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Kurashiki, Akane

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Akane Kurashiki, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Akane Kurashiki

    Akane Kurashiki Zero Escape
    Alive, Dead, and Bloody Furious

    Councillor of Science
    903 Tverskaya Villa, Elysium
    Human (Esper)
    Chaotic Good
    Akane Kurashiki

    I must punish them. For the innocent lives they sacrificed.
    This is the only warning they will receive.
    That innocent souls might be saved, I now state the truth.


    Played by Eris

    Fandom: Zero Escape

    Age: 22

    Species: Human

    Gender: Female

    Canon Point: Directly after the true ending of Zero Time Dilemma

    NPC Companions: Gab, an elderly dog


    Esper Abilities
    Akane is an extraordinarily powerful esper with a variety of powers:

    Morphogenetic Field:
    "I was watching. I had watched everything that was reflected in his eyes. I was listening. Every sound that vibrated in his eardrums, I heard. Smell, taste, touch... I felt everything he felt. I knew. I knew everything about him. What he was thinking, what he was feeling, what he was sensing... All of his feelings and worries and fears became mine... My mind, my consciousness, was inside of him. Through the morphic fieldset we were resonant, and we were as one. I was him, and at the same time, I was an observer."

    Someone who is born with Akane’s ability to send and/or receive communication of thoughts and mental patterns is known as an esper. Espers are classified as transmitters or receivers; Akane is primarily a transmitter, which means she can send wordless messages to receivers, but she is also capable of receiving these messages from others, as seen during the First Nonary Game. This communication can occur regardless of distance and timelines. Access to the field can be enhanced by two factors: epiphany, or the feeling of suddenly getting an idea after puzzling over a problem, and danger, usually to one’s life. Due to being able to both transmit and receive information through the morphogenetic field, as well as a sophisticated understanding of the field, Akane is a particularly powerful esper, perhaps the most powerful in the world.

    "Somehow I found myself in Junpei's mind, 9 years in the future. But I didn't lose myself... I was living in 2 realities at once. One was the present, and the other was the future. Perhaps you can think of it as 2 movies showing on the same screen, at the same time. Eventually, it becomes difficult to separate them, and determine which movie is which. However, if I concentrated, I was able to focus on one or the other. That was why I was able to grasp what was happening in front of me."

    Akane has the unique ability to see many different alternate timelines in both the past and the future. She can see differing outcomes of scenarios for matters both large and small; for example, if she rolls a die, she can see the outcomes of what happens when she rolls different numbers, and she can see actions that lead to the apocalypse. This skill has saved her life multiple times, beginning with the First Nonary Game.

    SHIFTing, or the use of Spacetime Human Internal Fluctuating Transfer, is a way for espers to transmit their consciousness to a different history or timeline in moments of extreme danger through the morphogenetic field. In order to SHIFT successfully, there must be a life-threatening danger and a potential timeline to end up. While many SHIFTs are involuntary, Akane is an experienced SHIFTer who can do it on purpose and remember things afterwards.

    Interactions with Other Espers:
    If Akane is around other espers, especially other powerful ones like herself, her powers will amplify, as will theirs. If enough espers are concentrated together, they can help others without esper powers SHIFT, which would ordinarily be impossible.​

    Gab the Dog

    Gab is a small tan dog with a fluffy body. He has a small canister around his neck that can be stuffed with papers or vials to carry messages from one place to another. He is getting up there in years, but is still friendly and willing to try to help out if needed. Akane didn’t intend to bring Gab along with her, but she is happy that she knows he is safe with her.


    Even with her esper abilities, Akane is still a human, vulnerable to death from many sources. She has died many different ways throughout the Nonary Games and Decision Game, including by fire, poison, bombs and knives. She is vulnerable to anything that would kill a normal human.

    In Pandora, she can only see or SHIFT back or forward within the current season.

    Although it could be possible to save herself from death with SHIFTing (within the current season), she would need another living version of herself to SHIFT into. Too much SHIFTing could also leave her at risk for Reverie Syndrome, an incurable disease in which the esper continuously SHIFTs, leaving them in a permanent daydream-like state.

    Her transmitting powers are also limited to other espers – she cannot send things to random minds or unwilling minds. In terms of receiving, she is only capable of it if another esper is specifically sending her something – she cannot draw information out of others' minds at will.

    She also has deep emotional wounds from the many times she has died, the deepest coming from her first death at age 12. These can be triggered to, at minimum, throw her off her game, and at maximum, set her in a panic that she tends to be unable to shake alone. She can also be exploited by her desire for peace – she will generally ignore her own safety if she is trying to help others, particularly those who she loves.


    Akane is a mess of contradictions. To those who she meets in everyday life, she is a friendly, cheerful young woman, lively and quick with a joke. She seems to value peace, often trying to break up fights and make sure people are okay. She is receptive to new ideas and enjoys intellectual discussions (especially about what others may consider pseudoscience or urban legends, considering her experiences with otherworldly things), and she is tender to anyone who is injured. She seems very innocent about relationships and especially sex, although she is engaged. She is also a brilliant scientist and an animal lover.

    On the flip side, Akane is a survivor above all else. She can be ruthlessly manipulative, willing to give up just about anything in order to save herself and others. She does not care who stands between her and her goals, and she is even willing to hurt (emotionally) the ones she loves to get the job done. She does not hesitate to take the future into her own hands to make sure everything turns out the way she wants it to. She will also use violence in vengeance of hurts committed against her or her loved ones.

