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Private month-late date

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Yu Narukami, May 8, 2019.

  1. Yu Narukami

    Yu Narukami Guest

    @Minato Arisato
    Yu was late, as was seemingly a theme in his life. A month late, in fact, to a dinner invitation by his friend and battle partner Minato. The outing was originally meant to "catch up" after the Labyrinth, as the last time they had spoken to each other had been high as kites under the gaze of some velvet room cult, but... Yu had to admit, there were some feelings he couldn't exactly ignore...

    That didn't matter now, though. Minato had been through quite a few unsavory experiences since Yu had up and vanished from the box, and accordingly he had his mind set on helping his senpai out of these ruts before making any sort of move.

    Yu rounded the corner and checked his phone. Yes, this was the place. A cozy little cafe in Marble Hill, which Minato had recommended to him.
    He continued to remind himself that this wasn't technically a date as he entered.
    "Table for two, please."
    Ah, still so very nervous.​
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  2. Yu was back, and -- thank the Gods -- with his memories. He wasn't sure how much more weird shit he could actually handle out of the Pantheon right now, what with Akihiko suddenly reverting to a January 2010 version of himself with absolutely no memories of Pandora, and no prior disappearance. He'd gone to bed as 2015 22-year old swole dad and woken up as 2009 noodle boy teammate. Minato was still trying to properly wrap his head around the whole thing, and that had only been two days ago. Then Yu had PM'd him out of nowhere, claiming that he'd taken a nap and woken up a month later. Minato was really, really tired of Pandora screwing with people he knew.

    Not to mention, it had been a month and a week since Goro had broken up with him. Not that he was counting, but it still felt vaguely fresh.

    He wandered through Marble Hill and turned into the coffeeshop he had recommended to Yu, eyes flickering over the patrons once he stepped inside. Yu's bowlcut and silver coloring was easy to pick out, and he walked over, dropping into the chair across from him. "Hi."
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  3. Yu Narukami

    Yu Narukami Guest

    Yu's nerves had been climbing higher and higher since he'd sat down, almost threatening to burst through his carefully curated poker face. His mind had been alternating between stressing about ditching Minato for a month and repeating to himself over and over that no, this is not a date, please stop panicking-

    But as soon as his tiny senpai sat down, all of it washed away. Minato had that effect on him - throughout the labyrinth, he had been able to cool Yu's nerves with the smallest things in a way none of the IT could manage.

    Looking at him used to remind Yu of Naoto, probably his best friend of the underclassmen, but since entering Pandora, it had been different, and difficult to place.

    For the first time in a while, Yu allowed himself to relax. A small, warm smile grew on his face, before progressing to a beaming dumb grin as he closed his eyes and shook his head. The last time he'd seen Minato and remembered him, they were... Not under ideal circumstances. But..

    He was here now. He was real.
    It was so nice to see him again. So nice.
    Yu released a small laugh before calming his face down a bit.
    "Good evening, Senpai. Sorry for the lateness."
  4. He rested his chin in his hand, blowing some hair out of his eye with a quiet, friendly chuckle at the dumb grin on Yu's face. There was something to be said for someone being this happy to spend time with him. He almost felt like he was back on Tatsumi Port doing social links... Just this time with another Wildcard. He'd never really gotten over the weirdness of learning about the cycles of Persona, and the lump of time between him and Yu, and Yu and Amamiya was so short... Was it because Aigis took his place, or because of something else? What new lesson did the Collective Unconscious force upon a new set of people... Too many questions.
    The Labyrinth had of course answered none of them, only thrown the teams at each other and against a random threat they didn't know anything about at the time. It had been... Interesting, and sad when he had to be reminded by Elizabeth exactly what had transpired. He missed Yu, and the IT, and even if only they two remembered their adventures, it was alright.

    "It's alright." He gave a graceful shrug. "It happens. Sanada shrunk to January 2010 version like, two days ago. Pandora's trippy."

    He did order some coffee and a little cake piece from the waiter, before eyeing Yu in a 'what do you want?' Sort of way. "Order whatever you want. I'm good to cover it."
  5. Yu Narukami

    Yu Narukami Guest

    Yu ordered a black coffee and a sandwich to keep it simple, and also to subtly refrain from reminding Minato that he'd slept through his birthday. He figured Minato had better uses for his money than buying a cake for someone he barely knew.
    It was bad enough that he'd mentioned it. The implied obligation was rude...

    Attention, Narukami. Focus. Conversation. How was he to go about the delicate task of lifting Minato's spirits? He'd never known the guy to be a happy person, and the most he'd seen online was deadpan snarking and nihilistic jokes. Not really Yu's forte.
    ....Might as well say something.

    Aha! Draw upon information from the group chat. Flawless plan.
    "How's that game Amamiya showed you going? I haven't played many video games myself, but you seem to enjoy it."
  6. Tough luck, Yu, He was going to buy and cake and nothing would stop him. He hummed thoughtfully as the waiter went away with their orders and then refocused on Yu when he began speaking.

    "Oh, it's going good." He smiled, playing with a sugar packet he'd nicked from the little container on the table. "It's a lot more fun that I thought, and a complete time sucker... I space into the game and when I come out it's been like six hours and I've missed dinner or something."
  7. Yu Narukami

    Yu Narukami Guest

    This got a small snicker from Yu, who had imagined the only things capable of engaging the entirety of Minato's attention to be music and the flow of a fight. The part about missing dinner caused a small frown to cross his face, though. He dwelled on this for a moment. Yu had never really had the time to get into video games - or, perhaps, his parents hadn't the time - and he now supposed that this was why.

    Why had his parents been so stressed about his schedule, anyhow?
    "Are the majority of video games such massive time sinks? That would explain my relative inexperience with the subject... Not much time to sit about living in Tokyo, after all."

    It had only just now occurred to him that he'd been ordered a cake. He adopted a pouting expression.
    "Senpai, I told you you didn't need to do that..."