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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Jefferson McDonough, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. MAY 10
    taken out of my soul

    "Hey, boss!" he called from where he standing beneath a tent he'd set up exactly for this purpose. It had started with one margarita and then a request for another one, and soon enough, Seaplane was known around Horizon for his skill in making margaritas. Yeah. He was a beast, that was for sure.

    And yet, he hadn't managed to flag down Bobbie so that he could see her face when she took a sip of one of his face margaritas. Especially since the expression he was most used to was that scary one. They'd admittedly gotten off on the wrong foot all that time ago, but she was totally easing into him.

    He hadn't broken any planes lately.

    So there she was, strolling on past him and Alex was quick to put down the shaker in his hand as he jogged after her. "Wait, wait! Come on, you can't be that busy, come over here and check out these margaritas." A grin tugged at the corners of his lips. "Everyone's talking about them."

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  2. Not that she'd ever tell Seaplane, but Bobbie had come down here specifically to try his margaritas. He'd been making a lot of noise about them almost since she'd hired him, and as gruff and professional as Bobbie could be, she liked to show her people that she was there.

    As she came up to his stall Bobbie made like she was going to walk right past it just to fuck with him - she'd been saying she'd get down here for weeks now, but something always seemed to come up. Sure enough, Jefferson came jogging after her, calling her bluff. She stopped and turned to face him, making a show of rolling her eyes like it was a huge inconvenience. It might have even been convincing if not for the smirk tugging at her lips.

    "Don't get your panties all twisted up, Seaplane," she said companionably, and reached out to clap him on the shoulder. "'Course I'll try your margaritas. I don't expect them to hold a candle to Martian drinks, but I'm sure you do okay." That wasn't really fair, though. There was just something about the air and the specific type of fungus grown on Mars that made for a particularly strong liquor. She had yet to come across anything like it in Pandora.

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    taken out of my soul

    She rolled her eyes in that very Bobbie way he had come to know. She was his boss, but she also wasn’t like those retail bosses he’d heard so much about. Before Jumanji, Alex had never had a job before, and honestly, what kind of eighteen year old got to say that piloting planes was his first job? Although, well … was that really true? His first job had been fixing them and his only payment had probably been not going to jail. He was just gonna casually pretend that had never happened, just like he’d never crashed one of those x-wings either.

    In the end, though, she marched over, clearly deciding that all the chatter around town about these margaritas made them worth the try. And Alex was proud to say that it wasn’t just him making noise about them. He didn’t need to when his Jumanji superpower was literally making incredible margaritas.

    “I think you’ll be surprised,” he decided with a smile, turning on his heel to return the short way back to the stall, picking up the shaker again and setting about making her the startings of a margarita. “So, we’ve got a few options. We can go basic, or I’ve got this new spicy watermelon margarita people are loving. Or we can go blood orange.”

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  4. Bobbie raised her eyebrows at the younger man's confidence but she didn't challenge it. She'd at least try his drink before giving him shit. She stepped up to the stall and crossed her arms while he set about gathering up what he needed to make the drink. Her expression remained rather blank when he asked which flavor she'd like. Bobbie cleared her throat, the faintest hint of a frown twitching at her brow.

    "Seeing as I've never had either of those things, why don't you just surprise me?" There wasn't much in the way of fresh fruit where she came from, and what little there'd been had been reserved for the wealthy. Bobbie's family wasn't exactly poor, but they'd never splurged on unnecessary luxuries much, either. At least she knew what watermelon was. She could picture it in her head even, though she'd never actually held a slice. She didn't know what the hell blood oranges were and honestly they didn't sound that appealing.

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    taken out of my soul

    Maybe he shouldn't have looked as appalled as he did, especially given his own very strange and short history with margaritas. He hadn't told Bobbie that he was actually an eighteen year old in a body that was very clearly not eighteen years old. He didn't have any clue how she would even react to that. Probably not great, and considering how that made him sound, Alex thought it was probably best to keep that piece of information to himself.

    "Hey, that's okay! I'd never even had a margarita before Jumanji!" he admitted, because that seemed perfectly safe anyway. "We'll go with spicy watermelon, see if it gives you that kick it's giving everyone else." It didn't take too long at all to prepare, and once the margarita itself was done and in the glass, he popped a little slice of watermelon onto the side of the glass.

    And then he handed it over to her with a good-natured smile, entirely confident that she was gonna love it. Alex hadn't met a single person yet who hadn't.

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  6. She still had no idea what Jumanji was, but it was something from Before and that wasn't a subject Bobbie liked to ask about. She watched while Jefferson mixed and poured the drink, then took the glass with its slice of fruit hanging off the rim. It looked... dainty, almost, and Bobbie couldn't quite keep the skepticism off her face. She wasn't much for fancy mixed drinks. That slice of fruit on the rim, though... her mouth watered at the sight of it.

    After a moment's hesitation, the ex-marine half-shrugged then lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip. It was sweet first, then the spicy hit right as she swallowed and left her mouth with a mild (to her tongue) but pleasant burn that crept down her throat, too. She plucked the watermelon from the rim - honestly that was the part she was the most excited for - and took a bite from one corner. Her eyes widened at the rush of watery sweetness that washed over her tongue, and without hesitation she popped the rest of the fruit into her mouth.

    "Not bad, Seaplane," she started. "You got any more of that fruit?" she asked, and leaned over the stall slightly to see if he had anymore watermelon hiding behind it.

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    taken out of my soul

    Handing the drink over to her, he couldn't help the grin on his face as he watched her eye it suspiciously. "It's not gonna kill you, I swear. And if it does, you've got my permission to haunt me," he helpfully informed her, but just then, she decided to take her chances with it and took a sip. Alex's gaze lit up, his grin widening a little bit as he folded his arms over his chest and waited for that dawn of wide-eyed realization to appear on her face.

    Okay, it didn't quite go that well--

    Wait. Ah, and there it was, that wide-eyed look, though it wasn't in response to the drink itself but the piece of fruit it had come with. Alex didn't really know if he should have felt disappointed, especially when she told him it wasn't bad. Not bad? That was it? This time, it was his turn to give her a skeptical look as though he suspected she might be holding back her enthusiasm for this drink that everybody else loved so much. "... Not bad? That's it?" Still, there was an air of total amusement on his face as he leaned over to pluck another piece watermelon out of the cooler at his feet. It was the only way to keep the fruit from just melting away instantaneously under this heat.

    "Okay, so you're definitely a watermelon kind of girl. Noted."

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  8. soldier

    keep on marching


    She smirked with amusement at his slightly skeptical reaction. The drink was good. Damn good. But yeah, it was the fruit that caught her attention because while fancy mixed drinks were readily available all over the system, fruit wasn't. While Seaplane leaned down to pluck out another piece of fruit for her, Bobbie lifted her glass and took another drink. It really was good, even if it wasn't her usual style. It went well in the heat, too.

    She reached out for the fruit and popped the whole piece into her mouth, unfazed by the fact that a tiny bit of juice dribbled from one corner of her lips. Fuck, that was good. She noticed it killed the spice that lingered from the drink, too. She used the pad of her thumb to wipe the juice away and grinned.

    "Alright, it's delicious. You want a medal to that effect?" She raised her eyebrows and then knocked back the rest of the margarita, smacking her lips together dramatically when it was gone. "So this is what you do on your off hours, Seaplane? Make fancy drinks?" It wasn't a judgemental question though it certainly might be taken that way.

    quiet now, you're gonna wake the beast

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