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Private Mission: Regrettable

Discussion in 'Morhall' started by Riza Hawkeye, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:02 AM.

  1. Riza Hawkeye

    Riza Hawkeye Fullmetal Alchemist

    Neutral Good
    February 18, Year 7
    @Roy Mustang

    Ever since returning from Cascade Bay things had been getting back to normal in small ways. Ed and Al were still in Morhall while Fullmetal recuperated from his torture but as the days went by he seemed to be slowly returning to his old self and while Riza was too pragmatic to think he would be utterly unchanged by the end she hoped he could come as close as possible. As he healed, bit by bit, so did Mustang, who was starting to act more like his usual self too. Everyone was doing their parts to support the other members of their family, as much as they could, and it was starting to pay off, day by day, little by little.

    As much as Riza wanted to sit by and watch over them all the more she saw the more she realized what a fragile state every little step was, how any small thing could start to cause it all to fall apart. The one responsible for this was still out there, at large, and for all they knew down here in the mountain, just waiting for another chance to strike. She would have liked to think that their display of power and determination when getting Edward back would dissuade the vampire from trying again but 'like' didn't make 'true' in any way- and people who did the sort of things that man had weren't dissuaded from what they wanted for long. Options for changing that were limited and not knowing much about the type of creature they were facing didn't help matters.

    Realistically that left one course of action. Recognizance had to be done if any headway was to be made and, situations being what they were, she was the most logical choice to do it. She didn't make waves, she wasn't exceptionally notable, her duties in Morhall were more easily covered by Maes and Roy than theirs were and- most of all- she knew they had stronger reasons to stay inside the mountain. It wasn't as though she liked realizing this, or that she thought it was a foolproof plan without flaws, but after going over it, it was the only option she could see.

    Now she just had to break it to Roy. He wasn't going to like it at all.

    That morning she'd peeked her head in through their recently conjoined apartments and calmly asked him to please come by once Edward and Alphonse were settled, then made them some coffee and heated up some stew for lunch. Mustang always needed the reminder to eat when he was working and besides, it helped to settle her nerves. That done, all that was left to do was sit at her table and wait for him to come in- so that's what she did.
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