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[Magic Hat] Going Stuck?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Jen, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Jen

    Jen Moderator
    Community Relations Division
    There's a word limit?

    United States
    Lawful Good

    February 6th, Year 7
    @Gaius and @Qrow Branwen

    After stepping into an elevator, the door closes and the pair’s luck instantly runs out when they find themselves trapped in it.

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  2. Qrow Branwen

    Professor at Schola Praeditos
    Neutral Good

    ~I'm doing the best that I can.~

    It wasn't often that Qrow found himself in a building tall enough that he chose to take the elevator instead of the stairs. The loud contraptions for vertical transportation were best to be used by the lazy and physically disabled, not to mention those who didn't have a curse of bad luck radiating from their very soul. Qrow never minded using stairwells. If a few harmless flights of stairs tired him out, he definitely wouldn't have survived this long. There was also the fact that as long as a window was open, he could simply fly up to the room that he needed to reach.

    But for some reason, he'd used an elevator today. And of course, the one time he did, was the the time it had to get stuck. Of course.

    Perhaps he'd distractedly stepped in to the cab while deep in thought about the side-job he was about to be interviewed for. A scouting gig for a private party, which was easy enough, and he didn't usually ask about the details, though perhaps he should. It seemed like there was no shortage of shady businessmen in Pandora Town, and the last thing Qrow wanted was to get caught up in some turf war between evil CEOs who had ulterior motives to take over the world.

    Qrow unfolded his arms to extend one hand to hold the door open for another young man who was moving to join him in the elevator. He folded his arms again as the cab started moving and resumed his thoughts, only to be distracted by the candy that was equipped on the boy's attire like throwing knives or writing utensils. The kid was littered with them. Smirking to himself, Qrow tried not to pay the odd choice of accessories any mind, though he was quite curious about them.

    He couldn't resist a small joke of greeting aimed at the stranger. "Don't suppose you just came from robbing a candy shop, or anything, did you?"