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Discussion in 'Lorebook' started by Steel, Apr 23, 2016.

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    Quick Facts
    Location: 5000 feet up the southern side of the mountain
    Population: ~100 (+Residents)
    Technology: Low private tech, mixed public tech
    Trades: Coal, precious metals, honey
    Common Occupations: Mining, construction, invention

    • Potentially hazardous travel conditions
    • Poor farming conditions
    • Little to no natural sunlight
    • Wild goblins deep in the mountain

    The highest settlement in Pandora, Morhall is a long climb up the southern side of Mt. Pompeii, with a view of the rocky landscape and the desert beyond. Morhall is the smallest town in Pandora, hidden inside a mountain. The first sign that travelers see is the large gatehouse jutting out from the mountain side, with several portcullises guarding the main entrance to Morhall. Inside is a large and complex network of caverns and tunnels that, altogether, create Morhall.

    Morhall's cavern network is split into two distinct sections. The upper areas make up the actual township, with residential, business, and public areas. The lowers areas are mainly the mines that sustain Morhall. Between them and hugging the edge of the mountain is Morhall's large underground lake, which provides water to Morhall's public areas, and a growing number of private residences as well. Much of Morhall's architecture is carved directly out of the rock, the community making use of its natural features.

    A more rugged place to live, Morhall does not have much in the way of modern conveniences privately available to its citizens. Instead, there are pockets of technology here or there, used privately by whoever brought them, or available in a public area. It's a patchwork town when it comes to technology or magical conveniences, that is transformed by whoever is living there at the time, changing as people come and go.

    And while Morhall is well defended from outside threads, due to his few entrance points and high elevation, it holds its share of monsters that emerge from its deepest caverns. There are also volcanic heat vents that keep areas of the mountain nice and toasty, though warning signs have been posted in areas where it may be too hot for most to venture.


    Morhall has grown much since it's early and far simpler roots. However, it is still one of the more difficult towns to live in. Electricity is a rare commodity and is not publicly available. Instead of electricity, the caverns are lit with strings of magitch lights or softly growing rocks. Filtered water is available through iron pipes, sometimes even with simple taps for hot or cold. They draw from the main water supply, running to a limited number of private residences now. Others have to draw water directly from the underground lake or one of its connected wells on a regular basis.

    The town does not provide much in the way of conveniences to its citizens on a private level. People rely on what they can bring and maintain on their own, or simply make do with a more rugged lifestyle. The public areas of Morhall, however, are equipped with electricity, running hot and cold water, and full plumbing. While Morhall is the smallest community and hardest to reach, it fosters a true community feel as people come together to the public kitchens, dining hall, rec room, and even the public bath house, creating a unique social experience.

    The public kitchens have modern appliances and are available for anyone to use at any time. Large group meals are cooked here daily for lunch and dinner, when everyone comes together. In their downtime, many people spend their time in the rec room, where everything from card games to chess to fooseball are available. Some video tapes and dvds are used for weekly movie nights. There is even a growing library. The rec room is also the only place in Morhall with two computers that connects to Starknet, though even that connection is slow and spotty due to its underground location.

    Many who come to Morhall end up working in the mines, the kitchens, or even the large bee cave that keeps its honey resource going.


    Getting to Morhall has grown a bit easier over the years. The Mage's Guild has a teleportation service to the upper level of the watchtower. For those who choose to travel in a more mundane manner, a somewhat well-maintained path curves up the side of the mountain. There is also a gondola that travels up and down the mountain twice a day, or when summoned if it is not currently making a trip.
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