village Keith went in for a closer inspection and discovered that though everything is on fire the Galrain's had simply set the village afire in an attempt to lure them out of the castle. Realizing this they all rushed back to the castle to arrive a moment to late and are locked out by the castles shields. Trapped outside and helpless to aid his friends Keith took his frustration out on the shield, until Pidge got in contact saying the enemy had Shiro and Lance, but she had evaded them, they didn't know she was there. Forcing aside his anger issues Keith and Allura guided Pidge through how to stop the Galra from stealing the castle, along with all their lions as well as getting the shields that trapped them outside to come down which she did successfully.

    With the shields down Keith rushed to his fellow paladin's aid, taking the enemy leader on in single combat and urging him back into a shielded container before rushing to his wounded comrades sides. In that moment he let Pidge know she had done well and she told them she was going to stay as she had realized how important it was that she stayed with them. Together he and Pidge took Lance and Shiro to healing pods and thanks to Hunk and Coran arriving with a new power crystal the castles power was restored. The team planned their next actions carefully, deciding on where they wanted to fly to as they began their mission of defending the universe and Hunk revealed that Balmera (where the power crystals come from) was enslaved and the crystals are being taken by the Galra, so they decided once Lance (who was now the only one in a healing pod) is recovered they would go liberate that planet first. Once Lance woke up the team set out, but intercepted a transmission calling for aid and went to help the two stranded beings who claimed to be rebels against the Galra empire. They discovered the rebels ship is badly damage and aided with repairs, though both Hunk and Keith were wary of the newcomers. Keith kept his distance, taking a defensive role during the repairs while Hunk actually helped with the repairs, Lance was the only other team mate not to help with the repairs and instead bunked off to show off to a rebel female, including taking her for a test ride in his lion. When the ship was mostly repaired the rebel captain claimed he was going to test it out and said he'd be back, but then he was gone for a suspiciously long time and also Lance was still missing.

    Keith and Hunk were both sensing that something was not right when Lance got in contact telling them they'd been had and that the 'rebels' were actually bounty hunters and that they had just stolen the blue lion from him. The four remaining lions set out in pursuit and caught up to the bounty hunters, who decided to take cover in an asteroid field. Keith being the only one skilled enough as a pilot and with a good enough lion, made pursuit. He easily caught up with the bounty hunters and single handedly crippled their ship before herding them out of the asteroid field back towards the planet, where they left the bounty hunters with food to last a few weeks for someone else to find. After picking up Lance the castle continued on to its original destination Balmera, while plotting how they would achieve their mission. The discussion reminded the Paladin's that Balmera was a living planet so they cannot go in guns blazing because they might hurt the planet and they formed a plan. Upon arrival they swooped in within their lions and attacked all Galra structures on the living planet's surface, with Keith discovering in his anger that the Red Lion had a fire cannon in her mouth. The Paladin's were surprised by the lack of Galra defenses, yet continued with their plan, sensing an ambush. Lance and Keith went about their mission to disarm the Galra ships so as to stop them taking flight, they broke the bay doors to the Galra hanger so that the ships couldn't get out of the hanger beneath the planets surface.

    Their mission was very successful and they continued to work well together, as they made their way to regroup with the other Paladins. Once they were all together again they were lured into a trap and got trapped in a single room with a local prisoner while a Galran fleet arrived on the scene, ready to steal their lions while also destroying the castle. With help from the locals the Paladin's escaped their prison and got to the lions just before the enemy reached them, where they then fought the opposing fleet and eventually joined together as Voltron to defeat the command ship. But their victory was short lived as another monster working for the Galra was dropped to the surface, but this one's outfit had been updated making it stronger and giving it many laser turrets which Voltron had difficulty countering. While the Paladin's worked to defeat their new enemy the planet was discovered to be dying so the Princess used a healing ability her kind possess to begin the healing process. Eventually the Paladin's were able to knock their opponent down and the healing planet aided them by trapping their opponent in crystals. It was then that victory was won and they left the planet as heroes to continue their quest. Once in space they began planning their next move and decided to see if memories from a fallen Galran could help them but acquiring the memories took a long time and the team was left with time to fill. So Keith went to the training deck where he trained against various leveled bots, until he met his match and needed a breather, when he asked the computer to turn off the training bot except it did not. The bot instead continued its attack and he was forced to defend himself as it forced him back.

