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meeting of mages

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Cait, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Cait

    Cait Guest

    Cait was wandering again. She hadn't found herself able to settle anywhere; the threat of the Romans kept her moving at all times and she didn't want to endanger the lives of the people around her, even those who helped her. Fortunately with every stop of and every kind face she was gifted items and she now had a heavy tunic, some water skins and some different types of food in case she couldn't catch anything with her bow and arrows. Today she was walking a path she had not before, preferring to stay in the thick of the wood, never staying in one location longer than was needed. With the warmer weather she had also stopped lighting fires except to cook food on- she didn't want to attract attention and she had a good reason to.

    She had only recently got out of the grip of the Romans and was determined that she was not going back there ever again. She'd been tied up like an animal though she knew that wasn't the worst thing the Romans were capable of- they'd blinded her father without a second thought and she could only imagine what they'd do to her given that she had escaped their clutches before.

    Cait continued forwards, eventually hearing the movements of another person. She stilled, listening to the direction. Cait pressed herself up against the tree until she was brave enough to move towards where the noise was coming from. She knew not everyone in this wood was out to get her and as long as they didn't have an alliance to Rome she would make at least an ally of them. She stepped forwards carefully, eyeing a man with his back to her, "What are you doing?" She demanded, standing as tall as she could, trying to look imposing.
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  2. There were several points in his life where William of Lanchester had to wonder 'just how did I find myself here?' Times where the situation became so strange, so out of the norm, even for him where he had to take a step back and really look into all of the choices that had led him to that point. Oddly enough, this was not one of those times. Even as he stood in a completely alternate universe, come to the shores of a beach to speak with a mermaid about creating a pathway between the mirrors that would connect her realm to all others like it in the world...this was oddly normal for him. The sort of thing he was used to doing. Strange how life worked out that way.

    Yet here he was now, watching as the mermaid turned her back on him and swam away, her sinuous form diving back once more, like a dolphin, into the sea. A Long sigh escaped him, and, dragging a hand back through his hair, he found himself staring up at the sky. There were several ways in which that could have gone worse, he supposed, but also many more in which it could have gone better. Well, there was nothing to be done for it now. He would have to get in contact with her again, he knew, but until their next meeting...

    William pushed himself back to his feet. With a wave of his hand and a few murmured words in a language not known to most human ears a roaring wind rose up, swirling about the magician. He began speaking his message, but was interrupted only moments later by the sound of a young girl's voice. He glanced over his shoulder, the wind dying down immediately. He arched a brow at her, noting the manner in which she held herself. There was something defensive about it, like an animal attempting to appear larger and more imposing than it was.

    Turning to face her fully, William raised his hands in placating manner. "I am merely sending a message," he replied "the wind acts as my courier. Why were you hiding behind that tree?"
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  3. Cait

    Cait Guest

    Cait was sure she had seen someone disappear underneath the waves but decided against asking about it. She was almost getting tired of the oddities of this world; before the Romans her life had been much easier; she had been a girl with a family. They had interrupted her womanhood ceremony and now she was someone stuck between being a girl and a woman, with no given name. Then the Romans had come to her village and since then, her life had been anything but normal. She wished to go back to the time before Romans, where she still had a family and a home, even if it meant not knowing about the runes and her powers or any of it.

    Her eyes fixed on the man in front of her and she looked like a deer caught out by a hunter. She looked him up and down before finding her voice, rubbing one hand over the side of her eye which held the runes the druids had tattooed there before she'd been brought to this hell-hole. Finding herself, she shrugged, looking every inch the defiant teenager. "Why not? I have no idea who's in these woods." True she had made the decision to go out on her own, but it didn't mean she felt like it was the safest thing to do.

    "What do you mean, the wind acts as your courier?" She asked, scrunching her face up a little.
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  4. Defiance seemed to flow through her every action and every word as she answered him and William could not help but raise his brows, though he was more amused than anything. He lowered his arms. How different she was from John, whether it was the one he knew from his own time or the young teenager he had to deal with now. How openly defiant she was, with that need to justify herself, whereas the Raven King , he doubted would even feel the need to acknowledge the question in the first place. It was a different experience for him, at least insofar as his dealings with teenagers were concerned (granted that those were rather limited).

    "A fair point," giving a slight nod as he spoke, he would at the very least admit that "but then why trek through the forest alone if you are so fearful of those who may be out here?" he countered. He shook his head, turning his attention back onto her own question then "I mean exactly what I said, I asked the wind to carry a message for me and that is what it was going to do." It seemed so simple an explanation to him, yet he still wondered if she would understand. "It is magic" he offered as a final explanation, shrugging. He glanced back at the runes around her eye. They seemed, to his eyes, of magical import, at least. Perhaps she would understand, then.
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  5. Cait

    Cait Guest

    Cait wasn't about to tell this complete stranger every little detail about her life, not with the months she'd had. She kept herself guarded, only speaking to a few people, leaving a little impression before moving on. She never told them where she was going in case the Romans came her way. "Got nowhere else to be." Cait said with a shrug. She had put as much distance between her and the Romans as she possibly could but she had also made sure that she'd never stayed in one place for too long. In truth she was still running from them; petrified of what they might do if they ever laid their hands on her. "Why are you out here alone?"

    If Cait hadn't seen the things she had over the past few months she might have called the man a liar or insane; she'd seen too much to give him either name. If she called him either of those things it meant that it applied to her too. She looked up at the air around them, almost expecting to see parchment or notes just hanging there. Divis had shown her so little magic that she hadn't really understood its true extent. He'd barely done anything useful though, except repeatedly visit the Underworld and come back a little more insane each time.