    The nine years she spent preparing for the Second Nonary Game hardened her, but were also a time of intense fear that sometimes leaks over into her everyday life. She is still terrified of fire, and if she sees her loved ones (particularly Aoi or Junpei) get attacked in any way, she will pick up the nearest weapon and attack the one who hurt them in a terrified rage.

    Now that Akane has survived two Nonary Games and the Decision Game, she is in an unusual place where she has not been for quite some time: she finally has the opportunity to discover a normal life. Her strong will has kept her afloat for years, but at the expense of her childhood and any shreds of normalcy. Her true personality likely rests somewhere in the middle of her two extremes, but she has too little experience living a peaceful life to know for sure.


    Akane was born in Japan in 2006. When she was five, her father was wrongly accused of killing someone, imprisoned, and eventually executed; her mother took her own life in response, leaving Akane in the care of her older brother Aoi. Aoi was incredibly devoted to her, taking care of her every day and making Christmases particularly special by pretending to be Santa Claus.

    In school, she was lonely until she befriended her classmate Junpei Tenmyouji. The pair did almost everything together, including giving each other the nicknames “Jumpy” and “Kanny” and solving a mystery of the murdered pet bunnies in the school warren that she was responsible for watching. Junpei became incredibly important to her by sticking up for her and treating her with kindness; in one of their last childhood encounters, he gave Akane a doll that would later shape her fate.

    At the age of twelve, Akane and Aoi were kidnapped by Cradle Pharmaceuticals CEO Gentarou Hongou. They were forced to participate in the First Nonary Game in which nine children were locked on a sinking boat, supposed to solve puzzles by communicating with their sibling in a research facility through the morphogenetic field. However, two problems arose: Akane and Aoi were both put on the boat rather than leaving Akane in the research facility with the other transmitters, and the experiment was discovered by a detective named Seven. He successfully rescued the children, but as they ran up the stairs, Akane realized she had dropped the doll Junpei gave her. When she returned for it, she was seized by Hongou and forced to attempt a Sudoku puzzle in the ship’s incinerator. When she failed, she burned to death.

    And yet, somehow, she survived – thanks to receiving information from Junpei in her mind from nine years in the future.

    At this point, Akane was both alive and dead – and if she did not find a way to make Junpei give her the solution to the puzzle in the future, she would die permanently. She and Aoi returned home and she began to use her powers to figure out how to save her own life.

    She used her knowledge of the future to help Aoi earn millions of dollars through investing, and the pair moved to the United States, where they set about creating the Second Nonary Game to form the connection with Junpei necessary for saving her life. The game included Junpei, Akane, Aoi and six other participants, and Akane acted as a sweet, innocent young woman code-named June when in reality she was Zero, the mastermind behind the game and the deaths of several Cradle Pharmaceutical executives involved with the first game.

    She and Aoi (who went by Santa in the game, a reference to his and Akane’s childhood) endured five alternate timelines, including their own deaths in several different ways, but eventually got Junpei into the incinerator to transmit the information to Akane’s younger self. She then became solidly alive and fled the scene with Aoi, leaving Junpei to go looking for her.

    One year later, Junpei found out that Akane had volunteered for an experiment in a facility called Dcom, designed to simulate a manned mission to Mars, and joined as well. They wound up in another cruel game called the Decision Game, during which time Junpei was first angry with her, then eventually confessed his love and proposed to her. As the events of the game left the participants at a standoff with its creator, Delta, black tentacles erupted from the ground and dragged both Akane and Gab, a dog from the Dcom facility who helped in the Decision Game, down to Pandora.


    Her first breath after Carlos held out the gun felt… different.

    The tendrils released her on loamy soil, a deep, rich scent, and yet utterly unfamiliar. Where was Delta? Had Junpei shoved her down when Carlos – had Carlos shot Delta, or were they going to get him to talk? If Junpei had shoved her away from danger and even thought of taking a bullet himself, he was a dead man if it didn’t kill him first –

    But another whiff of the soil proved that all wrong. There was no sand beneath her body, and the firm ground allowed her to easily push herself up. She was no longer in the Dcom facility, nor anywhere nearby. It had to have been a SHIFT, she thought, but where had the danger been? Had Carlos been about to turn the gun on her? But no, this was not that timeline, he couldn’t have…

    She sat up slowly, looking around her surroundings. Trees, and a city not far in the distance, but nowhere she had ever been before. It went against everything she knew about SHIFTing, everything she knew about the field and the powers she had used ever since her childhood. But perhaps, she thought, there was something new here – maybe, just maybe, there was something else about the morphogenetic field that she had not yet discovered, even after those fifty years of research on the Moon in that terrible timeline when she died again and again without Junpei by her side.

    A snuffling noise brought her back to the present. “Gab?” she exclaimed as she looked down at the dog, miraculously alive. She hadn’t even seen him lurking around the entrance; she had been too busy with the mass SHIFT of the espers and non-espers alike, too preoccupied trying to get away from Delta to notice that the dog still lived in this timeline.

    But there he was, and he wagged his tail as energetically as he could. She got to her feet and picked him up, looking towards the buildings. “Come on, Gab. Let’s find someone who can explain,” she said, taking her first few steps forward into Pandora.

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