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looks like cinnamon rolls. actually are.

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Aang, May 23, 2018.

  1. Aang

    Aang Guest

    @May 15th, Y7
    @Dolores Abernathy

    "See, he's a flying lemur,"
    Aang told them with a bright smile as he knelt down on one knee in front of a group of three kids. Children were something that didn't seem altogether too common in this place -- or at least not as common as he remembered them being at home, especially since the end of the war -- and so when he'd seen a few with a half-deflated soccer ball, he hadn't been able to stop himself from trying to cheer them up. The young airbender had his elbow perched out for Momo to balance on, who of course didn't seem entirely too pleased with the fascinated attention he was getting but far more concerned with the peach he was trying to stuff in his mouth all at once.

    With his other hand, Aang cheerfully patted his head until he was forced to spit out half of it. All three of the kids recoiled and made an 'ew' sound as the slimy peach popped back into Momo's little hands, but honestly, they looked even more fascinated than they had a moment before. "We're both from the Southern Air Temple," Aang continued explaining. "You can only get there if you fly, so all these different creatures developed wings over thousands of years, and the ones that didn't went to go live down at the bottom of the mountains."

    "Can I pet him?" the tallest of the trio, a shy girl just a few years younger than Aang, asked with her hands clasped in front of her lap. He just grinned wider and moved so that Momo was closer to them. All three huddled around the little lemur and reached their hands out, some more clumsily than the others, and Momo just chittered as he tried to stuff the other half into his mouth too.

    The youngest boy didn't seem altogether too impressed. "How did you live there if you can't fly?" he asked skeptically even as he continued stroking Momo's soft fur.

    "Who says I can't?" Aang challenged in return, though his tone was kind and good-natured as always. That seemed to be good enough of an answer for the kids without needing a demonstration just yet, though he would've been perfectly happy to give one anyways. What stopped him was the sight of a blonde woman with odd features and possibly a few years on him just a little ways away, appearing to him as if she was fascinated with Momo's bulging cheeks. With his other hand, Aang waved at her, unable to resist to being friendly. "This is Momo!" he repeated for her sake. "Do you want to pet him too?"
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  2. It was the small crowd that had initially attracted her attention -- a group of a few children gathered around a teenaged boy on one of the side streets. Dolores slowed her pace just enough to get a better look at them. At first glance, it hadn't been apparent what had captured their attention - the boy had a few unusual tattoos, but surely not so unusual by Pandora's standards - and then she saw the animal perched on his arm.

    It was... Dolores had little in her memory storage to compare it to. Bat-like and monkey-like at the same time, with almost comically large ears that made it no less fascinating -- or, well, adorable. She came to a complete stop to watch the scene play out for a little while, smiling easily at the boy's enthusiasm, the other children's awe, the creature's... apparent indifference towards anything but the peach it was stuffing its face with.

    It was only when the boy addressed her that Dolores became aware that she'd been staring, sucked in by the moment that was so comparatively new to anything she'd ever experienced.

    "Oh -- well, I wouldn't want to overwhelm him. He's been so patient with all the attention he's been getting so far," she replied goodnaturedly, never the less unable to resist drawing a bit closer. In spite of her concern, of course, Momo didn't seem particularly overwhelmed -- the focus he was devoting to his meal was almost admirable. "It's just... I've never seen a creature like him before. He must be from your world?"

    The question was almost hesitant - other worlds were a concept Dolores was still trying to process, with varying success - but it had sounded like the boy had been explaining as much just before she'd approached.

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  3. Aang

    Aang Guest

    "Don't worry about it," Aang told her with a grin as he picked Momo up off his elbow and held him out. The little lemur seemed all too awkward hanging there with his pudgy belly, massive ears, and Aang holding him underneath the arms, but that was part of his charm probably. "Momo loves people!" Around them, one of the kids giggled and poked his stomach, but after swallowing almost an entire whole fruit, Momo squawked at the sensation and wiggled out of Aang's hands.

    Pft. As if one peach was enough to fill him up anyways. Though there was also that other peach he'd snagged a few minutes ago. And that other one. And Aang was pretty sure when he'd come out of the Watering Hole a few minutes ago, he'd found Momo sitting outside with his paws sticky and cheeks bulging.

    Whatever the case, Momo used his wings to make his way to the blonde woman's shoulder, continuing to chitter as he rested there while Aang just laughed. "I think he likes you," he told her, which was either entirely true or Momo was really just done playing show and tell with the trio of kids. "Momo is a flying lemur, and he's been my best friend for years. We've gone all over the world together. He's a pretty cultured little guy."

    Momo, the epitome of grace and class, let out a small burp near the woman's ear.

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  4. The look she gave Momo as he hung there limply in the boy's hold, being prodded at by the children, could've been described as something akin to amused sympathy. And then it changed to one of surprise -- she hadn't quite been expecting him to glide over to her, and the sudden, light weight on her shoulder made her blink a couple of times as she registered what had happened.

    And then she smiled. Not that most of the people who'd ever interacted with Dolores would've called her particularly somber, but she hadn't really had occasion to smile so warmly since arriving in Pandora.

    "The feeling's mutual," she replied more lightly, reaching up carefully to give Momo a gentle scratch between his shoulders. Even as fascinating as he was, though, she switched her attention back to his human counterpart as he answered her question. The question that her programming would have compelled her to ask if only to be engaging, but that she'd perhaps acted on out of something closer to genuine curiosity.

    Either way, his response made something strike her that was both familiar and unfamiliar -- a kind of longing that she didn't really understand, but that was tied to the idea of traveling, of the freedom to see the world, to see... anything at all.

    Dolores kept very still, both because of her focus on processing that and because she didn't want to disturb Momo on her shoulder. And then a half-endearing, half-obnoxious belching noise near her ear stirred her out of it, and she laughed a little, realizing the lemur had been its source. And whatever she'd been lost in was gone in the next moment. "All over the world? Pandora must feel so small, in comparison. Though maybe he doesn't mind it much, as long as there are plenty of peaches to eat."

    She paused, still smiling easily. "My name's Dolores. It's nice to meet you -- and Momo, of course."

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  5. Aang

    Aang Guest

    Aang's bright smile got the tiniest bit forced at Dolores's question. He knew it was an innocent one, and even if he were wrong, he'd of course give her the benefit of the doubt. But wasn't the easiest reminder to have of their circumstances. "Well, there's so much of Pandora I haven't explored yet," he assured her happily. "It's all so new, so it feels massive still. Of course, getting around here and the world is easy when your other best friend is a flying bison."

    "What's a flying bison?" one of the kids asked curiously, seeming more comfortable with Aang than they had a few minutes ago when he'd first approached. However, the trio still seemed a bit wary of the blonde stranger.

    "Appa is a giant bison who's almost as big as a house," the young monk patiently explained with his arms stretched as wide as possible to demonstrate. "But sky bison are one of the gentlest species ever! It's said that a very long time ago, they're the ones that taught the Air Nomads how to airbend." This time, Aang's grin was almost splitting his face. He loved this part. Retrieving his pouch of marbles from one of his pockets, he poured them out into his hands and cupped them. Then, using an easy airbending trick to make them spin in mid-air, he held them out expectantly and excitedly. "Like this!"

    That trick may have gotten old to his friends, but a few children who'd never seen anything like bending in their lives? They were thrilled.

    "My name's Aang!" he told Dolores amidst their 'oohs' and cheers. "Did you want to meet Appa too? I'd bet none of you have ever been flying before."

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