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Mordred (Saber of Red)

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Mordred (Saber of Red), Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Mordred (Saber of Red)

    Chaotic Neutral
    you can run if you want. after all, you're fighting me, mordred!

    Played by Bremusa

    Fandom: Fate
    Age: Appears mid-twenties, actual age unknown
    Species: Heroic Spirit/Servant
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: After the London Singularity in Fate/Grand Order
    NPC Companions: None


    General Combat AbilitiesMordred is, like the legends describe, exceptionally skilled with the sword and amazingly strong. She's not elegant in any way when she fights, however, instead fighting more akin to a hungered wild animal. She'll do whatever it takes to win, even if it may disgrace her name or the name of who she fights for. But who cares about reputation, anyway?

    Special AbilitiesInstinct (A Rank)- Mordred's first inherent skill is that of Instinct, which allows her to identify the best course of action during a fight. It being at an A Rank also allows her to essentially halve visual and auditory interference during battle, whether they be hallucinations or otherwise.

    Mana Burst (A Rank)- Mordred's second skill, Mana Burst, gives her the ability to temporarily increase her combat performance by expending a large amount of magical energy. It increases both offense and defense, and can be extraordinarily dangerous.

    Helm of Hidden Infidelity/Secret of Pedigree (EX Rank)- Mordred's third and final skill, the Helm of Hidden Infidelity (also known as Secret of Pedigree), makes it so that as long as she wears her special helmet and armor, her identity is completely concealed. Even those who may already know her seem to be unable to recognize her.

    Clarent- A sword that Mordred initially stole from Camelot's armory, it is a beautiful and powerful sword that allows Mordred to use her Noble Phantasm.

    Noble Phantasm: Clarent Blood Arthur- Using the hatred for her father and the power of the sword Clarent, Mordred can use her Noble Phantasm, her ultimate attack. The sword transforms from beautiful to demonic, and red lightning erupts from Clarent, sending powerful, damaging energy in a straight line. When this attack is used, not only must her identity-concealing helmet be removed, but she also inflicts excruciating pain throughout all of her body.


    Though incredibly strong, a lot of Mordred's more powerful abilities require her to expend magical energy or put herself in a lot of pain. It's generally all or nothing with those abilities, and that's not always a good thing. In addition, Mordred's nature as a Servant makes it so that she relies on a source of mana to keep her alive. While she would normally be connected to a human Master to provide her with this energy source, in Pandora, she is not, forcing her to conserve her energy and find alternative sources or else she will die.


    Prideful, haughty, and vulgar, Mordred is definitely not one to be messed with. She's brutal in battle, brutally honest, and brutally foul-mouthed. She definitely believes in her boasting, and does not accept failure until the very end, which generally means she won't give up until she dies. And while not exactly kind, she's not the cruelest of people out there, having some tender moments here and there. That being said, she has a hair-trigger temper when it comes to anything involving her father, King Arthur, or discussions about her gender, and will go from zero to sixty in an instant if she gets offended.

    Because of the events that transpired in her life, she feels an immense amount of rage and hatred toward her father and the other Knights of the Round Table. She feels as if her rejection from her father was unfair and unjust, which causes her to both hate and love King Arthur, in a sense- she wants to be accepted and loved, but the grudge against her father is too immense for her to truly understand her feelings. And because of that, she doesn't fully understand the concept of love, either.


    Armor and Helmet

    Without Armor


    What a weird predicament. When Mordred had awoken, she expected to be greeted by a Master who wanted her assistance or something, not by the sound of birds chirping and the feeling of the wind on her face. She quickly scanned the area, only to find that not a single other person was nearby. "God damn... At least the Demonic Fog kind of made sense, I guess..." She growled, trying to think. "There's nothing here, though! The hell's up with that?!" And it was true- there really was nothing interesting in sight. At least, nothing that she thought could have summoned her. In fact, it was quite peaceful, which was a far cry from what she was used to. It was kind of boring, but at the same time, kind of... nice? "Ugh, gross! I can't get sentimental!"

    Despite her words, for a moment, she thought back on the last time she had materialized. That time, with Ritsuka and Mash and everyone else... that was pretty damn intense. Deep down, she had kind of been hoping to be summoned by Ritsuka for real this time, but this place probably wasn't Chaldea. "Jeez, I really don't get it..." She stood up, grabbing her sword and putting her helmet on. "Well, whatever the case is, better to be safe than sorry, yeah?" Looking off into the horizon, Mordred set off to discover what exactly was going on.

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  2. Mordred (Saber of Red)

    Chaotic Neutral
    I think this badass is ready for review!
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    only in anime can mordred be a kawaii ojou-chan desu nyaaa