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News Article Mysterious "Phansite" Updates Suddenly

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Yuuki Mishima, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Yuuki Mishima

    Yuuki Mishima Persona
    #1 Phanboy

    Freelance Programmer
    Ark City, Centria
    Chaotic Good

    November 5th
    12:45 pm

    About an hour ago today, several websites operating out of Centria and Pandopolis received mysterious pop-ups on their pages linking to one "Phantom Aficionado Website". Those who followed the link reported a red and black-themed forum site with discussion threads and something referred to as a "change of heart request". The site seems to be run by one anonymous Admin.

    The site, allegedly, has been active in Pandora before, though several sources state it was at least a hundred years ago -- barring those who claim it was only two -- but it appears to have undergone a "revamping" of sorts. The ties to a mentioned, anonymous group known as The Phantom Thieves are also reminiscent of the site's previous incarnation.

    Authorities have no comment currently on the possible dangers of "change of heart" requests