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Lapis Lazuli

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Lapis Lazuli, Jul 12, 2018 at 6:02 PM.

  1. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe

    > 5000
    Lapis Lazuli
    "For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they're not. No matter where I go, I'm trapped."

    Played by Helena

    Fandom: Steven Universe
    Age: Unknown, but more than five thousand years
    Species: Gem
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: After the episode Can't Go Back


    Special Abilities Projected Body: Lapis Lazuli, like all gems, has a body made of light that is created by her gem. Her body is stronger than a normal human's, and is more durable. The body doesn't have any internal organs unless it is made with them included, meaning that Lapis cannot eat or drink without reforming her body to facilitate the action. When the body takes enough damage, it dissipates, leaving the gem immobile until she recovers and reforms her body.

    Hydrokinesis: Lapis is able to control and manipulate water to a variety of ends, including combat. The limits of her control are truly staggering, with her being shown to be capable of taking all the oceans of an entire planet in order to construct a massive tower. Of course, one might not be surprised if the gods see fit to nerf this ability of hers.
    Her Hydrokinesis can be used to form constructs out of water, most commonly giant arms. She can also manipulate liquids that are only partially composed of water, such as juice. She can also change the state of water, freezing it into ice, for example
    Her ability to walk on the surface of water is likely an extension of her hydrokinetic abilities.

    Flight: Lapis is able to form wings out of water in order to fly. This flight is even usable in space, and can be used to fly between planets. Lapis can create these wings even without a readily available source of water, implying that she can generate a limited amount of water from her gem.

    Memory Projection: Lapis can project any of her memories onto a flat, mirror-like surface, such as water that she has made perfectly flat using her hydrokinesis.


    Gems have few real weaknesses, due to not really having any vital organs. In fact, their only real weakness is their gem. Lapis' gem is, as her name suggests, a fist-sized, teardrop-shaped lapis lazuli. Once her body has been popped by sufficient damage, her gem is, essentially, defenseless. If the gem gets cracked, it will have negative consequences on her mental health until it is fixed. If it gets shattered... well, no more Lapis.


    Lapis Lazuli is deeply traumatized, yet is, for the most part, able to function despite her trauma. She is a vulnerable individual and tries to cover it up by acting casual, laid-back, almost blasé, but is often taken advantage of nonetheless. She is, however, capable of opening up to those who show her true kindness.

    In part due to the trauma she has lived through, she is more resistant to negative emotions, able to function where others couldn't.

    With regards to those whom she fears, her first instinct is to flee. She has trouble asking for help from others and using that help, and as such tries to solve her problems herself, often by running from them.

    She is a realist about most things, speaking frankly, even bluntly. However, sometimes that realism becomes cynicism, and sometimes even self-hatred.


    Lapis lived... well, existed, for five thousand years cracked and inserted into a mirror for use as a tool. Once freed and fixed by Steven, she took out the resulting anger and resentment on the Crystal Gems before flying off into space to return to Homeworld. However, she was forced to return to Earth in the role of an informant to two Homeworld gems, Peridot and Jasper. In an effort to protect Steven, to whom she was still grateful for freeing her, she allowed Jasper to fuse with her, becoming Malachite, in order to trap both of them at the bottom of the ocean.

    Eventually, the Crystal Gems located Malachite and fought her, forcing her to de-fuse into Jasper and Lapis once more. They rescued Lapis, and once she recovered, Steven managed to convince her to stay and live on Earth, where she, reluctantly, became roommates with a stranded Peridot.

    Eventually, Jasper came looking for Lapis, begging her to let them fuse once more into Malachite. Lapis was horrified at the proposition, and at how much she missed what was essentially a very abusive relationship. Lapis managed to resist, pushing Jasper away (literally, and forcefully, with a giant water hand) and flying away with Steven.

    Eventually, though, the threat of the Diamonds' revenge against Earth grew too much for Lapis, and she took the barn she was living in and flew off into space. After a while, Steven found her on the moon, and he almost convinced her to return. However, her fear and her desire to not suffer again overcame her once more, causing her to flee again.

    It was at that point that she was dragged into Pandora's Box.


    Loneliness, tempered by fondness. That's what Lapis Lazuli felt as she watched Steven and his friends through the observation orb in the abandoned Diamond moon base. There was no sound, but she could watch them, make sure they were safe. She could watch them laugh, watch them cry, watch them get angry and then forgive one another.

    A small, sad smile graced her lips. She had been so afraid, so certain that the Diamonds would return to Earth to have their vengeance, and she wanted nothing to do with it. So she'd run away, flown away, taking her home with her. But out there, in space, the isolation, the crushing loneliness, it had gotten to her, got to her so much that she had flown back. But she only made it to the moon before her fear came back in force. She couldn't go back, not after the way she'd left.

    They... they probably hated her now, for leaving, for running like a coward. She couldn't go back, but... she couldn't truly leave.

    'How pathetic am I,' she thought to herself, tears pooling in her eyes and threatening to spill forth, even as her sad smile remained.

    And still, she watched.
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