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Morgan, Arthur

Discussion in 'Registration' started by Arthur Morgan, Dec 8, 2018 at 2:16 PM.

  1. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan Visitor

    Arthur Morgan

    Played by Chen

    Fandom: Red Dead Redemption
    Age: 43
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After moving the camp down to Lemoyne to evade the Pinkertons
    NPC Companions: His horse Prasutagus, A chestnut brown Kentucky Saddler


    Special AbilitiesArthur Morgan is a skilled gunslinger, capable of handling a pistol in his off hand while still using another in his main hand. Morgan is a capable shot with rifles, repeaters, shotguns, and even bows and arrow. Having spent most of his life in a gang of outlaws Morgan is well versed in brawling, horseback riding, making herbs into tonics, poisons for knives and arrows, and hunting. Arthur is capable of tracking large to small game through harsh conditions using tracks, droppings, and other indicators of where the animal is heading and how long ago it had been there. Morgan's also skilled in skinning and transporting the carcass of his prey, capable of taking the pelt off a full grown buck in half a minute with just a knife, and skinning a rabbit with just a grip on it's tail and surrounding skin. Morgan's skill in horses goes beyond simply riding them he's also well versed in calming, taming, and breaking horses and commonly does so if he's in need of a new one.

    EquipmentArthur carries a common set of items for a gunslinger, his two pistols, two cattlemen revolvers that chamber three fifty seven magnum cartridges. A hunting knife, a lasso, sticks of dynamite, and smaller knives for throwing. Most of the gear kept on his person is kept in a satchel slung over his shoulder and and the saddlebag on his horse. His horse has the place for two rifles and his bow, the saddle bag, room for at least one more person, a blanket and sleeping mat, a small set up for cooking at a camp and a tent. Always on his saddle is his bow and the quiver, and a Lancaster repeater, with a bandolier for extra ammunition, and a sawn off double barrel shotgun for more extreme circumstances.
    NPC's AbilitiesPrasutagus is a male Kentucky Saddler as a horse his breed is known for it's sturdiness, bravery, and speed. he holds up in harsh weather conditions, both hot and cold and is loyal to his rider, running into dangerous circumstances at the first whistle.


    Arthur is a simple human cowboy with no significant training in any form of combat outside using his weapons. He can be harmed like a normal human being. But more significantly he is unknowingly infected with latent Tuberculosis and will need treatment at some point if the disease progresses to full blown TB.


    Arthur gives off the personality of a thug, he looks, acts, and carries himself like a brute. But this is mostly a cover to hide years of being cold to the world. Arthur is aware he's a bad man but he doesn't always act like one. He has a set of morals, choosing to mostly rob from those he see's as deserving it. To him killing is just for business, always someone who's already trying to kill him or part of a threat to his gang and family. Revenge is something Arthur thinks is more of a unnecessary risk that something he himself believes in. He believes in freedom and his main desire for the gang is to live a life free of the oversight of the Law. Still he's aware this is a pipe dream and that in reality they're all running from the inevitable but his devotion to Dutch's cause has left him with nowhere else to go.

    Arthur idolizes the ideal of a family but past events have made him fear making one and have made him cut off himself from potential relationships out of a fear he can't hold onto them. When angered Arthur can be a brutal man, willing to fight and kill any who have wronged him or harmed his friends. Arthur doesn't like taking advantage of people, robbing them is one thing, taking their entire livelihood is another, especially when it's done through taking advantage of the law he seeks to avoid, like money lending.




    Arthur Morgan was born in 1843 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan, his father is not remembered fondly by Arthur and by the time Arthur was eleven Lyle had been locked away and Beatrice had been taken by sickness. On the streets Arthur came across Hosea Matthews and Dutch Van der Linde. Taken in by Dutch's belief in a life away from civilization and the rule of law Arthur joined the two, learning to read and write from Hosea and Dutch. After a few years of running with the gang Arthur met a woman named Mary Gills, the two quickly fell in love but Mary's well off family refused to allow her to be with a ruffian like Arthur, and with Arthur's need to constantly be on the move to avoid the law, their relationship ended. Arthur grew up with his fellow gang member John Marston, and while Arthur became more like Hosea, John became more like Dutch and later on idolizing him while Arthur stuck to trying to keep the gang fed and kept together.