    He attempted to flee out of the training room and lock the bot within, but it simply broke down the door and chased him as he fled throughout the castle, only to catch up to him and kick him into a corridor of airlocks. Before it flung him against a door where Keith found Lance banging helplessly on the other side of the door saying he's about to be sucked out to space. The bot continued its attack, as the airlock opened and Lance screamed for his help one last time before grabbing hold of something as the suction started. Keith saw an opportunity and opened the airlock door, which sucked the training bot out while he pulled Lance to safety before shutting the door behind them. Together the boys tried to catch their breath and Lance revealed to Keith that the ship is malfunctioning, trying to kill them all which caused them to seek out Coran who was with Pidge and Hunk. They realized Shiro was missing and found him suffering under the ships influence within his mind. Coran stopped Shiro's torment and concluded that the queen's father's presence within the power crystals had been corrupted, that he would need erasing to stop it. They went to the Princess only to discover she had jumped the ship to a new location and in a trance seems to think the star they were heading towards was her destroyed home planet. Together the team talked her out of it and she ended up erasing her father's corrupted memories from the crystals, before saving them all by turning them away from the star. Using the now gathered memories stolen from a fallen Galran they discovered their next target, a hidden station which they could find no information on but where upon arriving they observed Galran ships being stocked with something. To get more information the team decided to go in stealthily with Allura and Shiro going in undercover aboard a docked ship with the rest of the Paladin's on standby within one of the stations control rooms.

    While waiting for their teammates to return the young Paladin's spotted a Galran druid with a strange container of liquid and Keith decided to investigate alone because that puts fewer of them at risk. He left the team behind and stealthily followed the druid. He discovered that the Galrans have found a new way to harvest Quintessence, a form of fuel that has also allowed Zarkon the Galran leader to live 10,000 years and he attempted to steal some so that Coran could analyze the substance, only to be discovered by the Druid who he then proceeded to fight with before becoming injured by the druids lightening. He attempted to escape, cradling his wounded arm only for the druid to slam him into some of the liquid and for the container to splash coating him in the liquid and which surprisingly healed his injuries. He continued to flee and reached Pidge's Green Lion just in time as the team made their get away, only to discover not the whole team had escaped as Shiro had arrived within the Green Lion without Allura. They returned to the castle and Shiro revealed the Princess gave herself up so that he could escape. The team instantly began to plan a rescue, knowing they would of taken her directly to their leader though during the planning Keith mentioned that maybe they should not go rescue the princess straight away as it is likely what the enemy expects and he mentioned the fact that in terms of fighting as the lions or Voltron they were all still complete novices out of their depth. But the team out voted him and decided a quick insert and grab mission would take place. The castle jumped them to the enemies lair and was hidden just out of sight within a gas giant, while the team made their offensive approach within their lions.

    Upon their approach a particle barrier was activated trapping them all in the space around the central command ship and the enemies smaller ships took flight revealing that Keith was right and their rescue attempt was exactly what their enemy anticipated them to do. They formed Voltron and started destroying ships only for a weapon to fire from within the main command ship, forcibly separating them. Shiro commanded them all to find the princess when suddenly the Black Lion ejected him into space, Keith saw this and began to go to his rescue only to watch Shiro find a way inside the command ship. It was then he noticed the Black Lion was caught in a tractor beam and was being pulled in while the enemy leader was magically being pushed towards the lion, revealing himself to be the original pilot of the Black Lion. Keith told the team to continue saving the Princess, before ignoring commands from Coran to stay with them and intercepted Zarkon, pushing the Black Lion out of the pulling beam and colliding with Zarkon. They crashed onto the surface of the command ship where the two proceeded to fight and Zarkon revealed just how strong the Quintessence has made him, as he proceeded to slowly break the Red Lion and Keith. During the fight Keith was told that he fights just like a Galran warrior, which angered Keith enough to discover that when he pushes his bayard into the slot when angry it forms into a giant fire cannon which surfaced from the Red Lion's back and forced Zarkon back. But then Zarkon struck back with a strike which rendered the Red Lion powered down and was moving in to make the killing strike when the Black Lion with Shiro inside came to Keith's rescue pulling both Keith and the Red Lion aside. As they retreated back to the castle which had entered the shield to help them only to become trapped within it as well they noticed the shields trapping them went down and as they landed in the castles hanger the castle made a wormhole for them to escape through, only for one of the Garlan druids to strike the wormhole with magical lightening turning the portal unstable. With the wormhole unstable, the ride became much less smooth and the hanger door was unable to close, the lions were sucked out into the wormhole, separated from each other and the castle the lions fell separately. It is in this moment that black vines emerge within the black hole and pull Keith and his lion into Pandora.


    They were supposed to be safe, they were supposed to be able to fly safely away, but no as Shiro had settled the Black Lion in the hanger and the Black Lion had released its grip upon his lion, there was a loud groaning noise in the direction of the hanger doors. Keith had still yet to turn his communication systems back on so he heard it clearly and he could feel himself being set on edge by the sound, for it was the sound that alerted him to the fact that though they were supposed to be safe, they were actually far from it. Swiftly he turned his communications back on"Guys-" But he was cut across by Lance"Oh look who is finally talking to us! Did you enjoy your stupid heroic moment mullet? You-"He never got to hear what Lance was going to say to him for suddenly he could feel the Red Lion lurching violently about beneath him and he cut off as Pidge spoke up sounding a little fearful"What's happening?" The sound came again, groaning, banging and Keith could feel himself trembling as he spoke"Guys, I don't think the hangar-" But he was cut off as quite suddenly the Red Lion lurched sideways, he felt himself hitting the arm of his seat and the air being forced out of his lungs and then quite suddenly he was upside-down, held in only by his seat belt. Then before his eyes, out of Red's eyes he saw the hanger disappear and knew that they had been sucked out. Through his communications he could hear his team mates screaming and yelling as they too were suddenly sucked spinning into the wormhole. He was no different, except he was silent as the Red Lion spun wildly at all angles at a high speed, he was flung about the seat belt and arm rests countless times, growing more and more winded with each movement. He knew that the Red Lion was likely to damaged from her fight with Zarkon to be able to level out her flight, but in a desperate attempt to stop the wild spinning he grabbed the controls, pulling hard to try and get an upwards bank, but like he had known, nothing happened.

