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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Mumm-Ra, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Thundercats

    Undead Human
    Neutral Evil
    Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living
    "Ancient Spirits of Evil...

    Played by ArmoredBacon

    Fandom: Thunderkats (1987)
    Species: Undead Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Towards the end of Season 1 and including the Thunderkats:Origins comics
    NPC Companions: Ma-Mutt, and the Ancient Spirits of Evil.


    Mumm-Ra is an ancient sorcerer turned into an evil mummy-like undead creature by four spirits referred to as "Ancient Spirits of Evil" when he pledged his soul to them. As such, he's lived for an untold amount of time and has become a master of multiple kinds of mystic arts.

    Special Abilities Immortal Undead
    Mumm-Ra is sustained by the power of his sarcophagus and the pact he made with the Ancient Spirits of Evil. He is functionally immortal, and is even capable of resurrecting himself if killed, even to the point where he is completely vaporized or annihilated. This is, so long as he has the support of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, and some form of cursed sarcophagus or lair as noted in weaknesses below.

    Master of Mystic Arts
    Living for millennia has allowed the former human sorcerer to master many magical powers and rituals. He is shown to be a master shapeshifter, capable of assuming the forms both larger and smaller than he is. This also includes voices and mannerisms aiding his natural ability to lie and deceive. Once, he so convincingly mimicked King Arthur that he was able to wield Excalibur, even fooling the enchanted blade itself.

    His various abilities often depend on how much he can draw from the Ancient Spirits of Evil, his own life force, and ritual components. His more powerful magic often requires a location designed for rituals. Other magical powers he's exhibited include:
    • Necromancy (Raising undead, interacting with spirits, and more)
    • Levitation, flight, and teleportation
    • Knowledge of alchemy and magical crafting
    • Time magic and other forms of temporal manipulation (Limited to the current Pandora season)
    • Mind control, transfiguration, and illusions
    • Astral projection and dream magic
    • Various rituals involving knowledge of multiple ancient Earth cultures (Egypt, Babylon, Camelot, and more)
    • Knowledge and the use of magical artifacts
    Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living!"Ancient Spirits of Evil... Transform this decayed form... Into Mumm-Ra, the Ever- Living! Heyah heyah hah hah!"

    If Mumm-Ra has access to the Black Pyramid (or suitable evil place of power), he can call upon the Ancient Spirits of Evil to temporarily empower him, transforming his decayed form, into Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living. Going from a withered husk, Mumm-Ra becomes a 9 foot muscled monstrosity, capable of great magical and physical feats. He can fly around as he pleases, and fight the bravest warriors toe-to-tow (Or blast them with fell magics). He does have a few drawbacks in this form (See Weaknesses).

    There are a few related forms to this one, with the same requirements and weaknesses.
    • Mumm-Ra The Dream Master: Able to enter the dreamworlds of others and influence them. One of the ways he attempts to use mind control
    • Mumm-Ra the All-Powerful: An extremely rare, and more powerful form of the Ever-Living. (Suitable only for major plot showdowns, like finales ;) )
    EquipmentThe Sarcophagus: The sarcophagus in which Mumm-Ra was laid to rest is also the conduit in which he sustains himself. It is the only part of the Black Pyramid that came through to Pandora with him. Whenever he is banished, killed, even completely vaporized, he returns to life in the sarcophagus to once again terrorize the world. This item is a double edged sword, however, as noted in weaknesses.

    NPC's Abilities Ma-Mutt (Undead Man's best friend.):

    Likely the only being Mumm-Ra is able to show compassion on anymore, Ma-Mutt is an undead dog that looks like a demonic blue pit-bull. He acts as a familiar and companion to Mumm-Ra and can be used to cast spells as though Mumm-Ra were there. While being a monster, Ma-Mutt sometimes stills acts like any other dog.

    Ma-Mutt is supernaturally fast and strong, and can transform into a giant flying form called "Ma-Bat". The dog shows surprising intelligence and can understand speech though he is incapable of speaking. Mumm-Ra has also been shown to transform him into other forms, such as a fly for spying. Ma-Mutt is subject to most of the drawbacks Mumm-Ra has, besides fleeing from his own reflection.

    The Ancient Spirits of Evil:

    Mysterious spirits from the ancient world that seek to spread evil and corruption. There appears to be at least four of them as they prefer to be honored via four idols that look like wicked versions of Egyptian gods. They are the fickle masters of Mumm-Ra, who relies on them. They can interact around them on a limited level, seemingly requiring an agent under their sway to accomplish the goals they desire.



    As of right now, Mumm-Ra can be weakened and driven away by an unblocked reflection of his true face. Unable to face the truth of his condition, he is forced to flee back to his sarcophagus.

    If he is able to appease the Ancient Spirits of Evil by building a new and suitable altar (With plenty of plotting and character development), they may remove this weakness. There was a canon situation in the second season in which the Spirits removed it from Mumm-Ra so he could better serve them.

    Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living's Weaknesses (Currently unavailable):

    While in his Ever-Living form, Mumm-Ra is capable of great feats of strength, magic, and speed (Think Muscle Wizard). He flies about, sword fighting toe-to-toe with muscled warriors and shooting energy blasts from his hands. Wielding cosmic powers with seeming abandon, his stamina is actually limited. After channeling a limited amount of energy, he is forced to return to his sarcophagus to restore himself. It's hard to say how long this actually is, or how much energy he can truly use, as it was all plot dependent. Does it make sense that the heroes have survived long enough or turned the tied of battle? Then evil flees to fight again another day! Hissssss!

