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Discussion in 'Seasonal Events' started by Hunter, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Hunter

    Hunter they're in his infinite void of darkness
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    OK SO. This season, @Damian Wayne is going to meet his maker. Or rather, he's going to meet his evil twin/alternate 'could have been' with memories pertaining to a pandora-generated timeline in which Damian never met his father Batman, and never became the superhero Robin. So this guy, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, is gonna basically be a little supervillain in the making/assassin prince. (and he's a total psychopath. let's be real.)

    So one of the first thing Xu'ffasch is going to do is wreak havoc in CB via CRIME TM. I'm leaning heavily towards senseless murder of an NPC, probably a little old lady that sold your character groceries at some point. BUT BASICALLY, considering it'll be early in the season, it's conceivable that people don't all believe Robin's 'but it wasn't me!' defense in the face of insurmountable physical evidence, so he's gonna skedaddle from CB and lay low for a while while Xu'ffasch makes more trouble

    Possible ways to get involved (and make me happy):
    • CONSEQUENCES FOR DAMIAN. Especially for anyone who knows him/knows of him already: lose trust in him. Maybe even in the vigilante community in general >.> I'd love to see him face some sort of public backlash. You can even throw rocks at him or something, WHO KNOWS. I'm game, yo
    • I think it'd be cool to involve some kind of legal/criminal repercussions as well if there are any authorities who want to track either him or Xu'ffasch down. We have so many court trials going on these days, but I'd be down if someone wanted to try to put Damian/Xu'ffasch on the stand. It could be super interesting to jump into exploring consequences/responsibility of doppelgangers' actions. AND there's age to factor into as well, yknow
    • Let Xu'ffasch be a general menace. Fight him. Let him kill someone else, I dunno. I basically just want to establish him as a ruthless villain as much as possible, and y'all love hurting your characters. perfect fit.
    • For people participating/viewing the fighting tournament: Damian is a registered participant and will do his first...arena thing that was just posted. And possibly more depending on the tournament's schedule, up to about March 10th or so. I think it'd be cool to have Xu'ffasch take his place in the tournament, or show up in the crowd and cause some mayhem
    • Related to that, anyone who knows Damian... Let Xu'ffasch pose as him. Or at least try his best to. Or better yet, he can steal/repurpose a Robin uniform and cause even more chaos.
    • I'M THINKING... If he can pin enough on Damian, he can possibly go down a plot route where Xu'ffasch tries to pass himself off as the hero of the story. y'know. gain public love.
    I'm gonna try to update this as his plot progresses, I swear

    AND, in case I wasn't clear which I probably wasn't: Xu'ffasch isn't just a maniac, he's a clever maniac. His long-term goal and the reasoning behind everything he's going to do isn't personal pleasure or just wanting to be a nuisance. He believes the best way to...well, take over Pandora is divide it first. Rise up as some kind of savior amidst chaos he created. AND OF COURSE HE'S NOT GOING TO SUCCEED. but he's gonna try. he's gonna try so hard. and fall so far. and in the end, it won't even matter.

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  2. Superman

    Superman DC Universe

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    uncle Clark would be here to protect him and fite anyone with their consequences talk. U CANT PUNSH GREATNESS GTFO the boy is on the right path
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  3. Cassie, living in Cascade bay, being former teammates with Damien, and befriending his mother, would likely track him down and try to either get the truth out of him or punching him into another city. But she would defintily show up suspecting him and ready to throw down