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[M] Deep Down In The Depths

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Bayonetta, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Bayonetta

    Bayonetta Guest

    June 19th, Year 7

    Finally - finally a battle that Bayonetta had longed to be in. Well, more like just a fight in general. Recently, the Umbra Witch had found out the Pandoran Pantheon had gotten their hold on one of her demon allies, Diomedes. But before they could properly capture him like they had Madama Butterfly and Gomorrah, angels - yes, damn angels - had tried to kill the eight-legged horse demon. Having had traversed down into Mount Pompeii carefully, Bayonetta found herself in a chamber of lava, surrounded by the supernatural, ceramic-looking beings of the Light.

    She flew through the air, all four of her guns had blazed in volleys, shooting down any angel that dared to show up to the fight. She punched one up the jaw as she had prepared to land on a small little rock platform in the lava, her leg breaking another angel as her legs landed onto the hardened rock. "Now this is what the fuck I needed. Killing angels. Come on, you lot. Mommy's missed you." She taunted with her lips puckered, as another platoon of angels attacked.

    One darted at the witch, who had dodged at the last second. Her perception of time had slowed for mere seconds, though it was enough that when she had finished, Cereza had covered herself in the feathers of half of the platoon of angels. One of the remaining ones let out the sound of his trumpet. "Good, call all the boys. Mommy has a nice spanking to give each one." She smirked, then shooting the abomination in the face. Her adrenaline was high, and for a second, she had forgotten she was in Pandora. Forgotten how weak she had felt. Pandora hopefully would bring more in time...

    But the angels that had been called by the trumpet seemed to not come. She more noise coming from deeper inside the volcano. Then she saw it - they were attacking someone else. Why the hell someone else was this deep in a fucking volcano, she didn't know, but they looked like they needed help. And Cereza was happy, and obliged herself. Hopefully the next wave wouldn't come for long enough for Bayonetta to meet who they were attacking in some way.

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