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Private Line in the Sand

Discussion in 'Myrtle Beach and the Shimmering Sea' started by Allura, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Allura

    Allura Voltron: Legendary Defender

    Princess of Altea, Patron of the Voltron Force
    The Castle of Lions
    Neutral Good
    Date: Feb 14, 8
    Time: 2034 Pandora Time

    A small fire was established on the beach. Next to it was a box of graham crackers, chocolate bars, and a bag of Marshmellows. The scene was beautiful. The stars were clear, no light pollution what so ever. The entire galaxy was visible to those who would sit on this beach. At least that was the plan. Just a few hours prior a kilometer long castle shaped space ship splash landed in the waters just in front of the campfire. It had settled perched on some rocks below the surface.

    Inside the ship, Princess Allura of Altea pushed the fallen furniture off of her as she returned to normal size. As she collected her thoughts on the crash and the lack of Paladins even after the distress call, she felt a few things. First was her ribs, a few of them were broken. The second thing was this strange, inescapable pull that was leading her out of the ship. She pulled herself through the ship. Slowly readjusting herself so when she emerged she didn’t look like...well she had just crashed on an alien planet.

    The passage way out of the castle was underwater. She had her helmet nearby, so a quick adjustment and she was swimming on her way into the new world. Slowly she swam to the beach and would eventually set foot on the soil. Her heels were not the best footwear for a sandy area, but she felt multiple draws towards the fire. First was the feeling she had after waking up. The second was the need to warm up after the cold all encompassing water. She sat on the sand, by passing the blanket on the other side. It seemed set up for a romantic setting. Probably something she shouldn’t mess up. With a sigh of relief as the feelings both subsided, she winced feeling her ribs. Her hand resting on her left side, trying to make sure they were just hairline fractures and not full breaks.

    @Tim Drake
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    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018