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Private larger than life

Discussion in 'Pandopolis City' started by Lift Reyes, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Lift Reyes

    Lift Reyes Guest

    JULY 9, YEAR 108

    When Lift had witnessed a thug holding some poor cremling at gunpoint, she'd known that she should do summat to scare the guy off, or freak him out or summat. 'Cept, she was only a short, scrawny teenager of Stormfather-only-knew-how-old, and she didn't exactly cut a very intimidating figure. She didn't reckon that she could do anything scary. So she settled for freaking the guy out.

    Her plan had been pretty simple, really. Barge onto the scene, draw the guy's attention and his fire, get shot, heal because she was that awesome, and then make the guy freak out when she didn't die. Then the thug would run off without shooting his original victim.

    Easy storming peasy.

    'Cept it hadn't worked that way. Sure, the thug had run away with yells of "What the fuck??" when the bullet that had slammed into Lift's skull was spat out of her bloodied mouth, white smoke trailing from her skin, but annoyingly, the storming bastard had shot his victim first. And now that guy was dead, lying in a puddle as it rained around them.

    Storming inconvenient, was what it was.

    "Next time, Mistress, do you think you could not use getting shot in the head to scare someone off?" came a hysterical voice from the nearby wall as Lift spat out more blood and crawled over to the figure of the dead man. "It's highly irresponsible and not to mention dangerous! What if you hadn't had enough Stormlight to heal?"

    "I ain't stupid," Lift protested. "I wouldn't have storming done it if I didn't have enough. And it worked, didn't it? He ran off. Pretty sure he pissed his pants too."

    "That is quite beside the point and you know it, Mistress," her spren argued. She glanced over at him, where he was splattered against the brick wall in a mess of vines and leaves that were vibrating from stress. "And he killed his victim anyway so all you've done is waste a lot of your Stormlight for nothing when you could simply have waited for him to shoot and leave!"

    "Yeah, well," Lift muttered, as she tugged the corpse of the victim closer to her. His mouth was agape, a dark hole in his head where he'd been shot, eyes staring glassily upwards at the night sky. "It was fun watching him shit himself."

    Ignoring whatever else Wyndle had to say, Lift summoned her Stormlight again, feeling the cold power of the storm raging through her, the pearly white vapour trailing from her tanned skin once more as she leaned over the guy's dead face, lowering hers to his as though about to give him a farewell kiss. Instead, she breathed out, a puff of shining silvery mist hanging in the air between them before it was sucked into the corpse's mouth. His body was immediately suffused with a pale glow, as the hole in his head disappeared and his chest began to rise and fall again, while Lift fell back onto her butt, feeling the exhaustion of bone-deep hunger, belly rumbling loudly.
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  2. Hela Odinsdottir

    Hela Odinsdottir Marvel Universe

    Goddess of Death
    Neutral Evil

    As much as Hela despised wandering the streets of Pandopolis incognito, she knew she had to continue the ruse for the sake of the plan. Weeks ago, she and Victor Von Doom formed an alliance that would signal the beginning of a new era. Both their ambitions exceeded anything this backwater world would be able to provide them, but even with all their power it wasn't enough to break free from the prison that the gods of this world threw them in. This was the hand they were dealt with and they had to make due with it for now.

    A rather mundane evening in Blackhaven became mildly interesting to the Goddess of Death as she noticed from a block or so away a gunman trying to mug his poor victim at gunpoint. These naive mortals, even in their petty little squabbles, unknowingly worshiped her through spreading death and despair. Another damned soul would soon enter Hel. Not even bothering to lend aid to the victim, Hela was about to turn the corner and leave the scene behind when another smaller figure arrived. Great, this child was going to suffer the same fate and surely enough, gunshots rang in the air as the man shot the young girl pointblank. Seemed like another homicide but what happened next grabbed Hela's attention.

    The young girl not only took the bullet directly but seemed completely unfazed as she spat it back out and her wound began to immediately heal. Hela craned her head as the thug, scared out of his collective mind, began bolting away from the scene. Noticing that the girl didn't give chase to the prey, Hela summoned a Necrosword and flung it directly at the man's back, running him through like a knife would through butter.

    At this point there was no need for the disguise so Hela deactivated the amulet's effect and began taking long, purposeful strides towards the girl. Her jet black hair was hardly disturbed by the evening breeze coming in. Once she was at arm's length she could see the girl kneeling down to perform some form of healing on the unfortunate fool who had also gotten caught in the crossfire. So she could resurrect the dead as well? Perhaps this night wasn't going to be a total waste after all.

    "Pardon the intrusion, but I couldn't help but see what was going on here," Hela decided to be politer than her usual self. Doom wanted her to seek prospective allies within the city and though she didn't seem all that imposing initially, what Hela had just witnessed indicated that she certainly had a lot of untapped potential. "Are you alright?"

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  3. Lift Reyes

    Lift Reyes Guest

    Wyndle continued wailing about her recklessness as she used the Progression Surge on the corpse. Around the moment where the spren started moaning that he actually preferred her petty thefts to her getting shot in the head, Lift drowned him out until he was an annoying buzz in the background, like a winged cremling what got stuck behind a window and kept bouncing against it.

    Since she was deliberately not listening to him, she didn't realise that he was telling her someone was coming, not until the person stood so close that Lift couldn't not notice. But the young Radiant completely ignored the woman and what she was saying, focused on the dead guy who was steadily becoming not-dead any more. As his chest rose and fell, the spark of life returned to his eyes and he took in a massive, shuddering breath, sitting bolt upright.

    "You're welcome," Lift said pointedly as the guy said nothing, merely staring around stupidly. As her stomach gave another great big rumble, she leaned in closer to him, and he jerked away, staring at her as though not sure what she was. "Don't suppose ya got no food on ya, hm?" she asked.

    "F-f-food? W-what?"

    Lift wrinkled her nose and rolled her eyes. "Whatever, don't matter," she said, and then finally turned her attention to the woman. Even when she clambered back to her feet, wiping blood off her chin, she had to crane her head to look at the woman's face, she was that tall. Or maybe Lift was just really storming small. It sucked.

    "I'm great," she said, when she realised the woman had asked how she was. "'Cept this cremling ain't got no food." She jerked her thumb down at the disoriented no-longer-dead bloke who was still staring around as though not sure how he'd got there.