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McCloud, James Jr.

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Fox McCloud, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud Starfox

    Male ♂
    Anthropomorphic Fox
    Neutral Good
    James Jr. (Fox) McCloud
    "Alright boys, lets rock 'n roll!"

    Played by Bears

    Fandom: Starfox
    Age: 22 years old
    Species: Anthropomorphic Fox
    Gender: Male ♂
    Canon point: Postgame, a few years after the Lylat Wars. (Between Adventures & 64/Zero)
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Considering Fox is just an ordinary pilot, he doesn’t have any special or supernatural abilities. This however doesn't mean he can't hold his own in a fight, Fox makes up this lack of abilities with the skills he obtained in military training; agility, speed and marksmanship. Always keeping his blaster on hand, the visor over his eye serves as a targeting system to help him keep his aim precise. Plus with the knowledge he has regarding weapons and explosives, he is capable of using most weapons when he gets his hands on them.

    His primary weaponry he always keeps on hand are as follows.

    This gadget is a small hexagonal device that's about the size of his hand. Strapped to his belt, upon activation this device surrounds Fox in a flashing hexagonal energy like barrier; this barrier enables him to reflect most physical and energy based projectile coming his way.

    Although this invention does have it’s limits, this device isn't meant to be kept on for a long period of time or used frequently in a short amount of time. If misused, the device may end completely failing or breaking if the projectile's force and mass are too great, leaving Fox completely vulnerable.

    The blaster is a optically based energy pistol, very common place in the Lylat system and is basically this galaxy’s variation of a handgun. The weapon functions by firing out lasers and inflicts damage through heat and burns, it has multiple power settings ranging from it's lowest setting ‘stun’ to it’s highest setting ‘kill’. It is capable of firing rapid-fire shots or charging one powerful shot at it’s targets.

    This is Fox’s primary on-ground weapon and he always keeps it on him just in case of an emergency situation, he always carries it with him safety in his holster.


    Although Fox is certainly qualified to fight on the ground, Fox is namely known for his superior piloting skills in the skies. Since his training back in his academy days, Fox has proven time and time again his driving and piloting skills in various sorts of aircraft and vehicles, through performing very difficult maneuvers and pushing the vehicles he has on hand to it's limits.

    Although skill does play a huge part in flight, the reliability of your aircraft plays an even bigger role. The air and ground ships team Starfox uses are all custom unique pieces of technology; and when Fox is behind the wheel on these vehicles, he is a force to be reckoned with both on the ground and in the skies.

    A personal high performance combat ship used by the Star Fox team, unlike regular star fighters the Arwing has them completely outclassed; known for their speed, agility and performance, these star fighters are capable of going up to mach 2.5 (700 mph) in speed, yet still able to perform highly skilled combat maneuvers with ease. Equipped with special anti-gravity device, the g-diffuser allows the Arwing to accelerate and decelerate instantaneously which makes them capable of their amazing feats. Arwings are also highly durable and equipped with heavy armor, it takes a lot of damage to shoot it out of the skies. The Arwing can also generate a special electromagnet shield for a few seconds upon doing a maneuver called the ‘barrel roll’ Aileron roll; this shield is capable of deflecting optically based weaponry, namely lasers.

    All Arwings are equipped with advanced weaponry systems such as a laser canon and an explosives launcher, namely used for smart bombs.

    As for the cockpit itself, the arwing being a small personalized aircraft can generally only fit one person comfortably. However, if squeezed in there the arwing can likely two or three people inside total.

    The Arwing also has a special 'walker' mode which allows it to intantaneously transform into a mech-like machine, transforming and using it's wings as it's legs, this gives the Arwing the capability to access places that can't be reached through the air. In this mode, the Arwing can use it's thrusters to both hover and quickly dash.

    All in all, the Arwing is a highly advanced space-ship way ahead of it’s time. During the Lylat Wars, the arwing was always put at it’s limits be it taking several hits by explosives, lasers and even taking the heat of a 9000 degree solar star, the reliability of this ship exceeds all expectations and is a force to be reckoned with Fox behind the wheel.


    As stated above, at the end of the day Fox is just a pilot with some pretty fancy tech on hand. While he has basic military training under his belt and is more than capable of putting up of a fight compared to an average person, he by no means is an expert when it comes to combat outside of his arwing and various vehicles. In on-ground situations, he often completely relies on his weaponry and the tools he has on his person, strip those away and he's just an average anthropomorphic fox man.

    That being said, Fox needs food, water and sleep to sustain himself. And just like any other person, wounds can be inflicted on him and he'll need plenty of time and assistance to recover if he's badly injured. If he's hit in the wrong place, he can be taken out almost instantly and even killed if he takes a bad enough blow.


