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Private Miracle on Cascade Sands

Discussion in 'Cascade Sands & Docks' started by Elsa, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Elsa

    Elsa Frozen

    December 25th, Year 7

    Christmas Morning. Elsa couldn’t remember the last time she had ever fully celebrated Christmas, having committed herself to a life seclusion for everyone else’s safety. She didn’t think their family had any traditions whatsoever, or if her parents had had any, they were all but a hazy memory. It was just one of the many regrets Elsa had taken the time to think about ever since she came to Pandora.

    It had been over two months, and she still hadn’t found Anna. It seemed ridiculous, given that her sister lived here, and others knew her. But her search had proved fruitless and Elsa was running out of options. Cascade Bay was by no means small and trying to comb every inch of it herself had proved to be very difficult, especially since she’d only just fully gotten her bearings.

    With little else to do on this day that was full of cheer for most, Elsa had travelled down to the beach where everything had begun. She knew the route well by now, and made good time getting there. It was colder than when she’d first arrived, she knew, even though she couldn’t feel it herself.

    Her heels sank into the sand as she made her way towards the water. The wind whipped through her braid, sending it flying high over her shoulders. Fortunately, it seemed her powers had no bearing on the weather in Pandora, something she was grateful for.

    Elsa gazed out towards the horizon, where the water glistened from the sun. She stood straight, hands clasped at her waist, ever composed despite the sadness she felt inside. Her lips tugged down into a frown as her eyes started to become wet with tears.

    “Merry Christmas, Anna.”
    She murmured, still staring straight ahead, unaware of any of the other goings around her.
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  2. Anna

    Anna Frozen

    Oracle at Apollo's Temple
    Pandora Town
    Today had been a day off from everything. Responsibilities at the temple, dealing with their very unwelcomed and disliked guest, to really doing anything. As much as she had celebrated last year, this year just didn't seem to have much going for it. She again, had lost nearly everything and the only pieces left were her job and a few people she knew, only one of them had she known before moving into the home she did, and practically everyone else there had settled in as a younger sibling in her mind, still nothing as close to people she had before in previous years.

    She had gone out to the beach to get away from the noise in town and draw in the sand. She had left Apollo a small present, not that he actually needed them or anything, but she had found it rather entertaining to find sunglasses in the shape of suns, for a sun god.

    Anna was bundled up in a thick blanket as she sat in the sand drawing out Olaf before erasing him and starting over. It had been so long since she had seen him, her sister too, though the latter had been around last year. She had had one holiday in recent memory that she could safely say felt right. It had been with some friends and family, it felt like how she always imagined people felt on the holidays and this year was a stark contrast to it. Despite having a house full of people, her dealings with Philip left her feeling alienated.

    "Ugh! No... he doesn't wear shoes," Anna muttered to herself as she dragged the stick over the image of Olaf until her slate was clean. Sitting there, she glanced back down her path, every few feet a new little Olaf doodle, but they were all missing something. For years she had tried slipping her sister that memory they shared, each year a little more detailed or elaborate, but always the same thing. It wouldn't be the first year that she had no one to give anything to, but after all she had been through it felt the hardest.

    It took a while for her to acknowledge that there was someone else on the beach, standing directly in her Olaf path, and even longer for it to sink in as to whom she was looking at. Everything told her that she should just turn around and ignore it, that of all the things in Pandora, it was just some illusion, but she was so desperate to have anything back that she gave in and hoped. Rising to her feet, blanket still around her, Anna approached the woman, more and more hope filling her as she got closer before she was sure who it was. "Elsa?"

    There was only the smallest hint of hesitation in her voice. There was plenty that had gone on unsaid but she had witnessed her taken, this wasn't the same one no matter how much the memory lingered. "Are you real?" Anna hoped that she was, prayed that this wasn't some illusion or joke played by some heartless jerk. She needed this to be her sister.
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