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Lance, Laurel

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Laurel Lance, May 16, 2018.

  1. Laurel Lance

    Laurel Lance DC Universe

    Chaotic Good
    "One thing that I've learned in the past year is that these things, they don't break us. They make us who we are."

    Played by Spear

    Fandom: DC Universe (Arrow)
    Age: 31
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Between Arrow Season 3 and Season 4
    NPC Companions: An endless amount of salt None


    Special Abilities
    As a vigilante, Laurel has enough combat skills to be able to take on enemies in a hand to hand fight. Her training came first in self-defense classes over the years, then boxing training (from a former vigilante!), and personalized training from a former member of the League of Assassins (the name says it all). She's skilled enough now to easily deal with multiple common criminals, and even to hold her own against more skilled fighters, like League of Assassin members.

    In addition to hand-to-hand, she's also skilled in various forms of stick fighting. Her own weapon of choice for vigilante work is a tonfa, though she also uses a variety of other stick weapons on occasion. In addition, she's experienced enough with firearms to use them efficiently, especially in self-defense. It's not her first choice, but sometimes you just need a shotgun.

    Her time as a vigilante left her in peak physical condition. She's adept in moving through city environments, scaling buildings and dropping down when needed without too much trouble. She has some acrobatic skills, particularly ones that are useful in combat. Her perception and reflexes are sharp enough to react quickly to danger, as well.

    As for her day job, Laurel is a skilled and highly respected attorney. She works as an Assistant District Attorney, and thus expertly knows how to use the legal system to her advantage. She knows how to assemble an argument and stay unwavering under pressure, but also how to gather and put together evidence. She has good intuition and a strong sense of when someone is lying to her, only benefited by her ability to notice small inconsistencies and details. Her stubbornness mixed with her skills as a lawyer makes her a difficult person to budge, in or out of a courtroom. She is deeply familiar with (her world's, at least) legal system, both from her career and having grown up with a police officer as her father and becoming familiar with his work.

    EquipmentLaurel has the Black Canary suit, which is a primarily leather suit modified from Sara's original Canary outfit. The suit provides some protection in a fight, and also helps disguise her identity. Part of the ensemble includes a black mask and blonde wig, for extra identity protection! Her weapon is a tactical tonfa, or sometimes the occasional bo-staff, or a pistol in a pinch.

    Her real prized possession is the Canary Cry, a specialized sonic weapon created for her by Cisco Ramon. The device is a collar - easily worn over her suit - designed to emit a high frequency sonic wave when activated by the wearer’s scream. The sound causes intense pain for anyone nearby (for normal humans, at least - anyone with more sensitive hearing might have even more problems), which is useful for incapacitating enemies temporarily. It can shatter glass, and knock people back on occasion and at short range.


    Unfortunately, Laurel is only human. She's mortal and just as susceptible to death, injury, illness, or aging as any other human. She has no special abilities or extra powers, and all her skills come simply from training or specialized tech.

    While she can go toe to toe with experienced fighters, she is still somewhat inexperienced. In many ways, she's still very new at all this vigilante stuff and advanced combat. In general, she works best with a team to have her back in a pinch.

    On a more personal note, she struggles with addiction, particularly alcoholism. It's a struggle shared by her father, and one she fell into during a period of intense grief. While she did get help for this, and has managed to remain sober and not suffered any relapses, it’s still something she struggles with and that she has to work to maintain.


    tw: some discussion of addiction here & in the history section

    There's a certain quality about Laurel Lance that makes her difficult to ignore. She carries an air around her that is not quite projected confidence, but something a little sharper. While on first impression she is polite and even quite kind, there's a sense that she could snap back into something intense at any moment. She's quick to a clever comment or even a spiteful jab, and does have a sense of humor despite her composure of severity. Though it's not that she's scary, per say - if anything, she can very often end up being a comforting presence and provide a sense of warmth to someone who needs it - but rather that she never does anything halfway. Laurel is all or nothing in every aspect of her life.