    Arthur began to doubt Dutch's dreams and mission as they began to continue to drift over America with seemingly no plan other than robbing the occasional bank, coach, or train. And things only got worse when a man named Micah joined the gang. He quickly got Dutch interested in a ferry robbery in the small town on Blackwater. While Arthur and Hosea found a much safer and lucrative scam to pull. But Dutch was dead set on the ferry and took a crew to pull the caper. It went horribly wrong and Arthur found himself and the gang chased out of Blackwater and into the mountains. Leaving all the money they'd spent years amassing behind. And later learning that Dutch had killed an innocent woman during the robbery, shaking his belief in his long time father figure.

    Stuck in the mountains Arthur, Micah, and Dutch found a new threat, a rival gang the O'Driscolls had made it to mountains before them and after forcing the info out of one of the members they realized they had plans to rob the train of an oil baron, Leviticus Cornwall. Dutch quickly turned their fight for survival into an opportunity to regain some money and get revenge on the O'Driscoll leader Colm. They stole the gang's dynamite, and then took the train for themselves, with a bag full of government bonds in hand The Van der Linde gang made their way out of the mountains and east into New Hanover, camping outside the small town of Valentine. For weeks they tried staying quiet and finding new leads for the gang to follow. Arthur was one of the main providers for the camp, stealing wagons to sell, extorting money from poor people the camp bookkeeper, Strauss, lent to, and plotting the robbery of another train, this one full of rich socialites. Or saving Micah when he got himself arrested for murder. And unknowingly during one of his runs extorting a man, he contracted Tuberculosis from the mark, who was in the late stages and died not long after from the strain of Arthur's assault while working him over.

    After the slew of schemes all the gang needed was one more score, that Arthur and John swiftly went to work on by selling some stolen sheep in Valentine. While waiting for the money to be counted Arthur met up with Dutch and Strauss in town, meeting in a small saloon. But what was meant to be a few drinks turned into a shootout when Leviticus Cornwall arrived and sicked his men and the Pinkertons on the gang, forcing them to escape town, gather the camp and look for a new place down south in the state of Lemoyne. Arthur and his close friend Charles both found a new spot along the river, saving a German family from criminals along the way. He had just sent Charles to get the rest when the vines crept up and dragged him away.


    Arthur worked on dumping the bodies downriver to clear the site for the Gang's camp, he had no clue what that family had been sayin' but Gold was Gold and they'd handed him a whole bar of it for his trouble. That didn't help with the Pinkerton's though, Dutch had stirred a hornets nest, going after Cornwall, shooting some young mother during that mess on the ferry. He was losing it, Arthur could see it in his eye, they needed money, they needed a way to Tahiti, wherever that was. They needed a more formulated plan than simply somehow making it to a boat to Tahiti and purchasing a mango farm or whatever. Dutch may have said, he had a plan, but how could he have a plan if he kept changing it, that wasn't planning, it was improvising. They'd lost three people in Blackwater and almost lost more in the mountains. Hell they were lucky no one was hit during the shootout in Valentine. The fact Strauss was able to avoid a bullet still marveled the man. Arthur wondered if their time was finally over, if the supposed rebellion they were heading was finally peeling back to show what they really were, broken people looking to blame the Federal Government for their own insecurities. He was going to abandon that woman and those two little children, Charles hadn't even hesitated to do something, he was a better man than Arthur, and Arthur didn't even think to challenge that idea.

    He wondered about everything that had happened in Valentine, seeing Mary again, how easily he'd ridden to her rescue at her first request. About talking with that Pinkerton, Milton, and his partner who's name he couldn't remember. Right in front of Jack, he should have shot them down right there if Jack hadn't been there to see it. And he kept thinking about Downes, about those wet, hacking coughs he made while lying on the ground, Arthur was sure he'd killed him by roughing him up. And no money to even speak for it, now his wife and son were alone, and a good man was dead, he'd remember the sound of those coughs till the day he died.

    And maybe that day was coming because just as he'd dumped the last body he felt himself being tugged and he felt himself falling, but he didn't hit the ground for a bit longer than he should have. And everything was dark, it felt...wrong. Then he felt dirt and sand beneath him, a cloud of dust rising from the impact of him and his horse. Which let out a pained whinny and kicked at the air before finally crawling to it's feet, agitated and ready to bolt. Arthur held out a hand and whispered. "There boy, come on, calm it down." He approached slowly and gave it a couple pats and strokes on the neck, pulling the brush from it's pack and getting off some of the dirt. He looked around and saw desert for miles. "Always somethin'...Charles!? Dutch!? Lenny!?" Arthur pulled himself up and onto Prasutagus, drawing a revolver as he began riding East.

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  2. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan Visitor

    And Arthur is ready for review