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News Article Muggers Get Mugged

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Ira, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Ira

    Ira Guest

    January 6th.
    Apparently we have some sort of hero who stopped a notorious band of muggers, outside a bar in Black Haven. Their reports were that the individual was a "monster child" and should be avoided at all costs. Is he a hero, or is he a villain in disguise, as something else? I personally think that the individual could be a hero, if given the right motivation. I will leave it up to you, the masses of Pandora to decide whether or not you want him as a good guy, or bad guy. The thugs are in intensive care after the beating they received from him, and are expected to recover in six to eight weeks. Get this, though. They tried to mug him according to their own testimony, and claim it was the "biggest mistake of their life".

    When he was asked to comment, the mysterious individual told this reporter. "I'm no hero. But I will not get mugged after nearly getting eaten in the Arid Wastes. They started the fight, I merely put an end to it. They come after me again, I'll do the same."

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