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lord el-melloi ii classroom !!!

Discussion in 'Wanted Ads' started by Chip, Jan 13, 2020 at 8:32 PM.

  1. Chip

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    Let me introduce you to the Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II. It started originally a series of light novels following the story of Waver Velvet between the fourth and fifth Holy Grail Wars. Summer of 2019 an animation adaption of books 4 & 5 was released to viewers worldwide (will we get the books officially one day, stay tuned to find out!). It is a Fate side novel, however it can be taken entirely on its own.

    It's an enjoyable series about a world of magecraft and both the books and anime adaption delve into a world of political gain and mage politics. It discusses magic in this universe in depth and it's just a really great series if you think fate looks nice but it is too complicated. Case Files is a Sherlock Holmes-esque series that focuses more on world-building and it's really, really pretty.

    If you take nothing else from this wanted ad if you like worldbuilding, magecraft, and cool ass characters give Case Files a shot! I'll even direct you to the fan-translated novels! But!! I am here for a reason and it's because I really, really want these dumb kids.

    Waver Velvet is a major and a rising star within this world's number #1 Mage Educational facility, in fact he's often spoken of and is reknowned (he hates it don't look at him).But he is also a mediocre mage because in this world family is everything. His family is a new mage family, but he is still really good at magecraft and pulling it out of people. Known for taking in "troubled kids" and "problem children" the lost you see above are Waver's most dedicated and trusted students.

    Please bring them to him. He misses them though he will not admit.

    Let's start with Gray because she is cool and has one of the coolest backstories ever okay. She was born into the oldest and most haunted graveyard of Britain. She's had to fight spirits since she was very young, but she's also deeply afraid of them... For a reason. Her family/village were in possession of a Noble Phantasm, King Arthur's lance, and spent generations trying to resurrect King Arthur.

    Gray always looked vaguely like King Arthur, but when she was about five her whole body suddenly changed into that of Arthur (in this world a girl named Artoria). Because of this she's sensitive to the idea of spirits, hates her face, and is wary of becoming a ghost herself. She's a girl who doesn't really want to think much, but she's... Also incapable of doing what she feels must be done. About a year ago, Waver Velvet met her and took her in under his wing. She agreed to assist him so long as he kept hating her face.

    Gray is A REALLY COOL GIRL. She's very conflicted, but ultimately wants to protect the people who made her move forward. She also wields King Arthur's Lance and has a really cool scythe. And she's just really cool and precious and I love her.

    Next up is Reines El-Melloi Archisorte! She's a young girl from one of the esteemed and most high-ranking families within the Clock Tower, one of the families bestowed its top positions of "Lord". Her adoptive-older brother, the original Lord El-Melloi, was Waver's teacher in the Fourth Holy Grail War. That man, Keyneth, died in the war and it was deemed inevitably by most... But what happened from there is that the family acted like vultures, toke everything they could and disappeared, and left a broken name to a... Then five-year-old to handle. And in a world where mages kill each other quite easily, it was essentially a death warrant for the next young lord of the family...

    Hence, she called Waver to her and all but forced him into taking responsibility for her brother's death. Which he does because he blamed himself for the death of his teacher. This was primarily done because A) it was a massive fuck you to the family and the rest of the clock tower because Waver was a no-name mage with no real magical potential and B) Making waver squirm was fun and it's now basically her favorite past-time.

    Reines is a girl who enjoys being amused and especially likes to see others squirm. While she's not necessarily malicious in her intent-- She teases Gray quite often but also spoils her in some ways-- she simply just gets bored easily. She has, however, grown up in a society that is largely eat-or-be-eaten so she's incredibly strategic and will usually fight back all with politeness... She is, however, surprisingly more geared towards laboratory magecraft and not offensive magecraft.

    Flat Escardos... My boy... My dumbass. Flat is a character seen, like Waver, in many iterations of the Fate universe. It's said that in any universe where he's not Waver's student than he might cause the end of the world... Rather that's true or not we can't say. A boy who's always been shuddled around like a problem child, Flat may be one of the oldest but he is full of energy and borders more on reckless. Especially when it comes to helping out his professor, who he claims is the first person to see him as an actual person.

    One of the two aces of the El-Melloi classroom, Flat is capable of performing "chaos magic"-- or as Waver has dubbed "strange magic". It's dubbed as such because Flat is a prodigy that doesn't properly fit into any classfication of magic inside the Clock Tower. He's passed from classroom to classroom, passing up all others but never quite fitting. Eventually put into the problem child classroom of El-Melloi he begins to flourish. His magic is better defined as the ability to use any magic and make it hisown.

    He's a good boy and partners well with Svin, although they're complete opposites. They work together seamlessly...

    Paired with Flat is the seemingly sensible honor student, Svin Glascheit. When Flat is making up some absurd notion, it's usually Svin wrangling him in. However, they're most often found arguing especially if Flat is giving Svin nicknames for a dog or giving him orders. This is because Svin specializes in beast magic and his senses are matched accordingly. He gets super excited when he sees Gray and has been ordered by Waver to not go within 10meters of her unless it's an emergency (and because of this Gray thinks he hates him). The second Ace of the El-Melloi class, Svin will usually follow along if he deems that Flat isn't completely off his rocker.

    ALTHOUGH THEY ARE NOT GIVEN GIFS BECAUSE THEY ARE IN OTHER WORKS THAT HAVE MORE OVERWHELMING GIFS: I would also love to see a Luvia Edelfault or Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia. Please they are both lovely beans and liek Caule is needed to calm everyone else down and Luvia is a terror and I love her and and and