    Fox McCloud is best described as a fox of the skies, he strong passion for flying and has always has since he was a child; this likely stems from his father, who was the leader a highly regarded mercenary team known as ‘Starfox’.

    Despite being thrown into a role he wasn’t prepared for, Fox is a natural born leader; skilled at thinking under pressure and making quick decisions. He’s also very brave and courageous; more than willing to face challenges that would make any normal person quiver in their pants. Although that being said, this doesn’t mean Fox isn’t completely fearless, he just chooses to bottle that fear up and face his fears head on. As the leader of his team, he can’t afford to risk the safety of his and teammates lives by making thoughtless decisions.

    Fox is also very dedicated and determined, maybe even considered stubborn to a degree; even in the most desperate and dire situations, Fox will stop at nothing to complete his goals and ambitions. With all these skills and the cooperation of his teammates, Fox has successfully directed his team through some of the darkest reaches of the Lylat system and managed to defeat entire enemy fleets. Ultimately, Fox and his crew end up stopping a war and saving the entire Lylat system from destruction. And by defeating Andross with his own hands, Fox successfully avenged his father and became known as a hero.

    Despite his high and noble intentions of keeping the peace and protecting innocents, he also takes money and his paycheck seriously; though he might come off as stingy, he isn’t called a ‘mercenary’ without reason. He also isn’t one to ‘play by the rules’ either or go completely by the book, when he intends on getting a job done he won’t hesitate doing things his own way to complete his missions.

    When off the job, Fox often comes off as somewhat of a kill-joy; most of the time he’s often thinking about work and focusing on what needs to be finished by the end of the week, he’s an a-grade workaholic. This makes him seem like he’s always serious and always sour from the lack of action and funds in his leadership role of Starfox, coming off as a complete grump. But although it might seem like he’s incapable of having fun, this of course isn’t true at all, it’s just very difficult being a leader.

    In social situations he often responds to people with dry wit and sarcasm, Fox has a very difficult time opening up to people but once he gets to know them, he gets much more outgoing and friendly. He can also come off as cocky and egocentric sometimes; after being called a ‘hero’ and taking pride in his natural skills in the skies, he sometimes let things get to his head which in some cases can get on people’s nerves. This especially shows when he’s playing games with his crew mates.

    Although Fox doesn’t consider himself to be the ‘hero’ type, he still holds true to his ideals and morals, wanting to protect innocent civilians, keep the peace and do as much as he can to keep the public safe. Part of the reason his group is likely so broke is because of Fox’s refusal to accept dirty work or illegal jobs; Fox always wants to keep his father’s team noble and true, he will only accept work that upholds the justice of the Lylat system.

    Fox also cares deeply for his family and friends, considering his mother was killed when he was young and his father suffering the same fate later in his life; he always keeps his teammates close and considers them as his actual family, he will stop at nothing to insure the safety of his team and loved ones even if it means laying down his own life. The thought of him losing anybody truly frightens him; when regarding the people he loves and considers close, he cares very little about his own well-being and safety. Above all the safety and well-being of his team matters the most to him and if somebody or something steps out of bounce which endangers everybody, he will not hesitate to put his foot down.




