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Lehnsherr, Erik

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Erik Lehnsherr, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Erik Lehnsherr

    Erik Lehnsherr Marvel Universe

    Erik Lehnsherr
    'You have lived in the shadows in shame and fear for too long. Come out! Join me! Fight together in the brotherhood of our kind. A new tomorrow, that starts today!'

    Played by Wulfdaguy

    Fandom: Marvel Universe
    Age: 40s
    Species: Mutant
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: after the events of Apocalypse
    NPC Companions: None


    Erik is and will always be a fighter. Be it using his abilities or simply overpowering an enemy using average means. He's proven himself to be a skilled combatant in various ways and will continue to do so also as he's got a cause to fight for. But don't let that take away from the fact that Erik is also incredibly intelligence and resourceful when needed.

    He's become extremely intelligent with little to no formal education, after his time in the Holocaust. Erik not only speaks six languages fluently, he's also well-read on genetic mutation, various forms of machinery and countless other topics. He has also shown himself to excel in the construction of machinery, which is aided by his abilities.

    However what Erik has excelled at the most is his leadership and charisma skills, of which he's positioned himself as the figurehead of an entire species and an infamous organization known as the Brotherhood of Mutants. All in all, Erik is a versatile and very useful man who's capable of many things.

    Special Abilities
    Magnetokinesis/Electromagnetic Manipulation - Erik can manipulate and control various fields on the electromagnetic spectrum. To which he is most well known for his ability to control metal at an atomic level and make it take different forms or to simply move it as he wishes. His usage of that ability has shown itself to be immense as he was capable of control various forms and amounts of metals against Apocalypse.

    Erik is also capable of constructed a magnetic force field around himself. To protect himself and likely those around him from outside threats while also focusing on one of his other abilities (ie. destroying the earth, chatting with the crew and also keeping the field up). Another one of his great feats are that he can fly across one of the magnetic fields he creates, or simply using the metal within his armor to propel himself. He's also shown that he can draw himself to a metal object (such as a train or potentially a plane).

    His limitations have in recent times exceeded his exceptions as he was able to 'reach' down and tamper with the Earth's magnetic poles as a means to destroy the planet. Erik can perceive (see, feel or both) the world around him as magnetic and electrical energy, even see the electromagnetic auras given off the average person if he concentrated.

    His Helmet - It's capable of blocking out those who wish to pry into his mind, allowing for him to be immune to telepathic attacks or unwanted minds learning things they shouldn't. As well as protecting his head against stray bullets, doing no damage to the helmet or its wearer.

    Horsemen Uniform - Gifted to Magneto by Apocalypse, his uniform is geared not only towards battle but is also rather elegant. Seemingly dressing to look superior to even his mutant brethren.


    Erik is still a man made from flesh and bones, he can be shot, stabbed or harmed like the average person if caught off guard. Or if someone uses non-metallic weapons or bullets, which is another one of his weaknesses. Non-Metallic Objects for the most part leave him powerless against them, such as the times when he's been imprisoned within a glass and plastic prison.

    Another is his health, be it mental or physical. The more stress his body and mind have gone through, the less control or access he'll have to his abilities, causing for his abilities to potentially be unstable.


    They Called Me 214782These were the years I originally learned and saw the true face of mankind. I was just a child from Dusseldorf when the Nazis came for my family, and while I knew they looked at us with disgust I never thought it'd come to what it did. They took everything from us, forced us into these horrific living situations, separated family members. Slaughtered us like we were nothing, and yet Charles still sees something in these barbarians.

    They didn't even see us as human, 214782 was what they called me. It wasn't until they attempted to separate me from my family that it originally showed itself. They hauled my mother and father away and shut a gate, ushering us both into different sides of the camp.

    Under the stress, my powers appeared and I tried to rip that gate in the attempt to get back to them. And while it did budge, I was knocked out before I could do anything. But this show caught the attention of the Sebastian Shaw, one of the worst beings I've ever met.

    He himself was one of us and thought that he could force my abilities to show. Shaw did what any animal would, and tried to use my mother to force me to show him my abilities. He threatened to shoot her if I didn't move a coin, and when I couldn't, he killed her like she was nothing.

