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Matsuno, Osomatsu

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Osomatsu Matsuno, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Osomatsu Matsuno

    Osomatsu Matsuno Osomatsu-San

    Akatsuka Ward
    Chaotic Good
    Anyone can be a failure, but you have to work real hard to become a complete piece of shit.

    Played by Crescendo

    Fandom: Osomatsu-San
    Age: Twenty-four
    Species: Human
    Gender: Cis-Male
    Canon Point: Post S2 E24 'Cherry Blossoms'; the movie is considered canon
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Osomatsu is functionally a normal guy - that's it. He has no superpowers, he has no superintelligence, he's normal. He's got a very charismatic personality that tends to motivate people and draw some people towards him...before he screws it up, but still. However, he is smart enough for a normal human, is actually fairly strong (not superhuman or bodybuilder, but he's able to throw good punches), and he's pretty agile (he took ballet as a kid and got to prima donna status in his class, he can move on his feet pretty well).


    He's a normal mortal! So....uh, yeah. That's a big weakness.


    Osomatsu would describe himself as 'a living CHARISMA LEGEND' in his own words, but that's only half of the picture. On the outside, Osomatsu is very talkactive, snarky, and he has a sense of humor that could roughly be described as 'quirky' - he'll laugh at every dirty joke you can think of, and he's very likely to make quips whenever he can, but he gets huffy if he himself is laughed at...until he gets over himself, and then he can laugh, too. He's very much a smart-aleck, but he won't lie that he's a supergenius or something...he knows very well that he isn't. He's just confident in himself for no reason at times, feeling that it's better to own who you are than just deny it.

    He's honest to a fault. 'Lying is bad,' in his own words. Even when it doesn't necessarily benefit himself, he's willing to tell the truth if simply because he hates the roundabout of going through hoops and hoops of lies. It's too much work - and he hates work. He'll avoid all hard work if he can help it, socially or otherwise. However, if it comes down to it and he has to do what he has to, he's relentlessly determined, and giving up is almost never an option. He's intent on becoming some kind of big legend someday, so when it gets down to it, he'll try to act the part.

    He's very insecure, deep down. He has big emotional flashes from thinking people are his friends to enemies and reacts to everything without particularly holding himself back. He's called his own brothers his enemies before, but it's obviously not true. He gets very attached to people who care about him and shuts down if they try to push him away. (Personally, I headcanon him with Borderline Personality Disorder.) He's very caring about those who he's bonded with deep down, and at the end of the day, he'll always try to be there for them in whatever way they need.


    Osomatsu is a fairly average looking guy - having a dark brown bowl cut, brown eyes, fair skin, and a tendency to wear red. A lot of red. His trademark hoodie that he wears almost all the time is red with a green 'tree' logo on it, which is an easy way to distinguish him. He's about average height for his age (5'5) and weighs around 126 lbs, making him average all around. He also has a fairly recognizable voice (English VA is Billy Kametz, so feel free to read his dialogue with that in mind) though...that too could be seen as average.


    Born May 24th, 1995 in Akatsuka Hospital as the eldest of six brothers born at the same time - otherwise known as sextuplets. His brothers born after him were Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu, and Todomatsu.

    Grew up having a relatively normal life until 10 years old. That was when he and his brothers developed a rowdy streak and started being known as the 'demon sextuplets'. He assumed the position of leader as the oldest of the bunch.

    Made very few natural friends. The closest things he had were Totoko (a self-centered girl he had a crush on - and still does into adulthood) and Chibita (a childhood bully who took up a job at a self-owned oden shop in adulthood and became the one he and his brothers often vented problems to as their go-to bartender on their far-too-often drinking binges). Made a lot of natural enemies, however, the most prominent being Iyami (a con artist who constantly claimed he was from France who tried to run scams on the boys repeatedly such as ruining their road to school so a toll road is the only way to go, the boys eventually paved the road themselves to get around that). This was the first sign that the boys weren't destined for much of a future. However, at this time, Osomatsu still tried his best to be a normal kid, participating in hobbies such as ballet and attending school.

    It was also around the age of 10 that his parents took in a lodger by the name of Tougou. He was a man who wore a pinstripe suit and acted basically like the ideal houseguest, up to and including giving boys extra money and endearing himself to them. Osomatsu and his family adored him.

    Until Osomatsu was over at a friend's house, playing with him, and a man barged in to rob them. Osomatsu recognized the man as Tougou, and Tougou confronted him afterwards, warning him that he'd killed many animals and three people before, and telling him that he could easily kill his family, too, if he were so exposed. Osomatsu had to do what he asked.

    Osomatsu was forced to rob people alongside Tougou despite not wishing to. This gave him a crippling fear of using guns later in life, up to not being able to hold one without hyperventilating. He tried to expose Tougou's true nature to his parents and brothers, drawing the robber's anger and ire.

    Eventually his parents caught on, and tried to drug Tougou with sleeping powder. This failed, and Tougou tried to flee, kidnapping Osomatsu with him. The only thing that stopped this kidnapping attempt was Chibita lassoing Tougou with his jumprope, causing him to fall. Osomatsu learned he couldn't count on anyone in those situations.

    As they reached high school age, the sextuplets gradually grew more apart. Despite having near-identical personalities in childhood, they all developed their own nuances in puberty. Osomatsu remained relatively the same, never truly mentally growing up despite his brothers changing as people. He kept a childish sense of humor and a carefree 'no responsibility' nature, making him the 'useless eldest' the rest grew to knew him as. It was also at this time that he developed the signature color red to differentiate himself from his brothers further.