    • Fox was born on the desert planet Papetoon on the edges of the Lylat System, his mother Vixy Reinard shortly passed away when Fox was still a toddler due to a terminal illness.
    • After his mother's passing, his father James McCloud relocated to the planet Corneria due to the convenience regarding his line of work. His father was the leader of mercenary group known as Starfox. At the time Starfox had built up a good name, the group was known for taking on very dangerous missions while working side-by-side with the Cornerian military.
    • Within a few years when Fox became of age, he eventually joined the Cornerian Flight academy, intending to become a pilot and proudly serve the Cornerian military, inspired by the stories and legends around his father. As a cadet he was naturally skilled and considered a ‘prodigy in the skies’, showing great potential in becoming an amazing military pilot.
    • Unfortunately Fox would end up losing his father too. While fox was still at the academy, James’ final mission was to investigate Venom for suspicious bioweapon activity being spotted there, upon arrival he was betrayed by one of his fellow wingmates and captured by the exiled scientist named ‘Andross’; he was presumably killed and never seen again. The remaining member of Starfox, Peppy Hare barely managed to escape the same fate and returned home to inform Fox of his father’s death.
    • Emotionally devastated at the sudden news of losing his father, Fox immediately dropped out of the flight academy and gave up his pursuits in becoming a military pilot. After being convinced by Peppy Hare, Fox then decided to follow in after his father’s footsteps and take the leadership role of his father’s mercenary group. Inheriting his father's dropship, the Great Fox and the massive debt that came along with it, he gathered up a crew made up of a close friends and allies he met through the academy. His team consisting of Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi, from then onward they took on several different jobs as mercenaries-for-hire.
    • And thus began the Lylat Wars, Andross declaring war and launched a full scale attack on the Lylat system, attacking with what seemed to be an endless amount of troops and advanced biological weaponry. As the venomian forces advanced, the fight between the Cornerian forces and the Venomian forces extended to almost every planet in the Lylat System. Desperate, the Cornerian General contacted Starfox to help aid the military in fighting back against the enemy forces and defeat Andross once and for all. Fox accepted without hesitation, making it his goal to destroy Andross and avenge his father’s death.
    • Working alongside the Cornerian Airforce, Fox along with his team undertook several dangerous missions: from helping defend Corneria city from oncoming forces, dog fighting within the emptiness of space, defusing bombs in military bases or assisting the Cornerian squadrons in battle, each success lead them closer to Andross.
    • Upon reaching Andross' base of operations, it's revealed that the 'planet' Venom was actually a massive teleportation device. Fox heads in through the portal alone and enters what seemed to be a pocket dimension where Andross was hiding, inside this dimension, a figure of what seemed to be his deceased father appears and helps lead him to Andross.
    • Once he reaches Andross, Fox faces him and battles him, at the end Fox manages to defeat him and with the help of his father, he manages to make it out of this pocket dimension alive and victorious.
    • With Andross defeated, the Lylat Wars were officially over and Lylat system was saved Fox and his crew were paid handsomely for their deeds and were even offered positions in the Cornerian military for their skills and service to their planet. However, Fox declines this offer stating that he'd rather do things his own way.
    • After a few years have passed since the defeat of Andross, the Lylat system entered an era of peace. While this was certainly a good thing, it meant a lack of work for Starfox. Falling into hard times dealing with the massive amount of debt and bills built up over the years, this leads to where the team stands currently. However, during what was supposed to be a routine training flight, Fox and his arwing are sucked into a portal and completely disappear.
    • And thus begins his adventures in Pandora~


    "Alright team, V formation, now!"

    "And don't forget to test your fusion propulsion systems, the more data R.O.B gets at once, the better."
    The anthropomorphic fox said into his headset as he'd shift the throttle of his thrusters forward, the metal ship he was in making a low humming noise as he did so. Currently Fox and his fellow pilot, Falco were in the process of going through various maintenance and physical tests on their equipment, currently they were focused on the Arwings.

    "Seriously Fox? Give it a rest, this is the fifth damn test in a row, I'm pretty sure our equipment is up to code. Can I go now?"

    Falco stated with a gruff and annoyed sounding voice, considering they were going at this for some time, it was no wonder Falco wanted to bail as soon as he could.

    "Aw, and miss out on all the fun?

    "You promised Falco, 'sides, Peppy and Slip are both busy, so I got my hands tied here. "
    Falco lets out low groan on communications channel as Fox lets out a soft sigh and shakes his head, working with Falco lately has always been such a pain in the ass, granted it felt like tensions have been high lately within his crew considering the lack of work and money lately. Fox couldn't help but wonder how many grey spots of fur he has now thanks to all the stress from this massive amount of debt lingering over him.

    It's funny, you can save the galaxy and become sort of heroic icon but not even that's going to stop the debt collectors coming your way, turns out peacetime while good for the rest of the universe isn't exactly the best period for mercenaries. As of recently, he felt like the closest thing he had to an 'adventure' was finding that week old crab leg that's been sitting under the couch and getting moldy. Man, thinking like this was starting to make him think he was getting old and saggy like Peppy, thinking of the good old days..

    But in regards to the testing, while Falco was right about these tests being completely dull, they were still necessary to ensure their equipment was working at 100%. Especially since after the time that Falco's g-diffuser system started acting up right in the middle of a dogfight and Fox had to go bail him out.

    "Alright, anyways. Next up, activate your thrusters, we're going to-- wait, huh? What the--"

    Fox said, cutting himself off as he squints his eyes at something ahead. A red emergency light on his control panel began to blink as he saw what appeared to be.. black inky vines beginning to extend and form around his ship. In a matter of seconds, Fox could feel his fur stand on end as he felt a feeling he recognized, the same feeling he felt when he went through that teleportation portal into that strange pocket dimension...

    What the hell was going on?! But, before Fox could speak out to Falco to ask for some help, those vines overtook his ship and his surroundings seemed to be engulfed in various shades of black and blue. It all happened so quickly, but in a matter of seconds both Fox and his awring were completely engulfed, gone.

    "Fox?! Hey, speak up! Where are you?!"
    Falco said in panic after witnessing this with his own two eyes, was this some sort of prank?! What the hell just happened?! Expecting some sort of confirmation on his status from his leader. However, there was no answer, Fox was gone.
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  2. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud Starfox

    Male ♂
    Anthropomorphic Fox
    Neutral Good
    Alright! All finished and ready to go!
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    your application is

    Fox looks great, Bears! Go do the thing :D