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Misty Hollow Defense

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Lamelian, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Lamelian

    Lamelian "Life is about learning to dance in the rain!"


    Misty Hollow Defense



    The Defense Headquarters, a refurbished two-story building, can be found within the barrier in the center of town. Its distinctive appearance is eye-catching, what with its reddish-brown bricks and the large bell hanging outside.

    Upon entering, there is a large entrance hall that leads into several other rooms, and a large staircase facing the entrance. Immediately on the lefthand side is a front desk where one or two secretaries can commonly be found. Here, citizens can report crimes and supernatural activity, ask questions, or arrange meetings with a defender.

    Most rooms found on the righthand side of the entrance hall are open to the general public: washrooms, a waiting room, and offices for low-ranking defenders. Rooms on the lefthand side are accessible only if you are accompanied by a defender: holding cells, interview and interrogation rooms, training rooms for the defenders, and a back room that leads down to the basement. The wooden staircase in the entrance hall leads to the upper floor, where several rooms can be found that are strictly off-limits to the public at all times: staff washrooms, a conference room, a recreational room, a weapons storage room, an evidence and records room, and offices for high-ranking defenders.

    The basement is only accessible via a trap door in a back room, where three large tunnels that can house hundreds have been dug out. While the citizens of Misty Hollow know of its existence, it is only accessible during times of emergency, when they need to take shelter from attackers.

    Next to the building itself hangs a large bell suspended by ropes, which lead to smaller bells that hang from street lamps all across town. These serve as warning signals; when the large bell is rung, the smaller bells also ring to alert the citizens to an attack.

    Five watchtowers were erected around the borders of Misty Hollow to serve as better protection from would-be attackers.

    Defense Lines & Patrols

    The first line of the town’s defense system is consisted of five towers, approximately 10 meters tall. In an endeavor to accomplish a better view over the location, the towers were built in strategic spots around the borders which form the points of a pentagram similar to the magical pillars. A significant number of soldiers (mostly npc's) are keeping constant watch for incidents outside the town.

    The second line is the defenders who guard the town itself in the form of a police force. Either on foot or riding horsing, the roads are under the watchful eye of the defenders. The regular patrol's around the streets are meant to prevent crimes while those near the boarders are taking place with the hope that malevolent entities will not intrude.

    Last but not least, the third one was formed by recruiting those who wield magic or are familiar with the ways of sorcery. Their duty is to guard the protective barrier and ensure the safety of the pillars. At the same time, they prepare both the rest of the defenders and the civilians as well against supernatural attacks.

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