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Private Magic all around

Discussion in 'Hogsmeade Village' started by Castiel, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Castiel

    Castiel Supernatural

    Angel of the Lord
    Neutral Good

    December 15th, Year 7

    @Stiles Stilinski

    Golden sunrays kept hiding behind a small gathering of gray clouds, as though a wild game of two elements had started. A thick layer of soft snow had already covered every street and building, looking like a blanket of pure white. Noon had arrived and numerous markings had been made on top of a colorless and formerly empty canvas, since footprints crisscrossed each other in a labyrinth of pathways.

    A few stray flakes had began to fall minutes ago, dancing weightlessly in intricate patterns. Castiel had just arrived and realized how his breaths kept creating a rhythm of pale puffs upon escaping from his slightly chapped lips, each one lasting for a mere instant before vanishing into thin air. Judging from previous experience, this was probably a cold day for most humans. Nevertheless, his rigid posture endured.

    In actuality, his high tolerance in unpleasant weather conditions seemed to successfully prevent any short of discomfort. Fortunately, sustaining a strong vessel had proved a relatively easy process. Therefore, taking a casual stroll around a magical village required no particular effort. Admittedly though, due to a limited amount of knowledge concerning its history or origin, Hogsmeade had not been his choice.

    Stiles had texted him earlier, suggesting a meeting. Setting aside some troubling thoughts, Castiel had accepted without hesitation. In all honesty, after everything they had been through, a break from reality would surely help. Either from a simple walk or a casual discussion, he hoped to support his young friend.
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