    As noted below, without a black pyramid and proper altars to the Ancient Spirits of Evil, he is unable to use this form and is stuck as a physically weak spell casting mummy.

    The Sarcophagus:

    The source of how the Ancient Spirits sustain him, the Sarcophagus is a shielded coffin of Egyptian make. Mumm-Ra will retreat back to it to rejuvenate himself. If the coffin is destroyed and neither he nor the the Ancient Spirits create a new one, he would likely fade away to a harmless spirit even though he makes the claims that "Wherever Evil exists, so too shall I continue to". Likewise, the sarcophagus was once used to seal him away, and if the Ancient Spirits of Evil were ever weakened enough or driven away, it could be used to seal him away again.

    No Black Pyramid or Altars:

    As he appears in Pandora, the only item from his lair to come with him was his Sarcophagus. The rest of the Black Pyramid that he, and to some extent, the Ancient Spirits of Evil drew strength from is back on Third Earth in his original universe. He'll have to start constructing a new and proper lair, or re-purpose one, if he wishes to draw more power.

    As it currently stands, the Ancient Spirits of Evil refuse to empower Mumm-Ra without a suitable new Pyramid and altars being built or reclaimed in their name. The Spirits gave him a similar task before in his previous world so he does not suspect that this requirement is also in place because the Ancient Spirits of Evil no longer have the level of power they once did. Being brought to Pandora has severely weakened them and they chafe knowing that there are powers out there that are greater than them. They seek monuments and acts of evil to empower themselves, but they don't yet realize that the Pandora Pantheon is completely out of their reach.

    Fickle Masters:

    Mumm-Ra, while somewhat autonomous, is still heavily dependent on The Ancient Spirits of Evil and must answer to them or face the consequences. Long ago he sold his soul to them in exchange for power, and in return they demand he spread evil and terror in their name. Thus the mutually parasitical existence continues (It's too EVIL to be symbiotic), as the increase of evil in the world empowers the Ancient Spirits, so too do they lend power to Mumm-Ra.

    They are however very fickle, and will punish Mumm-Ra if he fails them too many times or attempts to free himself from them. They have been known to imprison Ma-Mutt as punishment- the only creature Mumm-Ra still cares for. In a more extreme example, they imprisoned Mumm-Ra himself in a crystal as punishment for failing them and kept him inert until they had another use for them.


    Known originally as Wahankh while he was a human, Mumm-Ra's thirst for power and ability to deceive were his driving traits even before he sold his soul. Serving originally as the court sorcerer for an Egyptian Pharaoh, he betrayed his trusting king and attempted to overthrow him before being stopped. Unable to accept death, Wahankh called upon the Ancient Spirits of Evil to keep himself alive and thus became bound to them.

    From then on he became known as Mumm-Ra. He embraced darkness and became a champion of it, spreading corruption and evil where he could. Though he was empowered by the Ancient Spirits, and slowly became an ever more skilled magician, his greatest tools were still his ability to deceive. He does not hesitate to trick or turn allies against each other, or push others to their own downfall. He is well aware of his own nature as a betrayer, and is well-prepared in case he is in turn betrayed. He will make use of allies of convenience when necessary, even go so far as hiring someone if they cannot be coerced otherwise.

    He doesn't always rely on smoke and mirrors, he will take to the field of battle himself. Right now in Pandora he is limited in power because he lacks the ability to transform into the Ever-Living. When he does have access to those powers, he will fight even mighty heroes and monsters head on so long as his powers last. He has no problem fleeing if it would mean he survived for another day.

    He isn't entirely without compassion, a small sliver of it remains in the form of love he has for his monstrous dog, Ma-Mutt. They even they can disagree, he often lovingly monologues to his furry (though decrepit) friend about what glorious terror he will wrought next. In return, though monstrous, Ma-Mutt seeks the same adoration that any dog would seek from its master. Mumm-Ra cares enough for his pet that Ma-Mutt has even been used as blackmail to coerce Mumm-Ra before.

    Mumm-Ra spends most of his time plotting monstrous acts, seeking power, and ways to kill his enemies. He secretly chafes under the power of the Ancient Spirits of Evil and if he could be rid of them, he would. However, much like Mumm-Ra himself, they are also skilled in treachery and expect the same as Mumm-Ra. Truly a match made in hell.

    Five words that a lot about Mumm-Ra are callous, curious, treacherous, vengeful, and maniacal.

    Having arrived in Pandora very recently, he has been weakened by not having full access to his Black Pyramid and has only his sarcophagus to sustain himself. He is seeking a way to build a new Pyramid and altar to the Ancient Spirits of Evil to regain their blessing and more of his previous power.

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  2. Mumm-Ra

    Mumm-Ra Thundercats

    Undead Human
    Neutral Evil
    "Ancient Moderators of Evil... Transform this decayed application... Into Mumm-Ra the Ever-Posting! Aahh aahh hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

    Let me know if anything needs changing :)
  3. Jack

    Jack Moderator
    Application Division

    Dog lady
    Big ol' Moose
    Lawful Evil
    your application is


    Thanks for apping my childhood nightmare. Now go on and spread some evil, you rascal.