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Memento Mori // Minato's Directory

Discussion in 'Character Directory' started by Minato Arisato, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Minato Arisato

    Minato Arisato Persona
    Persona Jesus

    Neutral Good
    Social Link Color Key
    Hanged Man
    Hermit/Justice/whatever Blade Wolf ends up being
    Autumn, Year 108Empty Hourglass - Quirrel - Nov 1st
    Death Never Did Love a Cheater - Goro Akechi - Nov 8th
    Missing Questions - Blade Wolf - Nov 15th
    Death's Door - Margaret - Nov 16th
    Mirror of the Past - Aigis - Nov 17th
    Sweet a la Mode - Goro Akechi - Nov 21st
    Overstepping - Text, Ren Amamiya - Nov 22nd
    Falling Awake on a Broken Battlefield - Goro Akechi - Nov 24th

    Hung Up Fools in an Uncaring World - Ren Amamiya + Goro Akechi + Margaret - Nov 28th
    The Mile-High Club - Ren Amamiya + Yu Narukami - Nov 30th

    Winter, Year 108If One Of Them Is Dead - Goro Akechi - Dec 1st
    Dead Men Tell No Tales - Goro Akechi - Dec 5th
    NERVE-ous Caroler - Phone Call, Athena Cykes - Dec 16th
    All Taped Up - One-off - Dec 17th
    Something a Little Sweeter - Text, Qrow Branwen - Dec 19th

    Anything for Money - Zidane Tribal - Dec 20th
    The Everything Party - Persona Crew - Dec 21st
    Christmas Eve's Inquiry - Goro Akechi - Dec 24th
    Totally Casual Not Panicking Text - Text, Ren Amamiya - Dec 24th
    Tanz Mit Mir - Goro Akechi - Dec 27th
    Sealed One Unbound - Akihiko Sanada - Dec 28th
    Breathe For Me - Akihiko Sanada + Goro Akechi - Dec 30th

    Please Stop Dying - Elizabeth - Jan 4th
    Memento Vivere - Akihiko Sanada - Jan 14th
    On Fire, Flaming With Passion - Text, Goro Akechi - Jan 15th
    Bonavista Baby - Goro Akechi - Jan 19th
    This Is Not How You Say Sorry - Ren Amamiya - Jan 20th
    Everything Red and Black - Goro Akechi - Feb 8th
    Souls in Sync - Goro Akechi - Feb 14th

    Spring, Year 108When Death And All His Angels Catch You - Akihiko Sanada - Mar 5th
    Break Time High - Yuko Oshima the 9th - Mar 7th
    Weeping Willow - Goro Akechi - March 12th
    It's Raining Women - Minako Arisato - March 15th
    Red Heart, Blue Soul - P3 Crew - March 16th
    Robin's Crown - Goro Akechi - March 25th

    Misc.Minato's Ask Me Anything
    Carry Our Bodies Safe To Shore - Akechi and Minato reunite Post-Pandora in the Collective Unconscious
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