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Magitech, Magicores & Regenerating Crystals

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Steel, Jun 15, 2016.

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    Magitech, Magicores & Regenerating Crystals

    Magitech, in short, is the combination of magic and technology in a way that goes beyond merely using magical energy as a power source for technology. Technological devices that run on an independent power source (such as a battery) need to be retrofitted to accept Magicores in order to function. Regenerating Crystals are much like Magicores in nature, but regain their magical energy over time instead of requiring an outside source to recharge them.

    Having been devised by Pandora's inhabitants back in Year 2, after first developing the Electro-Magic Network, Magitech is a prevalent form of technology that can be found almost everywhere in Pandora.


    Magitech is what most people use to refer to devices that are powered, or have even been created, by a combination of both magic and technology. Its use is also not monopolized by magic-users, and can be used by anyone who has no magical potential.

    Beyond its everyday use in society, though, Magitech aims to enhance technology beyond its physical, scientific, and technological limitations, and can also result in outright magical or supernatural effects. It allows engineers to go beyond the boundaries of science, while mages can contribute to a device that goes beyond their own personal capabilities.

    The downside, however, is that the more complex and sophisticated, the more knowledgeable the creator has to be on both the scientific, the magical, and how the two work together. As such, one project will often involve both scientific and magical experts.


    Magicores, like Regenerating Crystals, are grown in caves beneath the Elysium Fields. While the Electro-Magic Network does power devices if they are plugged into outlets, for technological devices that run off of an independent power source (such as a battery), they require to be retrofitted to accept Magicores in order to work.

    Magicores are small crystals that essentially act as a battery. Each crystal can hold a single type of magical energy and is even designed to convert magical energy into the appropriate type. Most Magicores are also electrical in nature, due to the ease of adaptation with common scientifically-based technology.

    Magicores, however, are not a limitless energy source. They last only so long, just like batteries. Once the Magicore's energy runs dry, it needs to be refilled in some manner. This is commonly accomplished with the following methods:
    • Plugging the device into the Electro-Magic Network to recharge the Magicore. Electric-based Magicores recharge the most efficiently (i.e. They will last longer). Other types of Magicores are compatible, but the energy held within ends up being less efficient due to the conversion process.
    • Magicores can be manually recharged with the help of a magic-user. If an individual can channel magical energy into a Magicore, they will effectively recharge that Magicore. Again, those that can channel a matching type of energy that the crystal naturally accepts will result in a more powerful and longer-lasting Magicore. Otherwise, any conversion that takes place will make the Magicore last roughly 75% as long.
    By default, Magicores are attuned to no specific type of energy. However, the first type of energy that gets poured into it shifts its attunement, making it only accept that type of energy. If it receives magical energy of a different type, then it will convert that energy, though some power is lost in the process.

    Using Magicores

    If anybody is interested in using this technology:
    • They can plug an electronic device into an electrical outlet and it will work as expected.
    • They can purchase minor Magicores for about as much as you’d spend on batteries -- these are more than enough for most household items.
    • They can purchase a Magicore charger and charge it through an electrical outlet.
    • They can find a friendly magic-user to recharge their Magicores.

    If your character is a scientist, technician, engineer, etc.:
    • They can invent/repair/upgrade/etc. technology as they have always done. If it requires an electrical outlet, there is zero change. If it requires a standalone power source, all they need to do is create a Magicore dock and get an electrical Magicore. Detailed instructions are available on how to install Magicore docks if a character can’t figure it out on their own.
    • They can learn how to retrofit devices to take a Magicore. Once this has been done, the technology behind the device will work as expected as long as it is an electrical Magicore.

    If your character is a magic-user:
    • They can recharge Magicores as long as they have the ability to channel magical energy into an object.

    Regenerating Crystals

    Regenerating Crystals are highly important in powering Pandora's technology. They are grown and harvested in caves beneath the Elysium Fields and are carefully controlled by the Pandora Town government. The main difference between Magicores and Crystals is that the latter regain their magical energy over time, which is then filtered and converted out into the electrical power lines that feed Pandora, and thus are the source of power behind the Electro-Magic Network.

    Obtaining Magicores & Regenerating Crystals

    The Pandora Town Government is in control of the harvest and production of Magicores and Crystals. While Magicores are sold freely and cheaply, Crystals are sold to individuals or businesses for a hefty price. Lower-capacity Crystals can be purchased for a high price for private usage. Full-capacity Crystals are available for any large businesses, again, with a hefty donation to the Electro-Magic Network.

    Magicores, however, are far cheaper, as they grow extremely fast. The average individual can afford at least several of them a month in Pandora. They are grown from the same place, but unlike Crystals, Magicores do not regenerate their energy. However, they are the perfect containers to hold and convert magical energy.
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