    He was suddenly jerked wildly to his left and heard a snapping noise, then quite suddenly his body was spinning out of the chair, the straps holding him in had snapped. It was then he let out his first scream, as he went flying into the side of his lion's head. A pain raced up his side at the collision and he let out a muffled grunt, he could hear Shiro asking if he was ok, but found he could not answer as his ordeal was not over yet as he was suddenly tumbling around the top of the cockpit, he tried to push of back towards the control panel, but suddenly he was tumbling into the Lion's eyes, his viewport. It was in that moment he realized everything had gone black out there and most frighteningly he could only hear static through his communications. Groaning again the teenager began pulling himself down the eyes towards the control panel when the Lion spun again and he was flipped off the window. Wildly he made a grab for the controls but they flew past him and then his legs hit the back of the chair he had been strapped to before he fell heavily onto the floor behind it, tumbling a wild course across the floor as the angle of the Red Lion continued to change. But now he felt a falling sensation entering his stomach and lifting his head he could see the viewport filled with a vast expanse of colours, they were in a planets atmosphere and the first thought to enter his mind was how like earth this planet looked, the second thought was the realization that they were falling towards the planet. Then the falling sensation in his stomach changed to real fear as he realized that since he was not plugged in, this crash was going to be very painful. The angle of the floor shifted again and he tumbled across its hard metal surface, trying to find something to hold onto before slamming into the back wall which lead down to the ramp out of the lions mouth. Again the air was driven out of him and he was thankful for his suits helmet protecting his head slightly as it was slammed back against the wall.

    The angle of the lion shifted again and then he was tumbling down the ramp which lead to the lion's ramp, it was in this artless tumble that he saw her mouth was damaged, it was not shut properly, for a moment he felt guilt at seeing the damage but then the fear was crawling back into his stomach as he knew the mouth was open enough for him to fall out of. Desperately he tried to claw his way back up the ramp, but the wild tumbling as the Red Lion fell was driving his own tumbling further towards the exit. "NO! RED! HELP!" For a moment he thought his ship had heard him, that she had woken from her broken slumber for there was a metallic groan from somewhere within the lion but nothing followed the noise and frantically Keith found himself clawing at every surface he hit, trying to find a grip. But then in one more almost graceful spin Keith was flipped backwards, towards the gap in Red's teeth. He hit something hard, the screen to his helmet cracked, his left shoulder was throbbing, his whole left side hurt, but his shoulder was agony compared to the rest and Keith could taste blood in his mouth. Then there was nothing but air and he was falling, his blue, grey gaze wide with fear. The last collision where he had hit the teeth on the way out, had sent him into a wild spin that had his limbs flailing, except his left arm, for some reason he could not move his left arm. The pain meant he could barely focus on the face he was falling, that mixed with the spinning his body was currently doing and the smell of his blood within his helmet was making him feel quite queasy. Unbeknownst to him the Red Lion had heard his final plea and his suit activated on automatic, the jet pack flared to life, stopping his wild spin and sending him soaring through the sky. Before cutting out and he was falling again, Unconsciousness was clawing at him now, but he felt the jet pack turning on again and realized that it was slowing his descent to earth, that was Keith's last thought before he blacked out.

    The next thing he knew he was lying face down upon some grass, he could taste blood in his mouth and everything hurt, but his left side hurt most and his left shoulder was throbbing. A groan escaped his mouth and slowly he tried moving his limbs, all of them seemed to work, except his left arm. Slowly, painfully he tried to raise his body off the ground, pushing up with his right arm, shifting his legs beneath himself he managed to get into a sitting position and found the visor of his helmet had only half pulled up into its slot after taking some damage. The world around him felt muffled and muted, it also seemed to spin, so he put his right hand on the ground beside him in an attempt to stop the spinning. He longed to take his helmet off as slowly sounds became more real and he found himself hearing the static of his communications system which meant they were either out of range or his helmets communications unit was broken. All his sluggish brain could decide was that the sound of the static was annoying, but he knew he could not take the helmet off without raising the steadying right hand from the floor beside him, to be able to do that he would need to do that he would need the world not to spin when he tried to sit unsupported and knowing that was unlikely to happen yet he decided to just sit, to attempt to get into a state where he could function like a normal being.

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