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[Magic Hat] Mine, Mine, Mine

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Jen, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Jen

    Jen Moderator
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    January 13th, Year 7
    @Junkrat & @Chanel Oberlin

    Treasure has been known to draw a great many in. Little do you know, though, that the treasure inside of the box you have uncovered is magically greed-inducing. What lengths will you go to keep it in your hands?

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  2. Junkrat

    Junkrat Guest

    ~'I'm ready for some fun'~

    It wasn't pleasant weather for a beach day, but that didn't stop Jamie from gearing up with blue swimming trunks, arm floaties, and a giant inflatable duck inner-tube. He wanted to have fun at the beach, and by jove, he was gonna.

    It was a bit chilly, and goosebumps were prickling across his bare skin, but he twiddled his ankle as he relaxed in his lounging chair nonetheless, sipping some boba tea and enjoying the calm and chilled ocean in his view. There wasn't really anyone else out here, probably because it was less than sixty degrees outside, but he only saw that as a good thing. No annoying kids running around, no barking mongrels, no rule-enforcing lifeguards. It was a perfect beach day.

    The moment of acting like a normal (albeit restless) person did not last long, and he soon found himself growing rather bored. Grabbing his ducky and lifting a fold of the tough exterior skin, he examined a device laid into the inflatable and made sure the wiring strung throughout the rubber was connected correctly and secure. With the beach so sparsely populated, there also was hardly a thing to blow up with this masterpiece of a bomb he'd built.

    Junkrat pursed his bottom lip in childish thought as he scanned the horizon. Nothing but sand, sand, more sand, and water. Well bloody damn. He did a double take as he saw a person in the distance, near the cliff side where the tide rose when it was high. "Wuh in th' blazes...?" Sitting up and setting his ducky down, he tilted his head and watched the figure, squinting to get a better read. Were they out for an enjoyable day at the beach in the middle of winter too?

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  3. [​IMG]
    You may be asking, “what was Chanel doing in the middle of Winter at the beach?” the answer is simple: she was already looking for the best beaches she could go at, in the summer. She needed to plan this, searching for the beach where more people could see her and more paparazzi could potentially take pictures of her, while going to a beach that’s not going to be full of poor people and be forced to swim in the same water as them.

    This beach definitely looked like the one she wasn’t going to go to. She had noticed some detritus laying on the sand, which was obviously a sign that it wasn’t the kind of beach stars usually spend time in. They wouldn’t throw things in public outside of a trash can, or they would be the one to be trashed on the Internet.

    She kept looking around, trying to find the perfect spot as soon as possible before freezing right there. She could feel that chilly wind even with her big faux-fur coat.

    She started walking more quickly, trying to be done with this as soon as possible. That’s when she noticed something laying on the ground. Something that caught her eyes. She approached it, reached down for it, carefully took it in her hands and looked at it. It was a box. Not even an especially good looking box – her glass box with cotton balls and sauces for her meals was even way prettier than this simple wooden box – but Chanel couldn’t take her eyes off of this. She slowly opened it. There was only a necklace in it. A silver pendant. She opened the locket and inside found a picture of a pretty dark-haired woman that Chanel had never seen before. She just felt suddenly extremely emotionally attached to this pendant and to the box, she was grateful for it to give her its content. She closed the box and started walking towards the town. She needed to leave the beach as soon as possible to hide this pendant in her home, she wouldn’t let anyone else touch it, see it. It was hers and hers only.

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  4. Junkrat

    Junkrat Guest

    ~'I'm ready for some fun'~

    The woman was wearing an awfully big layer of black fluff, as if she was trying to fool a gorilla into thinking she was one of them. There were no gorillas on the beach. What kind of loony person would look for fellow jungle creatures on the seaside? Even he knew that was bonkers, and he was a downright idiot. Sometimes, anyway.

    Jamie tilted his head at a nearly perpendicular angle to his neck as the gorilla woman seemed to find something in the sand. A box. Junkrat's flimsy little heart began to race and his large eyes widened as he realized it was a treasure chest! He'd been sitting here on his bony ass for how long while a bloody treasure chest was sitting pretty not twenty yards from him?

    His anger at himself quickly transformed into anger at the woman in the fur coat, and he promptly stood up out of his chair and swung the rubber ducky inflatable onto his back, securing the strap against his bare chest. The woman had snatched the box and was walking away... to steal it. "Oi!" He called, hobbling after her with the surprising speed of a jog and an unpredictable grace despite his peg leg and the slippery sand beneath him.

    "Wha' are ya doing with my box?" He accused with a victimized sneer, immediately reverting to the defense that it was his first, which was not true. "You connivin' little thief-- give it back!" He demanded, putting on a voice of scolding authority that so many others had used against him in the past. His metallic right arm jutted out in the space between them, open and ready for her to make up for her mistake.

    @Chanel Oberlin

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  5. [​IMG]
    Oh no.

