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Make Way for Progress

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Moira O’Deorain, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. June 8th
    @Alphonse Elric

    Moira's mind raced through the possibilities of what could justify her current situation. In her world, teleportation was a true and tested method of transportation. But it was also a very recent development and still relegated to being used for short distances. Science was still stumbling in the dark when it came down to figuring out an effective way to harness its powers. So whoever, or whatever had caused this was far beyond what anyone publicly claimed they could achieve and considering Moira herself was part of a less than morally responsible organization—one unbounded by fear or morality—it was rather telling just how big of a discovery this was.

    The animalistic reactions of fear and dread, completely natural in such a situation, were almost non-existent in Moira's brain and even if they had put up a fight, her desire to learn more would have squashed them like a bug. With that desire having taken the wheel, she calmly started inspecting her surroundings.

    The prospect of a new world and all the possibilities that entailed were already making her smile as she pictured them. One of her questions forming in her mind was already answering itself as she saw there was a strange man in armor peacefully walking to who knew where. There were indeed other people here and his attire in particular spoke volumes of the kind of place this was but it's not like Moira was scared or put off by it. If anything his strange aspect was making her more interested to know about him.

    "Pardon my intrusion, sir. What is the name of this place?"
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  2. "Huh?" Alphonse had made a trip to Pandora town a little earlier than planned for the sake of buying more alchemical supplies. And by alchemical supplies, he meant that he'd just raided the nearest art store for as much chalk as he could buy, to the poor cashier's confusion. He hadn't been asked any probing questions yet, so Al still frequented the shop. He stopped as someone spoke up in the streets. "Did you mean me?" he asked, turning to look at ...her? The stranger looked a little odd. Not the same kind of odd like him, but the kind that made him think scientist. Maybe. "This place is called Pandora Town. Are you lost?" He shifted the large back of chalk pieces to his other arm, more out of habit than because he was getting tired of holding it.
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  3. The man seemed too absorbed into his own routine to immediately process what Moira had asked him. Even after he noticed the question, he still wondered if she was truly talking to him. Maybe he wasn't used to socializing all that much or something else was distracting him. Soon, though, he shared some information on the place they were in. Pandora was the kind of name someone jokingly chose for a good place as a bit of irony or because they really disliked said place. Only time would tell which possibility was closer to the truth.

    "I'm afraid so. I was forcefully taken away from where I was just a few minutes ago. Would you happen to know how such a feat was performed?"
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  4. "Ah..." Alphonse scratched the back of his head, which was more of a habit than a necessary action for him. "That's kind of hard to explain. The black vines just take people through portals and leave them around Pandora. Some say that the gods here control the vines, but there's no proof of them being real or even responsible for it."
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  5. "That is a very unimaginative explanation." Moira sounded more disappointed that her captors' identity was unknown to the rest of their victims and that her kidnapping was more than likely a random occurrence or—even worse—part of a plan she wasn't privy to.

    "What do you think? What makes everyone here so special as to be captured in a completely different world?"
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  6. "I don't really think anyone was picked because they were special. There are very normal, nice people around here too. U-h, not to say you're not normal. I meant more that there seems to be a mix of regular people and ones with stranger histories, or supernatural powers." Alphonse crossed his arms, shaking the bits of chalk in his bag as he thought. "Maybe it's more entertaining this way. More interesting."
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