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Morales, Miles

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Miles Morales, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Miles Morales

    Miles Morales Marvel Universe

    Mutated Human
    Miles Morales
    How am I supposed to save the whole world?

    Played by EXORDIUM

    Fandom: Marvel (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
    Age: 16
    Species: Mutated human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: During the end of the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Special AbilitiesSpider Physiology: Not unlike Peter Parker, Miles has had his strength, stamina, agility and speed enhanced from being bitten by an peculiar spider. This means Miles is able to push his body further and harder than the average person without feeling the effects of doing so as strongly or as quickly at first. It also means he can take on opponents who might be much bigger than himself with the aid of his enhanced capabilities. Miles can, for example, swing a car with the help of his webs or lift up heavy objects with minimum effort. This of course varies depending on the weight of the object and what state Miles might be in at the time. In addition to this, the bite brought with it the ability for Miles to adhere to surfaces with his hands and feet, giving him the capability to climb walls, buildings, etc. Miles also shares the 'Spidey Senses' shared with his spider kin, allowing him to sense when he is in danger and often allowing him to then be able to act just before disaster strikes.

    Camouflage: Unique to Miles, he is able to render himself and his clothing invisible to the naked human eye. Miles is able to call upon this ability at will and it derives from a 'fight or flight' response when confronted with danger. However, heat detectors and other similar technology can still discover Miles.

    Venom Strike: This is a build up of energy from Miles that expels itself through his hands, or his gloves as a conductor, and causes the receiver to experience a very nasty shock. It can leave opponents knocked out, even if the opponent is much larger in size compared to Miles. Miles is also able to expel a stronger build up of this energy which has the same effects, just to a more powerful, longer lasting degree. It cannot be used in quick succession as a 'build up' time must occur for the energy to return and does not kill enemies either. Venom Strike is also able to break through restraints Miles has possibly been bound with, from ropes to engineered spider webs.

    EquipmentSpider Suit: Spray painted black with his own design of a symbol adoring the chest, Miles's current suit has been given to him and is an original suit belonging to the Spider-Man from his world. The suit allows Miles to conduct the previously mentioned abilities still and the streamlined fit ensures swinging through the city and winding around corners is made even easier for the teenager. It of course also hides his identity and most importantly holds the webshooters given to him with the suit, allowing Miles to shoot webs when needed for varying occasions.


    Inexperience: Whilst being young has its benefits, it also has its limits. Miles, though eager to help, is inexperienced and often finds himself in sticky situations because of it. Far from the best fighter, Miles has learned to defend himself as best he can from being thrown in the deep end of things so far but he's been lucky to come out on top. In need of a mentor if he's going to survive more than that, especially as a new Spider-Man, Miles will fail to grow and succeed as a hero without some mentoring and nurturing.

    Family: Understandably, at such a young age Miles doesn't particularly want to fight in general but with his family being so important to him, if threatened or harmed, Miles loses control of the situation and is highly likely to step down/surrender. Likewise, friends are very important to him and the thought of losing any would make him become self-sacrificial in order to save them, leading to his own life put at risk.

    Squishy Spider: Despite being stronger than the average human, Miles is still very much human and death is no foreigner to the young boy. Fatal wounds from gunshots to stabbings to even missing up a swing and falling hundreds of feet can send Miles to an early grave - a particularly scary thought when paired with his inexperience.


    Being a kid from Brooklyn with two very loving parents was kind of a blessing and probably exactly what the teen needed for what fate had in store for him. Miles was lucky and he knew that too. He had a very cool uncle to boot who encouraged his artistic abilities and tried to help him see the lighter side of things, like when he was made to move school after passing some dumb entrance exam he wished he'd never taken. Hell, Miles had even tried flunking his own classes but nothing seemed to work, not when you were pretty smart in the first place. But a mundane life where the worst thing was worrying about what you were supposed to do with yourself after school suddenly seemed like a slice of cake to Miles, especially from the day onward where his life was turned upside down.

    Being given super powers he didn't ask for let alone know what to do with seemed like the most stressful thing to happen in a day, right? No. Watching his superhero, Spider-Man, the Spider-Man, die in front of him after telling him everything would be okay was the worst thing Miles thought could happen. Confused, scared and unsure of what to do with himself, New York in general seemed to be changing after Kingpin caused a brief bridge between worlds to open up. Faces both foreign and familiar appeared to Miles as he was thrust into the superhero life without much of a choice, leaving him floundering to keep up with the others who were so ready for this.

    Teamed up with an unlikely group of Spider... Heroes, all from other worlds, Miles found himself struggling with the new life as they tried to work quickly enough to be able to send all the others home before destroying the machine that had brought them together in the first place: the super-collider. Nothing ever went to plan though. Not for Miles Morales. Remember how Miles felt that the worst day was watching Spider-Man die in front of him? Turns out the worst day was still coming for him. Losing the uncle he saw as a second father, Miles was left broken and unable to find the strength to get back up again, he just couldn't, not this time.

    Part of him didn't even want for the others to leave, not when he had made friends with them and when they were people who understood him more than anyone else possibly could. But, when he knew he couldn't have that and needed to do the right thing, Miles, with a little help from Aunt May, managed to don a new Spidey Suit and find the courage to go on for his friends. Arriving to help and not a moment too soon, Miles managed to send his friends back to their own worlds before taking on Kingpin himself, keeping his promise to the late Spider-Man as he destroyed the super-collider and saved New York City. Handing the defeated villain over to the authorities, Miles was just returning to a 'normal' life, making friends, getting on top of his school work etc. when it seemed fate wasn't done with him just yet...

    Pulled from his own world by black vines, Miles had first assumed that there was someone else continuing the work of Kingpin, especially when it seemed he was in an alternate universe or timeline. The foreign faces, buildings... everything seemed familiar but so alien at the same time, and the only thing that lent itself to being any kind of lead or hope was the new world's name.

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  2. Miles Morales

    Miles Morales Marvel Universe

    Mutated Human
    Miles is all done and ready to be looked at!
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    Duck shia le beowulf
    Application Division

    your application is

    Poor Miles has to deal with more wonky universe stuff.

    Looks good! Have fun!

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