    At times she can be... difficult to deal with. To say she's stubborn to a fault might be an understatement. She rarely backs down from a fight and is almost impossible to talk out of something once she's set her mind to it. At worst she can be hot-headed and reckless, to the point of getting herself into a lot of trouble. While generally stubborn, she is also just generally angry. Her primary reaction to just about any problem, any upset, or any heartbreak is just to become angry. Righteous anger is something she's learned to weaponize and keep her motivated. Of course, her anger isn't always so righteous or so neat as to be put to positive uses. Sometimes she just doesn't think when she's that angry, and sometimes it just eats away at her.

    Honestly, she's very damaged. All the grief and trauma she suffered over the last few years left deep scars in her and only exacerbated her worst qualities. In some ways, her anger is a way of dealing with all that. Her response to any kind of hurt is immediately to just lash out at whoever she can, whether that be a distant vigilante or her own family. This kind of anger is quick to fade, and she usually tries to follow up any intense confrontation with an apology later, but it still causes damage to her personal life. And once that fades, she struggles with self-loathing and feelings of being abandoned (not helped by all the people who have, well, kind of abandoned her). Her tendency towards anger and self-loathing has lead her down self-destructive spirals before, including turning to alcoholism to deal with her grief. While she was able to recover from that, it remains as a reminder of how she struggles to cope.

    Despite all that, Laurel has managed to claw her way out of her own darkness. At her worst, she can be manipulative and even a bit cruel, but the better part of her has reigned that in. While she still may be prone to anger and in danger of spiraling, she knows her own tendencies well enough and has gotten enough help to discipline herself and keep herself a bit better in check. Sometimes she needs a bit of help or support to keep herself from falling down again, but she always manages to pull herself up on her own. There are still walls around her to protect herself from being hurt, but she's learned to be more open with those closest to her. She might come across as a bit cold or harsh sometimes, but there’s nobody better to go to with a problem than her.

    Because, deep down, Laurel is a good person. There is a fire inside of her that doesn't just drive her forward, but drives her to help people. She may not think very much of herself, but she will always help someone in need. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders because, well, somebody's got to. Laurel Lance helps people because that's just what she does. All her recklessness and righteous anger can be utilized to help other people, and that makes her dangerous in a particular way. She's protective, and though she might lash out at people, when push comes to shove she will prioritize other's safety over her own. She just cares about people in a deeply intrinsic way, and has the keen ability to say just what someone needs in a pinch. It's hard for her to truly be without purpose because she will find a cause, one way or another. It’s just who she is.

    It may be difficult to like Laurel Lance, but it’s hard not to love her.


    • Laurel was born and raised in Starling City to Quentin and Dinah Lance, along with her younger sister Sara. In her late teens, she started dating local rich playboy Oliver Queen. Her sister had a thing for Oliver too, but that didn't stop her. After they had been dating for quite a while, Laurel suggested they get their own place together. Oliver responded by sneaking off with Sara to take a trip on his family's ship.
    • And then the ship sunk! So not only was her boyfriend cheating on her with her sister, but now they were both presumed dead. Her life sort of fell apart after that: her parents got divorced, her mother moved away, and her dad turned to alcoholism. She went to law school and became a lawyer, eventually working for a legal aid office called CNRI.
    • Five years later, Oliver Queen returns after being stranded on an island. At the same time, a mysterious vigilante called the Hood showed up. Given that both her and the vigilante targeted rich exploitative assholes (albeit in very different ways), they help each other out a few times. This didn’t please her father, a detective working to bring down the vigilante. While all that was going on, she started dating Tommy Merlyn, another childhood friend and best friend of Oliver.
    • And then it turned out that Tommy's father, Malcolm Merlyn, had been planning an Undertaking to level a section of the city called the Glades in the hope of rebuilding it. Despite the Hood's attempts to stop him, Malcolm's earthquake machine managed to cause massive damage and kill hundreds - including Tommy.
    • In the year following Tommy's death, she took a job as an Assistant District Attorney and vowed to try and help catch the Hood (now called the Arrow, because that's how it goes). After a near-death experience, she realized that she'd been blaming him for Tommy’s death, and instead began blaming herself. She turned to drugs and alcohol to try and cope. Her addiction was exposed after a failed attempt to investigate mayoral candidate Sebastian blood, and she was fired and at risk of being disbarred.
    • To make matters more complicated, it turns out Sara was actually alive this whole time! And she only found out because Sara's former lover Nyssa had targeted her family to try and force Sara back to the League of Assassins. Laurel didn't take this news well. But after a few volatile interactions, she did manage to reconcile with Sara. She also began attending AA meetings, at her father's encouragement, to get help with her addiction. After an incident involving the DA's office using her as bait, she was able to get her old job back - through a little bit of blackmail. Still, things became slightly less dire.
    • Some time after this, she was informed by Slade Wilson that Oliver was actually the Arrow. Upon this revelation, she also realized that Sara was the vigilante known as the Black Canary who had arrived earlier that year. She was finally able to confront Oliver about all of this, just in time for Slade to attack the city with super soldiers. Afterwards, Sara left to return to the League and Laurel said goodbye to her.
    • Later that year, Sara came back to visit - only to be murdered by Oliver's sister Thea, drugged and controlled by Malcolm Merlyn. This made Laurel spiral pretty hard. In lieu of being able to truly get justice for Sara's killer for complicated reasons, she began training with Ted Grant (a former vigilante!) to work off some steam. She kept Sara's death a secret from her father, worrying that he wouldn’t be able to handle it with his failing health.
    • Laurel later picked up the mantle of the Black Canary and acting as a vigilante to cope. It didn't go great at first. After Oliver was presumed dead, the remnants of Team Arrow turned to her to help them with a crime lord, cementing her place as a vigilante, even after Oliver's return. She finally told her father about Sara's death, deeply damaging their relationship. Nyssa, having newly left the League, offered to help train Laurel.
    • She ended up helping the team in a complicated scheme to stop Ra's al Ghul, the leader of the League, from destroying Starling City. Once Ra's was defeated, Oliver decided to retire with his girlfriend and other Team Arrow member, Felicity, to go have a domestic life in nearby Ivy Town. This left her and the other remaining members of Team Arrow to take care of the newly renamed Star City on their own. And she'd been doing just that for a while before being pulled to Pandora.