    By the time they reached the end of high school, they all had no idea what to do with their adult lives and no desire to work more than necessary. This leaded to them becoming NEETs (No Employment, Education, or Training) in adulthood, and that's how they've remained ever since. Osomatsu in particular began taking up vices, most notably a drinking problem, a flirting problem (though all of them grew up to be hopeless virgins), and a gambling problem (mostly on pachinko and horse bets).

    However, their closeness never changed deep down, such as when Jyushimatsu got a professor that lived in the area to make a cat become mentally enhanced for Ichimatsu to have a companion, leading to the ESP kitty. Despite Ichimatsu screaming that he had no desire to be friends with anyone, the ESP kitty voiced his true thoughts: he didn't need or want friends because he had the other five of them. Another notable incident is when Jyushimatsu found a girl attempting to take her own life on the beach, and saved her life, leading to him to develop a crush on her - with the rest of his brothers looking out for him and listening to his woes when she rejected his confession on behalf of her needing to go back to the country area she lived in at the end of summer, Osomatsu himself going so far as to encourage Jyushimatsu to give her one final goodbye as the train left, paying for a ticket with the little money he had (as opposed to using it for anything for himself) just so he could get through the train gates to say goodbye. Of course, that didn't mean they didn't fight at times - all brothers did, Osomatsu thought - but it did mean they had a deep sense of camaraderie.

    This all took a hit when Choromatsu, disillusioned with the idea of remaining useless NEETs forever began writing a letter that stated his true intentions, which he acted on: he got a job at their father's company in the city, and decided to move out as a result. Everyone was excited apart from Osomatsu, who never wanted to be separated from his brothers in the first place.

    Osomatsu became taciturn, and ended up snapping at Jyushimatsu for merely accidentally bumping him a few times, knocking him down in a rage. As a result, Karamatsu decked him and dragged him outside while the rest of the family celebrated and Osomatsu was left to his own petty anger.

    Choromatsu left the next day, and Osomatsu didn't even step outside to see him off. Todomatsu ended up walking back inside, hitting him with a magazine in an attempt to pick a fight and discipline him for being so cruel despite his older brother being far stronger than him. This resulted in Todomatsu getting a black eye in a fight with Osomatsu, and he too left. All the brothers gradually departed to live their own lives, with Osomatsu remaining the only one, once more, who never wanted to change, to the point of rejecting all attempts to cheer him up.

    However, the brothers eventually grew to loathe their lives apart, and returned to their home together as worthless NEETs again for a while yet, abandoning those attempts to become more responsible and forgiving each other despite their misgivings.

    This all turned out well enough until the next spring when the cherry blossom trees were first blooming. It was out of nowhere, but their father, overworked, suffered a heart attack, much to all of their fear. He was confined to the hospital, but ultimately survived.

    Osomatsu, however, finally took this as a wake-up call and stated, with all the authority he could as a leader that they needed to become responsible - that their dad's overexhaust was their fault, and it was. He claimed, uncharacteristically, that they needed to grow up and find jobs.
    Not that he really wanted that to happen, but he knew his parents couldn't suffer like that again.

    So they all did. Osomatsu took up a job as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant. He could tell, in the midst of becoming normal adults, that he and his brothers were growing apart, and this once more left him melancholy. As time passed, he began going past all the spots they used to frequent as a group, lost in memories until he finally settled under a cherry blossom tree. Totoko was the one to talk to him and reassure him that despite them growing apart, things would be fine in the end as he vented his worries to her.

    And despite his remaining melancholy, he agreed. The cherry blossoms were falling, it was a changing of the season no matter how much anyone wanted it to remain the same, and he had to mature, too.


    This was continuing his attempts to distract himself. Osomatsu knew that was the truth - he knew that was the truth beyond a doubt, but he was going to keep trying. There was some hope in making a hopeless situation at least appear to have some kind of bright side, but as things were now, he was struggling to find one. And he'd dropped from denial to anger. Who the hell did they think they were, messing around with space-time so he'd get stuck here? If some group of idiots hadn't messed around where they shouldn't have, there'd be no problem! He'd be fine!

    He was kicking at the dirt in a park, looking more and more frustrated. There was no point to anything! It was stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID! ...And now people were staring. People were staring and whispering to each other, and he could feel the eyes on him, and he wanted to snap that they could all mind their own business and piss off, they'd be upset too if they were him, he had no one. Maybe these people had someone, anyone, but they didn't know what it was like to be one of six and then to just be...nothing. He didn't even have a bad reputation, much less a good one. At least if he had a bad rep, that would mean someone gave a shit. That would mean someone cared enough to hate him. Which was something.

    He'd only been there for a short while and it was already getting to him.

    Osomatsu looked down at the ground, at his shoe now covered in dirt from his kicking, and just...sat down. He didn't look up, he just...sat there. It was ridiculous. He was just supposed to accept that this was his life now. That he'd never see his brothers again, or maybe he would, who knew, no one did. And that made him hurt most of all. He teared up, staring at his shoe. He hated this. The fact that people were staring was really getting to him, so he picked himself up, dusting himself off, and began walking again. He puffed out his cheeks - a childish gesture, he knew it was. Totty would've called him out on it, and Totty was the most childish out of all of them.

    ....That was something, too. He couldn't make it through many of his thoughts without thinking what his brothers would do, what he'd do if they were there. What was his identity? Who was he? At the end of the day, he didn't know. He wasn't sure. He was...locked into that role he always was. Not 'the cute one', not 'the silly one', not 'the sad one', just...'the oldest one'. Being alone was difficult. And it was worse when he had no perception of what he could be.
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