    A man in swimming trunks and with an inflatable rubber duck approached Chanel. She would ask herself questions about this guy’s clothes and accessories in the middle of winter later; now, the priority was on the box. She was sure he was approaching her for it, but he wouldn’t get it. Never.

    She hold onto the box as hard as she could before he finally reached her. It was hers.

    The started accusing her of stealing his box and he insulted her, calling her a thief. Chanel looked at him, mouth wide open in shock and with furrowed brows.

    How dare you?!” She shook her head and shout at him, confident, approaching him just a little bit “It’s not yours, you liar!

    He didn’t look like the woman in the locket at all. It couldn’t be a member of his family. A woman as pretty as the one in the pendant wouldn’t date someone like him, so it couldn’t be his girlfriend. The only thing this woman could be to him was the woman he was stalking, because he did look completely crazy. If the box was really his, the blonde was doing the woman a favor by taking it away from him.

    Chanel looked at the metallic arm that was waiting for the box in disdain. He wasn’t even totally human and that hideous hand was definitely not touching that precious box.

    You couldn’t even tell what’s inside.” She said, thinking that she was going to have the upper-hand here by using logic and that he would finally leave her alone.

    She started walking away as fast as she could in her heels, which was quite complicated because of the sand, and she added:

    Don’t you dare follow me! Find a robot to finger and leave me alone, you deceiving monster!

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  6. Junkrat

    Junkrat Guest

    ~'I'm ready for some fun'~
    The way she clutched the box like it was something dear to her greatly irked him, as he wanted to hold the little treasure in that way himself. The feisty one actually stepped towards him, unafraid of his rude aggression and height, which was unsuspected. Her words and defensiveness ignited an annoyance in him. Jamie knew he could blow her to smithereens if he wanted to, and he was fast heading in that direction.

    He very well might have not hesitated to flip a mine at her pretty little face in that moment, but the only problem was that he didn't want to damage that treasure box she held. “You couldn’t even tell what’s inside.”

    "Yeah I could! Inside is a treasure a' mine, ya bloomin' moron!" He snarled, already restoring to childish tactics like name calling. "Oi!" He snapped as she started shuffling away in her stupid heels. "I said give it back, not--!"

    Find a robot to finger?

    Now he was pissed. He hated robots, particularly the ones who claimed to have sentience. The inappropriate quip was obviously spurred by his prosthetics, though they assuredly did not make him anything near a robot-lover. With a wild growl, he jerked the rubber ducky off his back and gripped the rip cord near the inflation plug threateningly "Take that back!" Junkrat yapped with a insidious glare. Treasure box or not, this gorilla girl was going to be blown sky high if she didn't start playing nice.

    @Chanel Oberlin

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  7. [​IMG]
    It was too late; Chanel had already stopped listening and was walking away. She would never know that inside the box was his “treasure”, as he said.

    Apparently, the comment about the robot pissed him off. She turned to look at him while he was threatening her… with a rubber ducky. This guy was clearly insane, and the look on his face was a proof of that. For a moment, Chanel felt scared of him… and then she remembered what kind of weapon he was pointing at her. He was a child in a grown ass man body. The rich blood didn't have time to waste with someone like him.

    Holding the box in one hand, she put the other one on her mouth, gasping. Her eyes widened and she said:
    Oh my God! You don’t have to do this! Please, don’t hurt me!

    She then started laughing at him, taking the box back with both her hands.
    “Please, go play elsewhere. And consider going to a psychiatrist. It’s not normal to act like that at your age.

    And she started walking away again. Definitely, heels weren’t the shoes to wear at the beach. She just wanted to remove them… and to throw them at the face of this idiot, but the blonde’s shoes were probably two times more expensive than his arm and he didn’t deserve to teach something so precious. She shouted, still not looking at him.

    Chanel was glad that there was no one else on this beach, because the way she walked in the sand looked ridiculous.

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  8. Junkrat

    Junkrat Guest

    ~'I'm ready for some fun'~

    A strangled snarl escaped his angered grimace as he yanked back on the rip cord to his rubber ducky, enraged at her attitude-- but more perturbed at the fear that she was going to get away with that precious treasure. (He, too, couldn't navigate across the sand very well with a peg leg-- which one could argue was more slippery and difficult to run in than a high heel.)

    The mechanism whirred to life with an echoing snarl of the motor and the rubber tube began spinning violently. Jamison let the device go with an angry toss and it bounced across the sand-- straight for the blonde girl. Propelling forward with an uncontrollable wobbling and power, it bounced up to smack against her back, but it did not explode. Instead, it kept tumbling along the sand, up the gentle slope of the beach towards an unknown destination-- and ticking down from an unknown time until detonation.

    "Blasted--Come back 'ere, you lubber!" Junkrat screeched angrily at his invention, which had so miserably failed to do its duty. He hobbled forward in a clumsy fury, torn between desiring to snatch that treasure out of the girl's hands (and maybe deliver a good punch to that pretty face of hers in exchange) or to instead scramble after his explosive.

    @Chanel Oberlin

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