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McGill, James

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by James McGill, May 3, 2017.

  1. James McGill

    James McGill Better Call Saul

    Independent Lawyer, Business Owner
    True Neutral
    James McGill
    Ain't no rest for the wicked

    Played by Jen

    Fandom: Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul
    Age: Late 30's/Early 40's
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Between Seasons 2 and 3 of Better Call Saul
    NPC Companions: None


    While we all wish we were gifted with some kind of super power, few of us are ever so lucky. When it comes to magical abilities, James is one of the many unfortunate and boring mortals.

    Skills and Talents
    • Silver Tongue - Spewing very crafty, quick-thinking, earnest, and convincing words can go a long way. James can talk himself into a variety of beneficial situations-- as well as talk himself out of difficult ones.
    • Networking - Jimmy is a walking phone book. He is familiar with a plethora of people, places, and procedures to get any job done.
    • Hardworking - Whether documents need to be forged, evidence created, or people bribed, James can get the job done himself in the nick of time.


    • Has a heart - Although he is willing to (and enjoys) breaking rules and cutting corners, Jimmy is still a sweetheart on the inside, and will do everything he can to prevent really hurting somebody... directly. He's no cold-blooded killer. But he knows a guy.
    • Is only human - Cut him and he bleeds. Not everyone can be invincible like Superman over there.


    James (also known as Jimmy) is both a selfish and compassionate man, a principled and mendacious lawyer, a jovial and dangerous criminal. Often all at the same time. Like a chameleon, he constantly changes himself to adapt to his surroundings.

    He enjoys having fun, and is primarily motivated by the desire for wealth, which then turns into power and allows him to have more fun and wealth and power and so on. It's simply how humans work. He currently does not have any close friends or family in Pandora and therefore has nothing to lose and is willing to go full-out in every risk.

    Besides, people and things disappear constantly anyway. As far as he's concerned this is all just a state of limbo, and nothing is ever going to last long. So might as well enjoy the opportunities available and take advantage of whatever one can!

    James uses his hands a lot to explain points to and convince people. This is one reason why he hates being tied up. It makes his job so much harder. He has a tendency to be painfully blunt accompanied by a colorful assortment of vulgarity. Jimmy frequently uses similies and metaphors to illustrate concepts. In addition he has a knack of appearing very honest and personal when the time is right, as opposed to constantly appearing fake and trite like a salesman.

    If James dislikes someone, he'll let them know. Unless they are obviously in a position of power over him in which case he'll suck up to them like his life depended on it, which it very well may.

    On the other hand, if he does like someone, he's usually quick to make a genuine friendship. It may or may not stay as such, depending on a variety of things.

    He does his best to keep all his clients and connections safely hidden behind a barricade of vague-ness and confidentiality, but deep, deep down.... few people can remain anonymous forever. Especially when large amounts of money and bloodshed are involved.


    In the beginning, Jimmy had little desire aside from simply enjoying life, having fun, playing tricks on others, deceiving the gullible, and earning some money in the process. When his harmless games began to get him in trouble-- we're talking handcuffs and jail-time trouble-- he attempted to get his shit together and become a law-abiding, hard working lawyer like his older brother Chuck.

    He was hired in the mail room of his brother's law firm, worked hard to pass an entrance test for a sorry excuse of a law school, completed the barely-viable program online, got his certificate, rented a closet in the back of a nail salon as an office, and began seeing clients. It was slow going, but eventually, he successfully settled a few big cases with only minor infringements upon the law.

    Needless to say, it didn't work out. His brother couldn't forget Jimmy's dishonest past, and never truly supported or encouraged him in his endeavors to do the right thing-- the correct way. At the same time, James learned that he enjoyed doing things the wrong way, the risky way, know... "illegal" way.

    He was "fired" from the firm that he had previously been so lucky to join, and became an independent lawyer alongside his close friend and casual lover Kimberly Wexler. Things were headed in a fantastic direction. That is, until the demon tentacles came and he was so graciously ripped away from everything he knew. Not that he's bitter about it.


    It was as if he'd been asleep forever, yet at the same time it felt like he was standing in his newly painted office only seconds ago. It was impossible to tell how much time had truly passed.

    Asleep. Not the most appropriate word, unless you classified being suffocated and swarmed by the darkest color of black imaginable as 'sleeping.'

    Nonetheless, he 'awoke' with a blinding rush of light and the feeling of air reappearing within his lungs. Yes, reappearing. Not filling. He gasped, more in utter shock than to acquire air, and scrambled in place for a moment, feeling grass underneath him and looking around wildly to squint through the sudden presence of daylight. "Oh, Jesus--!"

    As his eyes adapted to the light he quickly discovered that he was not dead and that everything, for lack of a better word, was... normal. James was simply outside now--suddenly-- for some reason. He was not calmed by the gentle wind's touch nor the grass, dandelions, and weeds surrounding his tensed form. Though the pitch-black tendrils that had roped around his body were gone, the unsettling sensation of their grasp remained. It was not something he had dreamt.

    James' mouth was dry from the shock of the brief yet otherworldly ordeal. He raised himself from the ground and took a few stumbling steps away from the place he'd 'woken,' as if he could escape what had already happened. His trembling hand came to his pocket, instinctually wanting to open his cell phone and call Kim.

    There was no cell phone. Fear returned as he frantically patted every hiding place in his thousand-dollar white suit, yellow button-up shirt, and grass-stained trousers. "Oh God..." He breathed, looking around at his environment again as he reluctantly concluded the search for his phone, at a loss for what to do. There was a town or city not far from him, maybe an hour's walk. It didn't look like any town he'd ever seen. A hodge-podge of different styles and time periods of architecture. This wasn't Albuquerque. Hell-- it probably wasn't even the goddamned United States of America.

    "Oh...I, God-- I--..." James raised his arms in a helpless give-me-a-break gesture before bringing them up to grip his soft brown hair. "JESUS FUCK!!" He roared to unleash a short bout of frustration, bending forward before straightening his back and swinging his arms down to his sides.

    Jimmy caught his breath and continued looking around himself, hoping that if he did that long enough, everything would transform back into the place he knew. There was no living soul around him that he could see, which was both a comfort, given his burst of profanity, and a disappointment as he sought someone to help him sort out just exactly what the fuck happened to him.

    After calming down, he began to accept the terrifyingly odd situation, and began making his way towards the city in the near distance, still unhinged at the disappearance of his cell phone. He sure hoped Kim was alright. Maybe someone in town would have a phone that he could use to call her-- that is, if this wasn't some third-world country still using horse-drawn wagons to conduct their business.

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  2. Thalia

    Thalia Scratilicious

    Unseen academic
    your application is

    Hi, Jen and welcome to Pandora! Jimmy/Saul looks great! Don't forget to visit our Sign Ups forum and most importantly have fun!