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Nagata, Naomi

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Naomi Nagata, May 15, 2019.

  1. Naomi Nagata

    Naomi Nagata The Expanse

    "The only right we have over anyone else is the right to walk away."

    fanart by JuJu Fei
    Played by Nic

    Fandom: The Expanse
    Age: 21
    Species: Human (Belter)
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: During her attempt to "escape" Marco
    NPC Companions: Filip Inaros, her 18 month old son


    A self-taught engineer, Naomi Nagata can find her way around just about anything made of working parts and computers. She's familiar with both the programming and mechanics involved in putting advanced spacecraft together and keeping them running. Being Belter, she's used to cobbling working parts together with whatever's on hand. She's both resourceful and innovative; while she memorizes any tech manual she can get her hands on, she doesn't need them to function.

    Aside from her considerable intellect and her engineering skills, Naomi Nagata is nothing more than human.

    Filip Inaros
    Filip is a typical eighteen month-old, just on the cusp of toddler-hood with all of the babbling, stumbling, and hair-pulling that entails.


    Pandora saw fit to shield Naomi from the normal physical side-effects of a Belter in full-gravity, but Naomi isn't immune from the rest; she grows dizzy when she glances up toward the horizon, and is often struck by a crippling sense of vertigo that has her putting her head between her knees and breathing deeply through her nose.

    Content Warning

    It wasn't death she sought, but escape. It just so happened that in this case, they were one in the same.

    Naomi Nagata had never considered herself helpless, and weak had never been an adjective she'd associated with herself. She was Belta, forged from fire and hardship, tempered into steel by a life of struggle, a life where the very air she breathed had to be fought for.

    Once Marco Inaros had his fingers wrapped around her soul, none of that meant anything. She wasn't Naomi anymore; she was a shell, a ghost, a pashang prisoner. The only reason she'd fought him this long was Filip.

    Sweet Filip. Setara mali. The only good thing left in her life, the only good thing left in her. But Marco had taken him, too. For weeks Naomi searched for him, knocked on every door she knew, pleaded - begged. Marco had turned them all against her, told the people who'd once been her family that she was unstable, broken. Couldn't handle what they'd done.

    She wanted to scream at them -- no one should have been able to handle it. Hundreds of lives gone in a flash of white light, reduced to nothing more than space dust. Felota. Every time she closed her eyes she saw the footage that still played on the news feeds. The Augustin Gamorra, there one moment, gone the next. She saw the faces of the victims - her victims - flickering through her dreams like an antique film reel. Sometimes she'd wake in a sweat and barely make it to the toilet before she lost what little food she'd managed to force down the day before.

    If it wasn't for Filip, she'd have given up long ago. The thought of leaving him with Marco, to be raised by a monster of the worst kind, was more than she could swallow. It was unfathomable.

    Or... it had been. Now?

    Now, she wasn't sure there was a choice. Marco was using Filip to keep her quiet, to ensure her good behavior. She was trapped. Couldn't leave, couldn't bear to stay.

    The decision came to her in the same kind of calm revelation that often struck her in the middle of a programming puzzle. Where she'd floundered for days with a sense of frustrated - in this case, desperate - helplessness, the solution clicked into her mind without warning, with no apparent catalyst. It evaded her in one moment, and in the next slipped into her thoughts as if it had always been there.

    Maybe it had been.

    She walked numbly through the maze of the station's uppermost corridors. She knew she was being followed, but that didn't concern her. They'd never reach her in time.

    The maintenance ladder came into view, and Naomi smoothly shifted directions just as a gaggle of engineers passed her by. She scaled the ladder before the group had passed fully, hoisted herself up onto shipping dock before her surveillance saw. Cyn, that jolly bear of a man. Big, even for Belta. And that skinny new kid she didn't know, some new soldier of Marco's, no doubt swept up in the gravity of Inaros' charisma. As she'd been, once.

    No one paid her any mind as she slipped through the crowd on the shipping station. Some civilian contractors. Inners, here to look after their investments. It was mostly Belta faces she passed, though. Some nodded, touched the backs of their hands to their chests. There were no strangers among Belters. They all fought the same fight, knew the same struggle. That's why they were Beltalowda. United by mutual struggle. Or so she'd thought, once.

    Now she suspected it was their mutual hate that bound most of them together.

    Didn't take long to reach the emergency airlock. She felt no fear, only calm rationality as she went over the logistics of what she was about to do. It'd take maybe fifteen seconds to bypass the inner doors, another ten to get inside and reseal them. The outer doors would be trickier. They were programmed to open only in special circumstances. Maybe... Forty seconds to bypass the security measures. A little over a minute to achieve what she'd come to do and then...

    Thirty seconds. Thirty seconds of floating, just her and the stars, before her lungs collapsed and she suffocated in the vacuum of space. It'd be painful. Agonizing. But it would be nothing to the torture of the past weeks. There was an end to this pain. She would only have to endure it for half a minute before it would all be over, and she'd have escaped to a place that even Marco Inaros could not follow her. The thought of that, of escaping this prison, was enough to make her throat tight and bring tears to her eyes. She didn't want to leave Filip, but that was already out of her hands. And one day he'd be bigger, older, and Marco would use her against him. This was the only rational way out.

    She wished she could kiss his hair one last time.

    The maintenance shaft came into view. Naomi slipped out of the crowd and into the corridor without being noticed. It wasn't unusual, seeing some skinny Belta girl in engineering colors up here. No one looked twice at her. Her fingers danced quickly over the airlock control panel. It only took her seven seconds to get past security. Ten more to get inside and wait for the outer door to seal.

    She didn't expect Cyn to find her so soon, but she wasn't surprised when he was suddenly there, pounding on the glass of the inner door. She saw his mouth moving but didn't hear his shouts. He was scared - genuinely scared for her. Naomi knew Cyn loved her as he always had. They were family, though no blood was shared between them. Even through everything he still loved her, still saw her as Naomi. Just .. a Naomi that was broken. Because as much as he loved and trusted her, he loved Marco more.

    Naomi lifted the first two fingers of her left hand and pressed them over her chest. "I'm sorry, kopeng mi," Naomi murmured. He couldn't hear her, but she said it all the same. She was sorry for so much more than what Cyn was about to see. Sorry that he'd fallen in with Marco Inaros. Sorry that she hadn't seen Marco for what he was. Sorry that she'd never questioned what was asked of her. More than anything she was sorry for her role in Marco's plans, for the weapon she'd unwittingly put into his hands. That was all done an over with, it was beyond her control.

    But this? This she could do. She could make sure that Marco never used her to hurt anyone ever again.

    Naomi turned her back, and in the silence of the sealed airlock she could almost pretend that she was alone. The skinny kid was struggling with the airlock controls but Naomi was confident he wouldn't be faster than she was. Her fingers skimmed over the inner control panel, released the security measures. She could see the stars through the glass. Bright, burning lights all around her. There was a hiss as the seals broke and atmo vented and Naomi released a final breath of air--

    But it wasn't the outer doors that opened or the vacuum that took her. The seals reengaged and the inner doors slid aside behind her. Hands grabbed her roughly by the waist, yanked her backwards.

    The last thing Naomi knew before her consciousness faded was a deep sense of hopeless despair.

    Marco had robbed her of her life, and now he'd taken away her death. There was nothing he couldn't reach.
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  2. Naomi Nagata

    Naomi Nagata The Expanse

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