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Open Look what the cat dragged in

Discussion in 'River Street' started by Ash Williams, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Ash Williams

    Ash Williams Guest

    December 6th, Year 7
    Ash staggered a bit onto actual stone streets, he slumped up against a building, it was early morning and there was some fog obscuring the town. For the past two days he had been travelling through the wilderness, working his way here. It was mostly smooth sailing, he didn't mind being alone and finding a place to shelter wasn't too hard for him either. It was actually kind of nice once he thought about it, he didn't even think of the Necronomicon, or of the pretty lady with the pink hair. But as he came closer to the town he pushed himself a bit harder to reach it, surely there would be food and drink here. Taking a deep breath he shoved off the wall and began walking, thankfully it was mostly deserted. Nothing much caught his eye until he came to a wooden building, with an eagle and a dragon it's sign, it felt familiar and he ducked inside.

    Nostalgia hit him as the scene conjured up images of his time in Medieval England. For a brief, dizzying moment he thought he was. He took a seat at the nearest table and enjoyed the warmth of the fire and of finally being somewhere. It was his highest hope that this tavern also had a shapely wench, but he would settle for ale and bread, he could make a woman in his mind and...enjoy that, not so easily done with food and drink. How he would pay for it....well he'd figure something out, he was Ash Williams after all.
  2. Ruby Knowby

    Ruby Knowby Guest


    More or less Ruby was left having to follow that stupid bastard so he didn't get himself killed but from a safe distance. She had tried being honest with him, thinking she was being nice but ended up getting screwed over for it. So much for being nice, she should have lied to him, told him she was just Ruby Knowby and blame him for the death of her 'parents'. but the problem would have been down the road. It would have only been a matter of time before Ash found out the truth and he really would have hated her for it. He had walked into Pandora Town, a place Ruby had heard about but hadn't gone, mostly because Misty Hollow had a magical barrier around it that kept evil from getting in. Sure she had trouble getting in and out of it sometimes but it was the best chance she had to save her own ass against the evil she had let out of the box here in Pandora.

    Right now who could blame her for being on edge? Evil could be anywhere and Ruby's focus was stuck on keeping Ash out of trouble. There was going to be a point she could win his trust, until then she was going to have to play guardian angel. God dammit, since when did she become a fucking babysitter? As Ash stumbled through the streets she kept back, using the fog around her as a mild cover. After all, this was Pandora, she couldn't be the only person with pink hair right? The moron walked into what looked like an old time tavern. Once he was inside Ruby circled around the tavern once keeping out of sight from the windows and making sure if there was a back way out she knew about it. Just in case Ash felt like slipping away from trouble or she had to slip in to save his ass. Once the perimeter was secure Ruby went back around front and sat down on the sidewalk. Pulling her black leather jacket together a little more to keep herself warm.

    This being mortal thing really sucked. Pushing a stray rose gold bang back behind her ear Ruby lounged back a little more, this could be an all day wait, hopefully her stupid human body didn't get hungry or thirsty right now. She could push herself, that much she knew but after a few days there was no way around it, she'd have to eat and drink or she might die like Sara had said. Her attention fell to the other side of the street, footsteps coming her way though Ruby didn't pay attention to them until she picked up the sound of a whistle. "Hey there sweetheart, looks like you could use a friend." Some guy spoke up looking her over. Raising a brow Ruby looked a little like she was sucking on a sour lemon. Great, Ash wasn't the only womanizing neanderthal in Pandora. "Then you must really suck at reading people, what I could use is to be left the hell alone." The man acted like he was offended, putting a hand to his heart. "Well well, someone is a little bitchy." Ruby glared up at him. "And someone is testing my patience. How about you scram before I turn you into sidewalk paint."

    (OOC: hope you don't mind Ruby creeping on him from a distance))
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