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Malus Necessarium

Discussion in 'World Lore' started by Piemaker, Jul 25, 2019.

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    Contract killers. Assassins. Hitmen. The best of the best among professionals. Malus Necessarium is a contract agency shrouded in mystery with the sole purpose of proving that no person is out of reach from the hands of fate with the professional assurance that every case is handled seriously, professionally, and discreetly. With offices and agents around Pandora's five regions, the group has a rising reputation as the boogeymen of the Box, as they can be anyone, anywhere, and at any time.​


    The group is headed by a man who is a mystery even by the standards of the agency itself, solely known my the moniker of "Manos". His authority is absolute, but his position is sought after by many.

    Directly underneath him is a board of directors comprising of four executives that direct his orders. Each one is in charge of the four specialties; agents, handlers, information, and development. Because of the nature of their work, none of them ever meet in person or exchange words in an environment outside of the primary office.

    Ranks are distributed to agents and handlers equally, while information and development specialists are treated with an honor system. These ranks indicate the level of professionalism and technical skill required in the field, as well as the synergy between agent and handler. With these ranks come certain perks, such as higher pay grade and case selection, rights to improved equipment and experimental inventions by the development team, and the right to both refuse certain contracts and steal contracts from other agents.

    These ranks range from I7, the lowest, to I1, the highest. Only 3% of the agency's employed agents and handlers ever even reach the rank of I3.

    Development staff are in charge inventing, refining, and changing the equipment and the game of this side of the underground world. Every tool of the trade from lockpicks, explosives, firearms, and communication devices stem from this side of the organization. Though they are disallowed of patenting their inventions or revealing them to the outside world, their services are well compensated by the board.

    Informants are field operatives that spend their time inserting themselves into high profile lives to gather necessary knowledge of potential targets and other information that is hard to come by for people leading normal lives. Informants are often master spies and live in deep cover, often given entirely new identities to work with for various purposes.

    Handlers are data experts on the inside. Though they rarely see field work outside of discussing contracts, they are paired to a specific agent and work with them in assigned pairs to develop skills and keep their particular partners in check. The two are symbiotic in nature, with the handler assigning cases to their agent forwarding necessary intelligence to them while reaping the rewards of a successful hit and growing in rank alongside the particular assassin.

    Agents are the primary service of the Malus Necessarium. They are the best of the best and come from all walks of life in the top of their field. Master assassins, hitmen, cleaners, spies, and all kinds of former specialists. Agents receive contracts and carry out their assignments faithfully in exchange for payment. As stated before, agents and handlers are paired exclusively for the duration of their career within the Necessarium until retirement or death. They are permanently in competition with other agents in a race for dominance and ranking.



    "Don't call us, we'll call you."

    Effectively the motto of the organization itself, potential recruits are often scouted without their knowledge for a six month period before even being contacted by telegram. Recruits are chosen and monitored by recommendation within the office primarily, but have been known to keep eyes on figures who have appeared suddenly in the public eye with key abilities.

    Potential recruits should appear intelligent, professional, and capable at the foremost. Having killed before is not necessarily a requirement to be scouted for the organization, but experience is preferred.

    Should you receive a letter on your doorstep, the card will read a specific poem, a location relatively close to your home/home city, as well as a specific date and time. You will be expected to go out of courtesy at the very least. A handler of the organization will discuss position, benefits, housing options, and salary with you-- though one may refuse to join the organization, few often do.

    Should one agree to join the organization, another location and date will be received. Coordinates to the middle of nowhere, at this point in time, where the handler will prepare for helicopter transit from the coordinates to the primary office of the organization within Centria.


    Due to the radically changing nature of Pandora and the differing effects of the regions in it, Malus Necessarium's contract system has a relatively low-grade method in spite of the organization's high-security, high-tech reputation.

    In order to send out a contract hit, the 'customer' must send out a discreet letter to the P.O. Box #75 (listed as the address '500 Main Street #75', Ark City, Centria.) The contents of the letter may have nothing else except the name of the target, the address of a meeting place to discuss the desired method of assassination and special requests and further payment options, and a date to meet-up on.

    If formatted correctly, the inquiry contents should list as such.

    John Doe
    4158 Methodist Road
    August 9th, Y108.

    When the information is received, an organization's handler will arrive at the specified place on the specified date and time to discuss the desired contract. It is advised that the customer have at least 25% of the projected average cost on hand to present a sense of accountability to the handler, and incentive to process the contract faster. Should an agreement be reached, the customer will receive a projected death date from the handler's best guess with the information acquired from the interview.

    It should be noted that, due to the premium nature of this organization's services, one should also weigh their options before committing to an outside source for permanent extermination. The lowest recorded pricing of a hit was still estimated to be at roughly 500,000 Centrian dollars.

    It should be noted that the customer's name is listed under a private registry of names for returning customers, as well as to find and search for those who have stopped paying and refuse to continue to do so. If you fail to make payments after your successful hit, then your name will be added to a list of 'pro-bono' contracts on behalf of the company for agents to undertake at any moment for an increase in status within the organization.

    In short, make your payments in a calm and timely manner.


    A mystery to the rest of the world entirely, really.

    The organization's head office is located high into the Rhapsody Heights mountain in an uncharted location, and is protected in part equal measure by automated security measures as well as the presence of the New Genosha community at the base of the mountain. This location is where all recruits, handlers, and 'veteran agents' earn the right to stay. Following training, Malus agent recruits are assigned a specific location to patrol for a month long period, often within their home region.

    Aside from the head office, the organization keeps well-stocked 'bureaus' in each region's hub city to allow for restocking of equipment, temporary resting periods, and safe passage between the areas of the box.

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