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Private Lab-bred

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Theresa (A-872), Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Theresa (A-872)

    Theresa (A-872) Honkai Impact 3rd

    November 5th, Year 108
    @Annie January

    Theresa could not stay in Pandopolis for a long time. After only a few days of hunger and misery, she had succumbed to her hunger again and hurt two unsuspecting strangers. She had looked at the corpses, her face emotionless, her mind too horrified with what she had done to even react. She had done this so many times that the horror had become had become this kind of dull and insistent pain. It was so much that she felt like she was past the point of tears. She could not stay in Pandopolis for a long time. People had started to talk about the sudden disappearances of people who walked in unfrequented places. Theresa did not know much about Pandora but when Theresa could control her hunger and ventured out to talk to people, they had told her about all the strange things happening in Pandora and that there were people with great abilities who might defeat her if they ever came to blows.

    After more than month, Theresa left Pandopolis and went to Ark City. Ark City was unlike Pandopolis but Theresa never could know the differences because she spent most her nights in dark alleyways, sometimes catching glimpses of humans lives. She could not go on starving herself for too long and once again, hunger overcame her and she regained her humanity only when a human corpse was lying by her feet, his body drained of blood.

    "Hello. Is somebody there?" Somebody said tentatively only a distance away. The only reason that they did not see her and the corpse was because of the darkness in the alley. Theresa fled quickly. However, the person had seen the flash of silver hair and had told the authority everything he had seen.

    Theresa ran to another part of the city. She killed several people some time after. Now there were rumours in the city about a silver-haired someone who lurked in dark alleyways and killed unsuspecting strangers.
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  2. Annie January

    Annie January The Boys

    Ark City
    Lawful Good

    Annie had gotten the notifications on her phone. Six confirmed dead, their bodies all drained of blood and found in alleyways. All six victims weren't related and came from completely different backgrounds, meaning the killer wasn't targeting a specific demographic. What was even more suspicious was the fact that a month ago, a similar string of killings occurred at another major city Pandopolis. Annie was no detective but it seemed like the killer traveled and if nothing was done about it, the body count would only continue to rise.

    The sun was beginning to descend from the sky as Annie walked into the alleyway, dressed in her gold and white outfit that slightly illuminated the otherwise dark alleyway. Evenings seemed to be the ideal time for would-be killers to lurk, using the darkness to their advantage by cloaking themselves and sneaking up on unsuspecting prey. But Annie wasn't about to let another innocent person succumb to the whims of a murderer.

    Her eyes glowed gold and the dimly lit street lights began to flicker and then grow brighter in intensity, bringing much-needed light to the alleyway. She was going to find this killer tonight and put an end to this once and for all.