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Private Love Isn't Always True

Discussion in 'Residences' started by Genji Shimada, Jul 12, 2018 at 8:01 PM.

  1. Genji Shimada

    Genji Shimada Overwatch
    To know yourself is to be at peace.

    Bodyguard/Ramen Shop Owner
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    @Angela Ziegler

    June 26th
    That was it. After thinking about it enough, Genji decided he was going to tell Angela how he felt about her. There were a lot of things in his mind and he thought that getting one of them out, even if the result might not be pretty, might do him some good. He didn't have too much to fear, Angela wouldn't stop talking to him just because he had a crush on her that she didn't reciprocate, if that was indeed the case, so it was mostly a matter of getting the confirmation he really needed.

    He had asked Angela about when would be a good day for him to drop by at her place so they could just hang out for a while and catch up on what was going on with their lives. Of course, Genji didn't say anything about his real intentions with this meeting, but he did want to take the opportunity to just talk about things with Angela for a while. Romantic interested or not, she was a pleasant person to talk to and it didn't hurt to check up on how she was doing.

    So, Genji was standing in front of her door, wearing a simple gray t-shirt, a pair of jeans and black sneakers. He didn't want to be overdressed for what was meant to be a simple casual meeting, but he did at least put some effort into looking presentable, even if the summer heat made it rather unadvisable to try wearing too much, even if the clothes were over his armor.

    He knocked on her door and patiently waited for Angela to answer, taking a deep breath in preparation.
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