    One moment she felt like she was falling, and then... well, she wasn't. In fact, it didn't even feel like she'd hit the ground. Alright, could be worse. At least she hadn’t fallen and broken anything. Except for the fact that it'd been the middle of the day only a moment before, which meant she had no good reason to feel like she was falling. And when she blinked her vision into focus, it was definitely night here. Unless the latest patrol had gone so sideways that she'd lost hours from whatever happened. Laurel reached up to gingerly touch her head out of fear that'd she was very, very concussed. But there was no pain or bleeding that would indicate she'd hit her head.

    And then it hit her that she was not in Star City. At first she hadn't been able to tell, because she was in some kind of city, but this wasn't anywhere she recognized. This realization brought back the memory of being pulled down, not falling. When she looked down to look over herself, there were still a few pieces of some kind of... black vine clinging to her. Laurel brushed those off as quickly as she could and tried to fight the disgust rising up from her stomach. Alright, new theory: the last patrol had gone really sideways, and now she was in hell. Or maybe some kind of limbo.

    That was far too fatalistic, and she wasn't about to give into despair that easily. Laurel took a moment to take a deep breath and steady herself a little bit. Even if that seemed entirely plausible at this point, there had to be some other solution - maybe she'd somehow gotten mixed up in something strange from Central City? That didn't make her feel much better, but it was a start.

    Well, she couldn't just stand here looking like a deer in the headlights all day. All night, rather. If something had happened to her, maybe it’d happened to someone else, or maybe someone nearby would have noticed. First she took a hesitant step to test how much the world would spin when she did, and was pleasantly surprised that the answer was "only a little bit". So she continued until she was fully out of the shadow of the building she'd appeared under.

    Her luck seemed to be changing, since there were a few people passing by. Normally she wouldn't expect much help from bystanders, but maybe she looked desperate enough to draw someone’s attention. She certainly felt that way. When someone passed by more closely, she found the composure to speak up. "Excuse me, could you-" But the stranger walked on with only a sideways glance at her. "That was helpful," she grumbled under her breath. There was no time to let that stew, though. The next best thing would be to... find something to orient her, maybe?

    So she picked a direction and set off along the street that way. This all seemed far too complex to be a hallucination, and she couldn't think of when she could have been dosed with something to cause this. But wasn't that a better possibility than being dead? No, no she'd find out what had happened. It wasn't like she had anything better to do anymore.
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