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[Magic Hat] X Marks The Spot

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Sabine, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Sabine

    Sabine Moderator
    Plots & Events Division


    January 9th, Year 7

    @Izuku Midoriya & @Mary Batson

    Everyone knows that treasure maps are phony, but this is Pandora! You and another character find what appears to be an old map. Curious, you follow it to an ancient tomb and decide to explore!

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  2. Mary Batson

    Mary Batson Guest

    This was... one of the stranger Tuesdays Mary had spent, that was for sure.

    How she'd ended up with a dusty old map that promised treasure, and how she and a stranger she'd barely met had wound up following it, well, that was difficult to explain. It had been a very weird day - and if things were any indicator, it was about to get weirder.

    "So... uh, which classes do you go to, again? I just want to know which teachers are gonna yell at us when we get back, is all."
    If someone had told Mary, midway through study break in the library, that she'd be running off on yet another adventure before the school day had even ended she would probably have laughed at them. She might have a bit of a streak for getting into scrapes, but a school day was a school day!

    Of course, it wasn't every day you got a map that led you to a vine-encrusted temple sort of building on an island that nobody goes to...

    "What do you think it is? It kinda looks like one of those Mayan things, right?"
    Standing in front of their destination, Mary sized it up with her hands on her hips. The old ruins looked like they'd been here a while, which was weird for a land where everything shifted around all the time. Flashing her new friend an excited grin, Mary prepared for the challenge ahead.
    "Y'know what? I think this is going to be worth getting yelled at."
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