    Fueled by the rage and sadness of what I had just witnessed, my abilities took over and I destroyed his office and killed two of his officers, all to his amusement. For the years that followed in the camp, he continued to torture and push me to see just what the limits of my abilities were. All the while instilling rage within me that hasn't ever faded away, not just for Shaw but for all the humans who were unfazed by all that was happening within the camps.

    I Became The HunterI learned many things during my imprisonment, and chief among them was how to better use my abilities. And I made great use of them during the years that followed. I began a hunt for Shaw and his Nazi brethren, slaughtering any and all I came across.

    My simple goal was to use what I was given to avenge my family. All throughout Europe and the Americas, I searched for Shaw attempting to get my revenge, yet never getting close enough. Revenge became who I am, and everything I did was geared towards putting that man down.

    I was once forced to watch my people suffer, and I did what I could to ensure our tormentors suffered by my hand. Violence was all I needed and all I wanted.

    It wasn't until I neared Shaw that I found the others. Just as I was about to kill Shaw, his band of mutants bested me, and I failed to do the only thing I've lived for since I was freed. And yet my failure brought me a band of mutants of my own.

    My Brothers and SistersCharles, Raven and the CIA arrived. Showing me that I was not alone, that this world had others just like me. It doesn't take long for us to all come together and gather a team of our own, powerful mutants in their own rights, but unrefined beyond belief. With the simple goal of ending the Hellfire Club, of course using different means.

    We all continued to improve our abilities, trained and preparing for the day we battled Shaw's Club. And while I originally planned on merely using them to get myself close enough to kill Shaw, I grew close to a number of them. They truly became my brothers and sisters, Charles especially.

    He showed me how to truly harness my abilities, instead of merely focusing on the rage that Shaw showed me. Yet It saddened me to say that we never saw eye to eye on our methods. I fully planned on killing Shaw and any who stood in our way.

    And given the option, I did. On the day of the now famed, Cuban Missile Crisis, I repaid Shaw's debt. The coin he once attempted to have me move, was used to drill a hole through his head. Charles urged me not to, as a man who lacked the killer instinct would. The only thing I regret is that he felt that pain, killing him was worth it.

    MagnetoSome say Magneto is who I've always been, but I recall the day he was truly born. After I killed Shaw, the Russians and American Warships about to begin a third world war, turned their focus on us. They all witnessed what our species was capable of and decided they wished to eradicate us. As is human nature.

    As the missiles, shells, and bombs neared us, I caught them, turning them back on the humans. Prepared to blast their fleets into nothing, killing all those who sought to do the same us. Charles urged me to be the better man, telling me that they were merely following orders. Reminding me of the countless Nazis who'd done the same.

    So I launched them back. Charles took issue with this and a fight broke out, causing the bombs to fall out of the sky as I lost focus of them, killing no-one.

    But on the beach, our lives forever changed. Charles' lady friend opened fire, I deflected the bullets with ease. What followed broke my heart as one of the bullets hit my best friend, forever leaving him paralyzed. Enraged I began to choke Moira with her own dog tags until Charles said it was I who truly put that bullet in him.

    Horrified and unsure of what to do, I left alongside those who sought to fight for our people. We the Hellfire Club vowed to fight Humankind in order to save mutants, for they would forever be those who opened fire upon the unknown, and if we did what Charles wanted.

    We'd be those who sat on a beach prepared to die, like cowards.

    For Mutant Kind!The Hellfire Club turned into The Brotherhood of Mutants under my Leadership, and we fought for Mutants wherever we could. I had finally found a true cause, not one of just rage and vengeance. I was to do what I could to ensure Mutantkind would not face a Holocaust because I knew the Humans would one day do just that to us.

    Everything seemed to go well until J.F.K, I was so close to saving him. And then the police ruined it, causing for the bullet to still hit the man. I tried to stop her but I failed. It wasn't long before I stood before a court, and I told them the truth, all be who she was.

    When they asked me to show them my abilities I did, and the ignorant humans lost their minds. Of course, they found me guilty of murder and sentenced me to life in a plastic jail, under the Pentagon. The supposedly safest place in the world. Until my Brethren came for me.

