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Private [Magic Hat] Can you see me now?

Discussion in 'Misty Hollow' started by Jen, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Jen

    Jen Moderator
    Lore Division Community Relations Division
    There's a word limit?

    United States
    Lawful Good

    February 8th, Year 7
    @Bart Allen and @Daryl Dixon

    One character is going about their business and finds that they are suddenly invisible to everyone but the other character for a day.

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  2. Bart Allen

    Bart Allen DC Universe

    Physically 15
    Lawful Good
    Bart was clueless. Which wasn't exactly anything new. But today he was particularly clueless as he flickered from stranger to stranger, friend to friend, waving his arms around wildly, shouting in their ears, trying to find someone, anyone who knew he was there! One moment he'd been playing games at the Pandora Town arcade, and the next some kids were heading right up to him, straight through him, as if Bart didn't even exist.

    He was pretty sure he still existed though.

    And that was how he ended up running here and there across Pandora, with half a dozen different signs, all with some variation of "DO YOU SEE ME?", hopping up and down in front of this person or that person. He couldn't touch them, though he could manipulate the world around them. They couldn't hear him either. Mostly they just seemed to think he was a ghost or something along those lines, which would have been more fun if they could actually see that ghostly sheet he'd covered himself in at one point.

    But nope. Just as invisible as the sign he was currently hopping up and down with, on a central street in Misty Hollow. But his stomach was rumbling, and it was getting kind of frustrating now as he groaned, plopping down on a nearby bench. And he was just one invisible kid sitting there, hair falling over his face as he stared down at his sneakers, that sign still held up over his head, being bounced up and down with far, far less enthusiasm.
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  3. Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead

    Chaotic Good
    Wasn’t much t’do today. Daryl had gone out to check some snares in the woods, caught a few rabbits and was now on his way back to gut ‘em and clean ‘em and maybe make a stew with ‘em or something. He could always clean his crossbow or somethin’ too – he supposed he should be damn grateful that there were days like this, where nothin’ needed t’be done. They had enough food, wasn’t nobody bustin’ down their doors tryin’ to kill ‘em, and for the moment, the group they had seemed to be pretty stable in place.

    Wasn’t gonna think too much about that though, cos Daryl knew how easily someone could get swept away, whether by death or just Pandora bein’ an ass. Usually he took the back streets toward the cabin he shared with Beth ‘n Michonne, but today he was headed down the main street – figured he could always see if the store needed any rabbit meat, considering Daryl did get paid to bring back hauls for the town. Most of the time it was deer though, couldn’t do too much with rabbit.

    He squinted when something caught his gaze – a kid hopping around down the street. Pandora was weird and the people were weirder, so Daryl didn’t think nothin’ of it as he watched the kid go sit on a bench. He was holdin’ some sorta sign, though he wasn’t close enough to see what it was. He looked young, but that didn’t mean shit here.

    When he finally did get close enough he hesitated. ‘DO YOU SEE ME?’ The hell kind of sign was that? Despite his wariness, and a feeling in his gut telling him to just walk right on past, Daryl stopped in front of him.

    “The hell ya doin’ kid?”