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Private Need a 'hand'?

Discussion in 'Elysium' started by Tali'Zorah, Nov 9, 2018 at 3:20 PM.

  1. Tali'Zorah

    Tali'Zorah Mass Effect

    Neutral Good
    Elysium; Undercity
    October 23, 108


    After Tali'Zorah became accustomed to the strange and alien technology that permeated the city of Elysium, she began to avoid it less and to look for ways to incorporate it into her own designs to make things better. She was still struggling a bit on the connectivity of her omni-tool and being able to integrate into the various networks that were around Elysium.

    She was in a good mood for the most part as she navigated the alleys and streets of the undercity. Someone had left a strange box from a spider spook, whatever that was, and inside had been an Asari costume. It had given Tali quite a laugh and put her in high spirits. That's what she needed when she was about to, quite literally, go dumpster diving for parts.

    Showing up in Pandora and having nothing of a steady job had been difficult for Tali. She was so used to having a purpose. Everyone had to help and be productive in the Flotilla in order to survive. Even their Pilgrimage was all about bringing back something for the betterment of their people. And when she was on the Normandy with Shepard, she had a job and was able to help with the engines. She trusted Shepard to be able to guide both of them toward something more permanent, but for now, Tali was going restless just sitting in a room that seemed too big and too quiet all at the same time. She was used to the cramped quarters of a ship and the constant hum of the engines to lull her to sleep.

    The piles of broken pieces of tech and garbage were piled high after Tali climbed over the fence. She dusted off her three-fingered hands and patted down her body to make sure nothing snagged or tore on the sharp edges of the fencing.

    She was just about to start digging into a promising pile of wires and circuit boards when she heard a noise around the corner. The crashing was loud enough to startle her so she crouched low and slowly approached the edge of a very tall, unstable tower of scrap metal to peer around the corner to see what was making noise. Just as she saw the large robot and was grappling with whether or not to just count this as a loss and come back another day, she bumped the wobbly tower and a few large pieces tumbled down to crash in front of her.

    Leaving a very surprised Tali blinking at the huge... what was it exactly?
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  2. Orisa

    Orisa Overwatch

    Less than a year
    Lawful Good
    Orisa had tried to ward Efi away from places like the Undercity, but the little girl insisted that the best parts were often found in the more obscure places. Money wasn't exactly infinite for them, so she could see Efi's point, but still... wasn't this dangerous? Didn't the government say that gangs roamed around?

    Whether these warnings were true or not, Orisa followed Efi to the scrapyards, beneath the leaner, more peaceful Elysium. While Efi picked her way through computer bits and stuffed them into a backpack, Orisa was vigilant in watching for troublemakers. If they had to be here, then she would ensure that nothing happened to Efi. A large crash of falling rubble grabbed her attention, and Efi looked up just as Orisa turned to face the sound.

    "Show yourself, stranger!" Orisa said, stepping in front of Efi with a "glare". Her eyes glowed red, and she at least tried to look intimidating with her limited scope of visible emotions. the humanoid creature in what appeared to be a full body suit was unrecognizable to both of them. An alien or beast creature, perhaps? Were they hostile? Curious, Efi peeked out from behind Orisa's leg, looking at Tali.
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