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Private [Magic Hat] Plea For Help

Discussion in 'Pandora Town' started by Octi, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Octi

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    @Phillip Carlyle & @Kaylee Frye

    Walking down the street, you find a note. It includes a phone number and a plea for help and you decide to call the number.

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  2. Kaylee Frye

    Kaylee Frye Guest



    Kaylee had gone to the Shelter and posted a notice for her crew to come find her at Irene Adler's. It was sad, really, how many notices there were, layers and layers of them, some so old that the writing was faded and the paper tattered. But that wasn't going to be a problem for her, nope! Her captain would find her, and she'd be reunited with Serenity, and the people too of course, and everything would be right side up again.

    Her second chore in the area was to find an address and apply for a job. She glanced a slip of paper and began making her way towards the place, only getting totally turned around four times, before finding the workshop of one Phillip Carlyle. Apparently he needed someone to help make some sets move properly and rig some lighting. It weren't nothing she were used to, but she could do it easily enough. With coin in her pocket she wouldn't feel like such a leech. There was a point when relying on the kindness of strangers and friends you became a burden, and the was the last thing Kaylee wanted to be to anyone.

    Turning up the collar of her new blue coat to keep the brisk winter breeze off of her neck the sandy haired girl finally found the right address and knocked on the door. She had to do so several times because of the amount of noise coming from within.

    When the door opened her breath was taken away by the most beautiful man she'd seen since Simon. So it was a good thing he was distracted by whoever he was still talking to inside, gave a girl a chance to catch her breath... or remember how to breath, or whatever.

    "Hi! I'm ah, I'm Kaylee? Irene Adler said you had some work for a mechanic, and if you need something fixin', I'm your girl!" Kaylee said in a high breathless voice, not sounding at all like she knew her way around a toolbox. Embarrassed she glanced down to see the wind blow a scrap of paper against his glossy boot. "Oh, hey there, you dropped somethin'." She said as she bent down to pick it up and handed it to him.

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  3. Phillip could only count his blessings that Pandora Town had a concept of a theater. Without a circus and without his family name backing him up at every other turn... Well, even he had to admit he didn't quite have much in the way of marketable skills. Certainly, returning to playwriting wasn't exactly the most exciting thing to ever happen to him, but it paid his bills and it gave him something else to focus on that wasn't drowning himself in a bucket of whiskey.

    As it was, Phillip had procured control of a smaller workshop in the Borough attached to the theater more in name than actual location. He'd spent the last few days sorting through the dusty fixtures from previous shows, deciding what he could use and what needed to be repainted. Every now and then, he would find himself running his fingers over a prop and imagining the stories it had once been used to tell.

    Now, things were running a little bit smoothly. He'd put out an ad to the very shelter that had helped him get on his feet with the generous offer of steady work, paid for and arranged by the same theater that now employed him. He toyed with the idea of starting his own company -- hell, he toyed with the idea of starting his own circus -- but he avoided any urge to rock the proverbial boat. It'd only been less than a month since he'd been introduced to even the idea of Pandora and its technological marvels and social progress. He wasn't quite ready to leap off of that ledge quite yet.

    He saw the woman enter from the corner of his eye, of course, but Phillip was too preoccupied with finishing a conversation with the prop master to give her his full attention quite yet. He had a pen tucked behind one ear and a clipboard in front of him that he gestured to every now and then as he discussed his vision for the scenes. He had originally only signed on to write the scripts and be done with it, but since the last director had disappeared from Pandora, he found himself with more and more responsibilities by the day. It was unexpected, but a little comforting, really. He wouldn't know what to do if he had to go back to exactly the same way of life as before.

    When he was finally able to dismiss the prop master to her own work, Phillip turned to finally greet the woman who'd entered the workshop with a smile. He was wearing one of his familiar 'vintage' suits -- period-appropriate, not vintage, he would always insist as he adjusted his suspenders -- with his bow-tie hanging untied around his neck and his hair neatly coiffed.

    "Right, yes, Miss Frye," Phillip said warmly, tucking his clipboard under his elbow as he reached out for a handshake. "I was informed you'd be arriving to assist us. I'm afraid we don't have any overcomplicated work today for someone of your skills -- just some simple rigging and hanging of lights, if you wouldn't mind. I admit I don't quite know much about the technology here in Pandora and I found it safer to outsource the task to someone more qualified."

    Though Phillip was a little confused by the paper she handed to him, he didn't show it much beyond an inquisitive tilt of his head and a cocked eyebrow. He didn't spare the paper more than a half-second's glance before returning it to her hand.

    "I apologize, but this doesn't belong to me. Feel free to find a wastebin if it's of no importance."

  4. Kaylee Frye

    Kaylee Frye Guest


    Kaylee shook the man's hand with a firm an calloused hand, her fingernails were oddly clean because she hadn't been doing anything useful or fun for a week. Plumbing didn't count.

    "Oh, that don't matter none!" She said cheerily, sticking her hands in her coat pockets because frankly, she didn't know what else to do with them at the moment. "I don't have any tools with me though, because I was takin' a nap when I was ... um... " She did a full body shrug, even her face squished up and then released into her usual smile. "I can't think of a nice word for it, but here I am, so... yeah, put me to work! Most the stuff I've seen is like, in my past, so I doubt there's anythin' I can't suss out."

    When the pretty man handed her the slip of paper back she glanced at it again, then did a double take. "Are you sure this isn't yours? Because I don't know anybody, really, and no one who would write me this."

    The note, written in a hasty hand and smeared with a droplet of what appeared to be blood, said: Do not forsake me in my hour of need. Call me before it is too late.

    Kaylee looked up at her new (and so pretty, oh my) employer, looking concerned. "Is this part of one of your plays?"She asked hopefully.

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