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Private Let's play {merfolk} splashing around and around

Discussion in 'Atlantis' started by Uma Undine, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Uma Undine

    Uma Undine Descendants

    Pirate/Sea Witch
    Anywhere she wants to be.
    Sea Witch (usually human-shaped)
    True Neutral
    Atlantica, November 3rd, Year 109

    Uma had been in Cascade Bay, looking for people she could recruit for her crew, as well as trying to avoid law enforcement as she'd swiped a couple of things from several market vendor stalls over the past few weeks, spacing out her thefts so no one would really notice and she wouldn't get caught. And then something unusual caught her eye. A portal, one that apparently led to somewhere sea-magic-laced if the slight sense of magic she vaguely felt tugging at her was any indication. She swiped a necklace of pearls from a stall as she passed it and then hurriedly moved towards the portal, excited. She stepped through the portal cautiously, one hand around her shell necklace while the other remained hanging by her side clutching the pearl necklace she'd just stolen. Once she made it through the portal, she felt the now-familiar sensation of her cecaelia transformation starting. She gave in to it with a quick spin in the water, as she took in a deep breath, mentally trying to figure out where exactly she was. And she then saw it, the golden palace, and noticed a shocked mermaid swimming past her and heard her quiet question, "But how? You can't be her. It's not possible." As the mermaid swam past her, Uma called out, "I'm not. It's not what you think. Wait, no, please don't.." She fell silent as the mermaid shot her a look of contempt over her shoulder."So this is Atlantica, then. Oh, I am in a whole world of trouble."

    Uma quickly glanced down at her shell necklace, "well, this will need disguising, then. Waves of water, waves of sand hear now my command. Tides of moonlight, tides of brine, obey thee now my own will. This shell necklace of mine hide from the prying eyes that see me only as my own mother." She chanted the spell quickly and tightened her grip on her shell necklace as she spoke the words that came so quickly to her mind. As soon as she looked down and could no longer see her necklace as it truly was, she swam off into the shadows, choosing to observe the city that should have been her homeland, she muttered, "perfect, not only am I spotted within my first five minutes of ever setting tentacle within Atlantica's borders but I am apparently mistaken for a younger version of my mother." this was not how Uma had thought her first trip to Atlantica would have gone. But then again, this was probably what she should have been expecting, realistically.
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  2. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

    Punching Bag
    FARM and Pandopolis
    Advanced Human

    One of Kal's favorite hours of the day at work, occurred during listening to the many stories the sailors and the captains came back with after their long journeys in the seas of Pandora. Stories about gigantic sea creatures, dangerous maelstorms, ruins of lost civilizations floating in far away seas, fearsome pirate crews lurking in caves of seemingly abandoned islands. Kal knew that those stories would have impressed him more as a child, but even in his older years, he could not help but be fascinated with the abundance of ocean adventures these people seemed to had week after week. In another place, he might be less inclined to believe all of them, but Pandora was capricious enough for them to be true, though he had been warned that sailors enjoyed spicing some of the less intriguing tales.

    Among the most common characters found in those fantastical tales were the mermaids of the deep, often described as having the upper bodies of stunning young women and fish tails for legs. Kal had heard and read similar stories back on his Earth, founding himself drawn to the mermaid legends as many other young teenage boys had. When he grew older, he questioned the validity of the tales, but in place where mythical Amazon islands existed, it was hard to rule out mermaids entirely. And in these place, he did not rule them out at all, knowing that somewhere in those vast seas, creatures lived under the waters. Some might had been monsters, but others were fair and wondrous.

    The more stories of sea people and Atlantis begun circulating, the more Kal's desire to go and search them grew. Perhaps he would find Arthur there and learn more about the secrets of the underwater city that he did not have the chance to find out the first time he met him. Perhaps he would see those creatures with the fish tails that sang under the waves. Either way, his fascination with the mysterious depth could not be extinguished and one day when work finished early and Wanda was in Schola for many hours to come, he decided to go on a sea adventure by himself.

    Should he discovered wonders, the next time, he would take Wanda with him, but for now, he did not want to risk facing a large monster in those dark depths.

    For the first minutes, the world underneath the waves seemed a lot more peaceful than the surface could ever be. Here, he could hardly hear the assortment of noises that attacked his ears every day, like an aggressive symphony. It was quiet and still, the lack of noise along with the endless blue producing a calming effect. He had tested his capacity to hold his breath when he was younger and found that it far surpassed that of regular humans. Thus, he was far from worried as he swam deeper in the dark colors, next to the inhabitants of the underwater world. Fish of all colors and shapes greeted him and he followed them smiling.

    Almost an hour later, his eyes spotted a different color than those they were familiar with during this trip and swam towards the golden light. Expecting a pirate's treasure in an old shipwreck, he was astonished to see bright buildings emerging from the ground, while the fish swam around them, untethered by the sight. Was that the Atlantis the sailors had spoken of? Kal moved closer, but the novelty overwhelmed him and he quickly hid under some rocks, to give his mind some time to adjust to the sight. Because he could swear that he had seen women with colorful hair and fish tails passing in front of him.

    He could use some time to get used to that, but then he felt eyes on him and turned around, waving his hand to greet whomever had discovered him. Here's to hoping they would not consider him an intruder.

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