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Minoru, Nico

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Nico Minoru, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Nico Minoru

    Nico Minoru Marvel Universe

    Human / Sorceress
    I got issues with talking about my feelings. Or just, generally having them.

    Played by Oddie

    Fandom: Marvel's Runaways
    Age: Sixteen / Seventeen
    Species: Human / Sorceress
    Gender: Female / Goth
    Canon Point: 02x08: "Sleep!"


    Staff of OneSaid to be created by Wizard and based on Gibborim technology, the Staff of One is reminiscent of dark blood magic, utilising Minoru DNA via blood to function. Consequently, if anyone else other than a Minoru attempted to take and use the staff, they would be burnt and forced to drop it. Although the Staff of One demonstrates limited telepathic capabilities explained by receiving and interpreting electrical currents from the user's neural pathways, the Staff of One primarily uses command words and/or phrases to produce a variety of effects from manipulating the elements, tracking people, creating barriers, summoning objects, etc. However, a specific command word/phrase can only be used once successfully with any repeats likely to outright fail or else cause a random effect. As a workaround, Nico can use synonyms or more specific command words/phrases or else use the same command words/phrases in another language, which can take some creative quick on-the-spot thinking, especially under stress or pressure or on a time crunch.

    Dark DimensionUnknowingly tapping into and subconsciously drawing power from the Dark Dimension, Nico when in dangerous situations and under extreme duress enters a darken state where not only is Nico not in control but the effects of the Staff of One are devastatingly powerful - and lethal.

    Physical CombatWhile not hugely experienced in an actual fight outside of her Kendo training as a kid, Nico is capable of using the Staff of One (in addition to various other weapons) in physical combat.


    Mortal TeenagerAs a mortal, Nico is vulnerable to all means and manner of death. As a teenager, although she's learnt a lot while on the run, she's also still fairly inexperienced with the ways of the world and naturally finds it hard for most adults to take her seriously.

    Staff of OneWithout the Staff of One, Nico is just a normal teenage girl. With the Staff of One, Nico is prone to becoming tired and exhausted to the point of passing-out from overuse, leaving her extra vulnerable to the influence of the Dark Dimension. Due to the staff mainly relying on command words/phases to work, the staff can potentially be rendered ineffective by Nico being silenced one way or another or else having her speech scrambled.


    Emotionally distant and closed off, Nico isn't the warmest or most open of people, often hiding behind her goth persona that she's actually a highly sensitive individual driven by her feelings, which she herself says she struggles to control and understand. With extensive trust issues, as the de facto leader of her group of runaways, it can be difficult to break through or otherwise climb over the many walls Nico builds up around herself, intended to keep other people out as she bears the weight of responsibility on her shoulders. Not a role she takes lightly or asked for, she often puts the well-being of those she cares about above her own, choosing or rather preferring to suffer in silence in order to appear strong.

    Once inside her inner circle if not necessarily her walls, (although she's obviously not as put together as she makes herself out to be and said to be volatile), Nico is both a loyal and protective friend, not willing to abandon anyone or leave them behind. For this reason, betrayal is not something she can forgive easily if ever; Nico known to hold a grudge, with there not many if any lines she isn't willing to cross when it comes to those she loves. Although whether just part of herself or influenced by her connection to the Dark Dimension or both - she's prone to fits of jealousy and anger and possessive and rage just like anyone and everyone else, this potential for darkness in wake of the Staff of One absolutely terrifies her.


    Nico stands at five feet and two inches in height.


    She couldn't be hearing this.

    She couldn't be hearing this.

    A knife to the heart slipping in between the ribs when she was vulnerable and exposed and stupid, Nico all those days ago had barely felt the arms wrapped around her, enveloping her in a tight embrace as silent tears welled up in her eyes. Not allowing them to fall, she couldn't - wouldn't - allow herself to believe it.

    But she did.

    And it was true.

    Now, with blood on her hands but remaining steady as she applied eyeliner in the reflection of an antique mirror, there was no changing what she did.

    Like Karolina said, she'd made her choice.

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  2. Nico Minoru

    Nico Minoru Marvel Universe

    Human / Sorceress
    Done! Don't think I've missed anything.
  3. Siri

    Siri je suis loser
    Application Division

    your application is

    she is so cute and her hair is so cute

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