    Charles, Hank, A boy named Peter and a time-traveling mutant broke me out. To stop our kind from falling, to stop Mystique from forever eradicating us by killing Trask during a Peace Conference in Paris. Once again, Charles and I disagreed with our methods, and while I love Mystique, I couldn't let her be the reason my kind went extinct.

    Without his abilities, he couldn't stop me, and I shot her, only missing because the Beast disagreed with me. I hit her, and a battle ensured throughout the Conference, with the whole world watching as Hank a giant blue beast, Mystique a shape-shifting woman, and I a man who could bend metal to his wishes fought. Forever revealing mutant kind to the world.

    One thing led to another, and while the Humans began to transport those Sentinels that would in the future slaughter our kind like wild and ravenous animals, I outplayed them and bonded metal into its various components to later allow me to control them. To fulfill my goal to actually kill a president, unlike the last time they falsely accused me of.

    You Are Right To Fear Us!The Sentinel Program was meant to be a display of Humans power, to be shown before the world. And yet, I showed the whole world a small portion of our powers. I brought a stadium down and around the White House, took over the Sentinels and even ripped out their metal bunker.

    To tell the world they are right to fear us, to show that we will inherit the Earth as it is our evolutionary birthright. Charles, Logan, and Hank tried to fight against me, and I dealt with them easily. I broadcasted my speech for the whole world, for my brothers and sisters.

    It wasn't until one of the sentinels I set free charged towards me, that I was distracted for a moment. During that moment, Mystique shot me through the neck, moments later I was left unconscious. Until Charles awoke me, without my helmet I couldn't continue with my plan of killing the president with Charles there.

    But what I did leave was an Infamous message for not only Mutantkind but for Humanity. Mutants were here, and we would be taking what's ours. Before they had the chance to kill us.

    My BelovedCountless years later, I found myself once again in Europe, this time just wanting to live a simple life. I'd come to realize that my actions were no longer needed, as Charles had figure a way to halt Humankinds eradication of our people.

    It allowed for me to for the first time in my life, actually live. I made a new life in Poland as Henryk Gurszky, found myself a loving wife named Magda, a human. We had a daughter named Nina and they were what kept me going after all I'd been through in the past.

    I felt whole for the first time, I had no reason to seek vengeance or to fight. I was at peace with my life. And I would have been forever had I not shown the goodness Charles saw in me and saved a man from been crushed. That single act forever broke me, more so than I ever was.

    Some of my coworkers saw what I had done and told the Polish authorities. Who sent to men to capture me, as they connected the dots and learned that I was Magneto. When they arrived I attempted to turn himself peacefully, to ensure my family would be safe from harm. Yet my daughter did what many mutant children do when they're backed into a corner and that is to uncontrollably display their abilities.

    Countless animals began to go wild as she spoke to them. And in the chaos, one of the officers shot an arrow into her. Killing my daughter and her mother who was holding her. This is the moment Magneto was reborn, enraged and in tears, I used the locket I gave my daughter to kill them all.

    The HorsemenI buried them and enraged sought revenge on the workers who originally informed the officers. It was then Apocalypse appeared alongside his other Horsemen. Murdering all of the workers and convincing me to become one of his Horsemen, to finally eradicate the monsters that call themselves Humans.

    He took me to Auschwitz, where he encouraged me to destroy the place that forever haunted, by enhancing my abilities somehow. Not too long after, we attacked attack Xavier's mansion and to kidnap, for Apocalypse to use him against the Humans. We took my friend to Egypt and began the last push against Mankind.

    It was then that under the orders of Apocalypse that I tampered with the Earth's magnetic poles to cause destruction across the globe. Xaviers 'X-Men' arrived to save him and stop us, yet that couldn't stand a chance against the Horsemen or Apocalypse.

    Until my friends steer me away from becoming what I've always hated. To which I turn against Apocalypse, even then we continue to lose as if we're all nothing. Until one of Xavier's students, Jean unleashes more power then I've ever seen before. Incinerating him and halting the end of the world.

    It's was after I left Charles once more, that I arrived in this new world.

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    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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