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Misty Hollow

Discussion in 'Lorebook' started by Steel, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Steel

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    Misty Hollow


    ............Quick FactsLocation: Northwest of Silverwood
    Size: 1.5 square miles (1 x 1.5 miles)
    Population: ~500 (+Residents)
    Government: Elected council
    Technology: Electricity, StarkNet
    Trade: Exports lumber, animal pelts
    and furs, arcane artifacts
    Dangers/Difficulties: Unusually high
    supernatural activity

    Misty Hollow is a modern New England-style town located northwest of Silverwood, and is the second-largest town after Pandora Town. Discovered in late February, Year 3, it can accommodate several times its current population size. In spite of its worn buildings and the perpetual mist granting the town its name, it is the only town in Pandora that has its own power station, providing it with electricity.

    Despite the persistent fog, old-time diners, bookstores, newspaper stands, and even an ultimately useless shipping yard, give Misty Hollow an archaic, rustic feel. Worn asphalt roads connect rich, poor and commercial districts together. There is a distinct New England feel to the town's architecture, making two- and three-floored terraced houses common in the poorer parts of town. Detached mansions are found in the richer areas of rugged, unkempt suburbia with sprawling gardens and worn marble walls.

    Unfortunately, supernatural activity was unnaturally high during the first few months. Mysterious deaths occurred all too frequently, discouraging people from settling down there. A safe-haven—a magical barrier—was created in the center of town to keep the majority of evil energies away, but any who ventured beyond the barrier were at the town’s mercy.

    After November, Year 4, thanks to an ancient ritual, the town’s supernatural threats were significantly reduced, attracting a number of new citizens. Most recently, they have been focusing efforts on improving the town’s living conditions and renovating run-down buildings. With the need for the ritual to be replicated yearly, however, supernatural activity spiked again from November, Year 5, reverting areas outside of the town’s barrier back to their dangerous states.

    Current State

    After Halloween, Year 5, the ritual that had been performed a year ago to purify the city faded away. Supernatural activity heightened once more, with dark energy and malevolent entities reappearing in town. The hauntings returned, and so did assaults on citizens caught outside of the safe haven. Thankfully, the magical barrier endured.

    During Winter, Year 5, Misty Hollow suffered from a different kind of threat, after repeated attacks by the great dragon Smaug. However, thanks to a recent anonymous tip that led to the beast's treasure, rebuilding has now gone underway. In Spring, Year 5, a wave of darkness reached town and even managed to slip through the barrier. Thankfully, its collapse was averted by people who defended and reinforced the five pillars.

    Life is thriving within the barrier, despite supernatural activity still plaguing the town. With the barrier's new power, no evil shall prove strong enough to penetrate its walls.

    Supernatural activity is unnaturally high. Outside the barrier, malfunctioning equipment, odd sightings, frights, paranoia, inexplicable attacks and deaths, inexplicable phenomena, moving streets and buildings, are but a small sample of what occurs nightly. Anyone who lives outside the barrier is at risk.


    • Year 3, February 25: The town is discovered by Lightning, Fai D. Flourite and Indiana Jones.
    • Year 4, October 31: A ritual is performed to appease the supernatural presence. Supernatural activity lessens to a manageable level.
    • Year 4, February 22: Haldir revitalized the barrier, strengthening it with a magic crystal.
    • Year 4, March 14: Construction on the Defense Headquarters is completed. [link]
    • Year 5, October 31: The ritual wears off, and supernatural activity starts up again.
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